Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector Review with Specifications

Are you looking for best metal detector for beginners, kids or hobbyists? Then The Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector can be the perfect detector for you.

The gold digger from Bounty Hunter a quality metal detector with an affordable price tag. It is an easy-to-use metal detector for adults and kids alike.

You can find valuable buried metal objects almost anywhere even your backyard but the adventure doesn’t stop there the gold digger is perfect for the beach, parks, and fields.

The trash eliminator control eliminates detection of most unwanted targets while the power level control maximizes depth of small detection objects like coins can be detected up to six inches deep.

Larger targets can be detected much deeper. The gold digger operates on two 9-volt batteries and comes with headphones.

If you’re unsure and if you have a friend family member or even you are unsure, or if you enjoy metal detecting, this might be the detector for you.

This machine is for the little kids and for people that are just learning the Hobby. Now let’s talk about the Company!

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Who makes Bounty Hunter metal detectors?

Have you ever heard of a Bounty Hunter metal detector? If you’re into hunting for treasure, then you know exactly what I am talking about. When it comes to metal detectors, Bounty Hunter is a well-known and respected name in the industry.

Bounty Hunter is known to supply the best metal detectors to the most serious treasure hunter to the least serious treasure hunter.

Their metal detectors are specifically designed to be used for all kinds of landscapes and uses. However, the most fantastic thing about metal detectors from Bounty Hunter is the fact that no matter how sophisticated and technologically up to date their metal detectors are, they still manage to keep them highly affordable.

Let’s get into the bounty hunter gold digger metal detector review

Features of Bounty hunter gold digger metal detector

Bounty hunter gold digger metal detector is a vast range metal detecting machine. It can ensure you the proper distribution of all qualities which are essential for a hunting device. The combination of all necessary features & user-friendly operating method makes it more reliable and easier to use. The premium built quality ensures the most extended durability of the device also. Let’s expose all of its features.

Powerful Coil Setup

The bounty hunter gold digger metal consists a very powerful coil of 7 inches. This transmits signals to a large zone that’s why working field in a single place increases quite a time than other devices.

The Headphone Audio System

Hunting will be enjoyable if the device is user-friendly and comfortable to use. Bounty hunter gold digger ensures these qualities of a detector. The headphone system allows hearing each and every signal even in a noisy situation.

The Sensitivity Meter

It is a significant feature of a device. By this feature the effectivity of hunting depends. It tells you where to dig and where to not. The sensitivity meter shows the intensity of signals getting from the metal so that you can assume the object even a bit.

Easy to Handle

The bounty hunter gold digger metal detector has only two knobs to control the whole device which makes the device very easy to handle and also too much user-friendly. One knob is used for controlling sensitivity and power level set up, and another one is for trash eliminating. The trash is eliminating feature also helps to hunt in the trashy area and to find the desired object only.

Efficient Hunting with 3 Tone System

This hunting device ensures the highest efficiency of hunting. It produces 3 different types of tones so that the intensity of the signal can be determined earlier. It is a fabulous feature for the beginners and also for the little guys. The can take the decision they will dig for it or leave it by the 3-class tone emission of the machine.

Smart All Metal Mode Hunting

The device allows different hunting types of metal at a single time. It has all metal hunting mode so that it can catch up reflection from various metals at a single time. So that metals like iron, silver, gold and much more can hunt in single hunting.

High Depth Identification

The coil of bounty hunter gold digger is so much powerful that’s why it can also detect a little object like coin even 6-inch underground, and the interesting fact is it can detect more massive object almost 2 feet beneath the ground.

The discrimination Mode

This mode is opposite to all metal mode. You can also hunt a single metal what you want to find by the discrimination mode of hunting. The discrimination and recovery speed is excellent on it. The recovery speed on this detector we will tell you is fantastic.

Comfortability of The Gold Digger

The bounty hunter gold digger metal detector is a very light weighted device of only 2.2 lbs. That’s why it is straightforward to hunt with. Even kids enjoy hunting with it for its durability and user-friendly interface of operating.

Adjustable Length of Gold Digger

The gold digger edition of bounty hunter has adjustable length feature. So that it can use people of all ages. This feature will be beneficial for the little kids.

Pure Black Professional Outlook

The gold digger of bounty hunter comes with a great black professional look which makes the mentality more professional especially for the beginners and the kids. They feel very inspired for hunting by the outlook of this device.


  • Sensitivity meter which enables the visual cue of nearing target.
    • Two-tone audio feedback which is the audible tool for specific target identification.
    • The power level of gold digger reduces electromagnetic interference.
    • The good thing of the Gold Digger is it can stretch to 45.5 inches so the detector can grow with the kid.
    • Its weight is ultra-light which means everybody can play with it.


  • Gold digger won’t find coins deeper than 6-inches underground.
    • It isn’t as durable as many other expensive detectors.

Most of the kids won’t want to dig deeper than 6-inches, and it is durable enough to satisfy your kids. So don’t worry too much about these cons.

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Top Features

Dimensions6 x 9 x 20.5 inches
Length – Adjustable34.5 – 45.5 inches
Coil Size7-inch weather resistant coil
Search Modes2
Ground BalancePreset
Operating frequency6.6 kHz
BatteriesTwo 9V alkaline
Battery Life IndicatorYes
Pinpoint ModeNo
Adjustable SensitivityYes
Target Strength MeterYes
Adjustable DiscriminationYes
Knob ControlYes
ManufacturerBounty Hunter
Made InUSA
Warranty5 Years

Similar Detector Comparisons

How does the Gold Digger be better than some other Bounty Hunter detectors that are aimed at younger detectorists? Let’s look at the comparisons.

Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Vs. Bounty Hunter Junior

Gold Digger and Bounty Hunter Junior, both of them, don’t have a digital screen but both of them have two Knobs.

Both of them are lightweight and have discrimination modes so that they are comfortable for their intended audience to carry around.

The beneficial part of Gold Digger is it can stretch to 45.5 inches, but the Bounty Hunter Junior can stretch 31.5 inches only. Which means taller kids would be better off with the detector.

The big difference between the Gold Digger and Bounty hunter junior is the number of tones they have. Junior has only one tone, but on the other hand, gold digger has two tones which means the gold digger can extend longer than the bounty hunter junior.

Another big issue is Bounty hunter gold digger includes headphones, but the junior doesn’t. Kids love to have this particular accessory because they feel detector with headphones looks more professional, and they want to grow up with it.

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Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Vs. Junior Target ID

Generally The Gold Digger is a black detector that looks like a scaled down version of a detector an adult would use, but on the other hand, the Junior Target ID looks like more a fun tor or a fun machine.

Gold Digger is bright blue in color and uses three faces on the display screen but a sad face of it that it indicates a junk find. This machines interesting face that shows the item could be a ring and a joy face which means the gold digger could be more valuable like a coin.

It is a product that young kids love to enjoy with it because the three faces method would be fun especially those six to nine years old kids.

But for those kids who are older than that would likely prefer the Bounty Hunter Gold Digger because it feels more adult-like.

This detector is also a little heftier, which means it is more suitable for older kids. Junior Target ID weighs only 1.5 pounds, on the other side, the Bounty Hunter Gold Digger is 2.2 pounds which means it is a little bit heavy and kids will feel they are using a professional machine not a toy.

The search coil of Gold Digger is bigger than the Junior Target ID. The Gold Digger has come 7-inches search coil in the other side the Junior Target ID has 6-inches search coil. We all know that the bigger coil gives more depth than the smaller one.

Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Vs. TK4 Tracker IV

The TK4 Tracker IV can be an appropriate choice for kids, as well as beginning-adult detectorists who can’t afford to spend much money on their hobby.

But we wouldn’t recommend the TK4 Tracker IV for kids under the age of ten years or so because at 4.2 pounds which is a huge weight for a kid and with an 8-inch coil, it is a massive weight for them to handle.

If the kid is older, like a teenager, he or she will be able to handle it around with no difficulties.

Besides that TK4 doesn’t have a display screen either and it has two tones which means Gold Digger is way better than TK4.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does anything include in the Box?

Bounty hunter gives you the gold digger as well as the headphones. You will also find an instruction manual in the box, but it is quite easy to figure out without perusal it.

What type of batteries does it use?

The Bounty Hunter Gold Digger uses two nine-volt alkaline batteries which is enough for a beginner level metal detector. You will get hours and hours of detecting time from those batteries.

How much operating frequency does the detector use?

The Gold Digger uses 6.6-kilohertz operating frequency which is enough for a general metal detector. By this frequency, even a child will be able to find coins, relics, and kinds of exciting things with this detector.

Is it a waterproof detector?

It is waterproof but not entirely. The search coil of this detector is water resistant, but the control box of this is not.

What age would be perfect for this detector?

It entirely depends on how much sturdy and height of a kid is. Whit this metal detector, seven years and older should easily be able to control it.

What Accessories will I need ?

The only thing a child has to have is a regular digging trowel so he can get to his treasure. If you wish to input one more accessory, you could consider adding a treasure pouch it can wear that will hold its finds. Its pinpointer to make finding the treasure even easier once it digs its hole.

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By comparing the Gold Digger edition of Bounty Hunter with other detecting devices, it can easily be said that it’s a jackpot in the field of hunting. We try to give you every single fact that relate to bounty hunter gold digger metal detector review and we hope that now you know everything about this particular detector. The company is also supportive of the customers. They offer 5 years of warranty. So, people will feel more satisfaction investing money on this device. The most important fact of this Gold digger edition is it is designed for both the beginners and the pros even little kid can also operate it very efficiently. Investing money in this gold digger will surely open a way to get more money indeed. In short get this & go for the blast!

Happy hunting!

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