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5 Ideas for Remodeling Your Bathroom in 2024

What are the great technical and aesthetic ideas for remodeling your bathroom? In recent years, bathrooms have developed from being an ordinary technical premise to a place for relaxation. From this article, you will learn both the technical and aesthetic sides of creating a bathroom or remodeling your bathroom that suits your needs.

Get More Space

We usually view a bathroom only as a technical space and tend to reconcile some inconveniences. However, this room can perform much more functions than the basic ones. The first step toward expanding the bathroom’s capacity is to make it more spacious. Here are some tips on how to do that without capital replanning:

  • Most bathrooms have an ordinary two-piece toilet. These models are the easiest to maintain, but they steal some space. Consider replacing such a toilet with a smaller model. For example, some one-piece toilets allow mounting water tanks into the walls, and small corner toilets are perfect for extraordinary planning solutions.
  • Corner sinks might not seem comfortable because of their unusual construction. However, they vary in size, so you can find the item that suits you and provides additional planning options.
  • Doors can also steal space. Replacing a swinging door with a pocket one allows more freedom in planning. This advice can be applied both to the room and to shower doors.

Improve Storage

Smart storage is an invisible part of our everyday comfort. Organized shelves save you a lot of time carving through clothes, towels, and cosmetic jars. Keeping your place clean is rarely about putting everything in its place: Having all the necessary things exactly where you use them is much more effective.

  • Tubes under a sink have to be accessible, yet it doesn’t mean you can’t use this space for storage. You can order a closet that leaves room for a siphon or do it by yourself.
  • Leaving space over a toilet empty is a common mistake. A few shelves can contain all the necessary things you might need at arm’s reach. If you want to fill the whole height up to the ceiling, use the highest shelves for rarely used items.
  • A shelf above the door is another underrated storage space. It perfectly fits things that need to be stored separately but still be accessible, for example, towels for guests.

Check the Ventilation

After you provide enough space to move around and bring everything you need by hand, take care of storing these things properly. Decent ventilation is key to creating a comfortable and healthy climate in such a humid room. Mold is a clear sign of increased humidity that is harmful not only for fabrics but even for plumbing. In some cases, you can lower the level of humidity by simply cleaning the fan from dust. However, if you feel that the ventilation system still can’t handle the load, you might need some updates.

Fans are chosen according to the room’s square: You need 1 cubic foot per meter for every square foot of floor area in your bathroom. It is smarter to select a bit more powerful fan so that you are sure it will handle any load, yet bigger fans are also louder. Follow the balance between these two parameters to find the most efficient option, and stick to a lower noise rating.

Turn on the Lights

A spacious and well-organized bathroom becomes the most convenient place for cosmetic procedures like applying makeup or shaving. Thus decent light here is no less important than a comfortable vanity. As for any room, it is recommended to set the overhead light and local light, where the local light should not distort your face tone and highlight details of your makeup.

  • Copy the lightning from the actor’s dressing room. Putting lightbulbs around a mirror gives you the clearest picture of how your makeup looks and shows all the flaws before you leave the room.
  • Imitate daylight to see your true face tone. Lightbulbs are divided by a color temperature, which is measured in Kelvins. Suitable lightbulbs lie between 4 000 and 5 000 Kelvins. The fewer Kelvins a lightbulb performs, the warmer its light is.
  • The colors you see also depend on the colors of the walls. If they are snow-white, select warmer light, and if they have warm shades, balance them with cool lightbulbs.

Go Into Details

Comfort is not a technical term. Decoration affects the impression as much as planning, ventilation, and lighting do. To turn a bathroom into a place for relief, try these trending tips.

  • Neutral colors and natural textures allow a bathroom for resting your eyes, not only your muscles.
  • Install specified showerheads that gently massage the skin with jets.
  • Smoked glass promotes a feeling of privacy and looks much better than any shower curtain.

The Technical Side of the Process

None of these features can provide you with comfort if you pay no attention to the signs of malfunctioning. Plumbing demands to be maintained from time to time, and here are some trivial issues that can cause significant trouble:

  • Strange noises from the pipes might be a sign of clogging and lead to flooding.
  • A slowly draining bathtub is a clear sign of clogged tubes. Fix it to prevent flooding your neighbors.
  • A leaking toilet tank is a common source of mold. Mold destroys porcelain, and if you let it grow too big, you might need to replace the toilet.
  • A leaking faucet is less harmful to plumbing, but it is dangerous to your budget. Little drops make you spend a fortune on the water you never used, while fixing it is much cheaper.

Make Your Bathroom Fit Your Habits

Rearranging or remodeling your bathroom is a proven way to improve your everyday life. Choosing compact plumbing and figuring out new storage places are the first steps toward more comfort. The next things to think of are ventilation and lighting: They ensure a healthy climate and accurate reflections in the mirror in case you want to use the bathroom for applying makeup. The decoration is a final touch that makes the interior unique. To keep your bathroom in its best condition, never postpone fixing small malfunctions since they can grow into big issues.


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