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Positive Displacement Blowers: Considering Rental or Purchase

Positive displacement blowers are constant volume devices that use lobe impellers rotating in opposite directions within a closed blower housing to trap air or gas and discharge it against system pressure.

These blowers can be employed to pump or compress air, gases and liquids at higher pressure or vacuum levels than regenerative or centrifugal blowers can handle.

They’re widely used for pneumatic conveying, aeration, fluidization and filter cleaning applications.


Positive displacement blowers are high-efficiency, high-pressure air moving machines used for pneumatic conveying, aeration and filter cleaning applications.

Their efficiency depends on the ratio between air-to-product mass flow rate and pressure capacity.

The efficiency of a blower is determined by several factors, including product size, volumetric flow rate and required pressure differential.

It also depends on operating conditions like ambient temperature, inlet/discharge air temperatures, relative humidity levels and contaminant concentrations.

When selecting a blower, it’s essential to take into account several factors.

Make sure the machine can meet all your requirements and provides efficient performance in both low-pressure and vacuum situations.

If you are renting, you can consult with the professionals at the rental house to ensure you are making the right choice for your needs.

Rotor-type positive displacement blowers utilize one or two rotating, non-contact impellers to generate pressures or vacuums inside the housing.

They come in single-stage or multistage versions; with the one-stage version typically employed for applications where maximum pressures do not exceed 15 PSIG, while multistage versions are commonly utilized in conveying and aeration operations.

These machines achieve an exemplary efficiency level, even at constant pressure and variable flow rate. Their isentropic efficiency ranges from 60 to 78 %.

Rotary-type positive displacement blowers utilize two rotors mounted on parallel shafts that rotate in opposite directions. As these rotors turn, their blades mesh and compress air as they spin.


Positive displacement blowers use two rotors that rotate at the same speed but in opposite directions to draw air into the machine.

This air is then trapped between them and the blower casing before being moved around by a discharge line that equalizes pressure inside of it.

This process enables the positive displacement blower to bypass line pressure and force air out of its chamber.

Unlike other blowers, it requires no gas or non-renewable resources – making it an eco-friendly blower that reduces your energy consumption. You can learn more about the term “eco-friendly” by clicking the link.

Positive displacement blowers are not only eco-friendly, but they can also help your workplace run more efficiently and cost effectively.

For instance, if one of your major tasks in the assembly line involves drying packages and products, blower-generated air is usually cheaper and more efficient than other types of drying equipment.

Saves Time

These devices are ideal for handling bulk granular or fluid-like materials, such as powders and sludge.

This is accomplished using a pneumatic conveying system – a mechanical method that transports liquids and gases within an enclosed system.

Equipment can also be utilized to eliminate contaminants and pollutants, improving indoor air quality in a building.

This is particularly crucial in areas where chemicals or other hazardous compounds are frequently utilized.

When shopping for a positive displacement blower, make sure it’s durable and long-lasting.

These machines tend to be less vulnerable to damage than centrifugal blowers which may break down or stop working if not kept clean and properly lubricated.

If you decide on a positive displacement blower rental, you will not have to worry about long-term maintenance of these machines.

This is why many businesses choose to rent this machinery instead of buy it.

It is also wise to regularly check the levels in your machine. Doing so will help keep it functioning optimally and help avoid any potential issues in the future.

Another way one of these devices can save you time is by reducing waste.

Large-scale industries tend to accumulate large amounts of debris, which can have detrimental environmental effects.

That’s why many companies are striving to implement waste reduction measures to minimize landfill accumulation.

Reduces Waste

Positive-displacement blowers are an efficient and versatile solution for various manufacturing processes.

Not only can they aid with material transport, but they can also be employed in drying processes.

They can be utilized in various sectors like mining, food processing and the water industry. Not only do they reduce waste but they can be an excellent investment for your business as well.

In the mining industry, for instance, they are employed to pneumatically convey dry bulk minerals like copper and gold.

Furthermore, they have numerous applications within oxidation processes and other refining operations. You can click the link to learn more about oxidation processes.

Given the cost of blowers, you should opt for one that is durable and will last a long time.

Doing this will prevent you from having to replace equipment too frequently. Alternatively, you can rent a device to ensure you have the most up-to-date equipment possible.

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