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From Nature to Table: 5 Great Choices for Acacia Wood Bowls in Your Kitchen

Acacia wood bowls are a striking combination of quality and affordability. From their natural antibacterial properties to their eco-friendly sourcing, these bowls symbolize sustainability.

As it is more accessible than some other hardwood options, a wide range of consumers integrate them as durable and stylish kitchenware into their homes. The versatility of acacia wood bowls makes them suitable for culinary enthusiasts and professional chefs.

What makes acacia wood bowls unique?

Acacia wood is a hardwood known for its durability and strength. it is a more sustainable and eco-friendly option compared to some other hardwoods.

It is renowned for its captivating aesthetics. It features a range of colors, from light golden to dark brown, and showcases unique grain patterns that add a touch of natural beauty to each bowl.

It has a natural antibacterial property that enhances the hygiene of acacia wood bowls, particularly when used for serving food.

Each acacia wood bowl is unique due to the natural variations in grain and color. These differences add character and individuality to the bowls, making them distinctive pieces in kitchen and dining settings.

5 affordable yet stylish selections of Acacia Wood Bowls

AIDEA Acacia Serving Wooden Bowls Made of natural acacia wood

Its capacity is 120mm. it is durable. It’s made of natural acacia wood and possesses a unique original color and grain. The bowl set is painted with a layer of food-graded oil, so the surface is very smooth and waterproof. Just wash with water and wipe with a dry cloth after every use.


  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Beautiful colors and grains


  • Not microwave friendly
  • Not dishwasher friendly
  • Not harsh soap-friendly

AOOSY Wooden Salad Bowls with High-temperature resistance

Natural wooden, delicate patterns, body light. 100% natural made. each piece is unique and handmade. Unlike fragile glass bowls, wood bowls have good strength and are durable for long-term use. The durable wood has a premium look and feel and will take pride in place at your dinner table. It is made of high-quality Acacia wood with high hardness, good wear resistance, and long service life.


  • High strength
  • Safe Quality
  • High-temperature resistance


  • The bowl cracked after very little use
  • No exposure to the sun
  • Do not use hard objects scrubbing

LAVAUX DESIGNS Acacia wooden salad bowls with Food safe wood coating

High-quality coating on wooden bowls and requires no oiling. The bowls maintain their shine even after many washes and give a rustic matte look. Do not have a single joint and are made from one fine piece of wood unlike other wood bowls available in the market. These bowls don’t interfere with the natural taste of food so you enjoy your soup.


  • High-quality food-grade coating.
  • Don’t lose shine after multiple washes
  • Unique grain pattern


  • Bowls are heavy
  • Musty smell
  • Hand wash

Woodard & Charles Acacia wooden salad bowls with hand-carved Acacia Wood

The 6 ½” x 2 ½” dimensions of these individual Salad serving bowls and snack serving bowls make them versatile and well-suited for many uses. These bowls cater to various entertaining and serving needs, making them an excellent choice for both personal and professional use.


  • Hand-carved Acacia Wood
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to handle


  • Wood tones may vary from the listing photos.
  • Hand Wash Only
  • Expensive

HOMEXCEL Acacia Wooden Salad Bowls with resistant to water

This 7″ bowl set is meticulously crafted from 100% acacia wood, known for its lightweight nature, solid build, and impressive resistance to water, stains, and odor absorption. They are perfect for serving a wide variety of foods, including fruits, vegetables, soups, stews, cereal, pasta, desserts and more. The natural wooden style of these bowls complements any home decor, adding a touch of rustic elegance to your table setting.


  • Lightweight
  • Water-resistant
  • odor absorption


  • Way too small for a salad
  • Not dishwasher friendly
  • Not oven friendly

Recommended products

Woodard & Charles Acacia wooden salad bowls suitable for both hot and cold servings

It is an ideal present for those who appreciate quality and style in their kitchenware. Restaurants for their versatility also favor these bowls. Their application in restaurant settings reflects the quality and appeal of Woodard & Charles’s products.

HOMEXCEL Acacia Wooden Salad Bowls

These 7″ bowls are crafted from 100% Acacia Wood, a material known for its lightweight nature, durability, and resistance to water, stains, and odor absorption. The natural properties of Acacia Wood make these bowls ideal for various uses in your kitchen.

Why Acacia Wood Bowls Stand the Test of Time

The heartwood of the acacia tree contains preservatives and waste substances that make the wood unpalatable to insects and resistant to decay. This makes acacia wood dense and prevents it from easily absorbing water or succumbing to agents of decay.

Acacia wood is sourced from the fast-growing acacia tree. This sustainable sourcing makes acacia wood an eco-friendly choice. The simple maintenance ensures the longevity of the bowls.

These enduring qualities continue to make acacia wood bowls a cherished choice for those who appreciate the perfect blend of style and functionality in their kitchen and dining experiences. They provide a touch of elegance to decorative settings that makes them a favored choice for many.

Wrap up

Acacia wood bowls have carved out a niche in the culinary world, gracing kitchen countertops and dining tables. The inherent strength of acacia wood makes these bowls resistant to scratches and wear, contributing to their longevity.


1.      Are acacia wood bowls safe?

Acacia wood bowls are finished with a food-grade coating which makes it safe for food and drinks. The food-grade coating acts as a protective layer, reducing the risk of moisture absorption and making the bowls more resistant to staining.

2.      Can you put hot food in acacia wood?

Acacia wood is heat-resistant so it’s safe for serving hot food. It is durable and resistant to warping and it has natural antibacterial properties.  The protective finish, such as a food-grade coating or a sealer provides an extra layer of heat resistance and protection against moisture.

3.      Can you wash the acacia wood bowl?

Wash acacia wood bowls by hand with warm, soapy water. Avoid using a dishwasher. Use a mild dish soap to clean the bowl.

4.      Does acacia wood hold bacteria?

Acacia wood has natural antibacterial properties that make it a safe and suitable choice for use in the kitchen. The close-grained and dense nature of hardwoods like acacia inhibits the growth and multiplication of bacteria on the wood’s surface.

5.      Is acacia wood waterproof?

Acacia wood is naturally water-resistant to some extent. Acacia wood can withstand occasional exposure to water, such as spills, and normal cleaning, without significant damage.

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