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Cleaning Coins in a Rock Tumbler: The Best Rock Tumblers

Can you use a tumbler to clean coins? Cleaning coins in a rock tumbler is a great way to clean corrosion from coins and leave them looking good. The great thing about using a rock tumbler to clean coins is that the rough texture of the rocks will polish the coins and leave them looking as good as new. The purpose of a rock tumbler is to clean the dirt from rocks so that rocks look bright and shiny.

If you have a lot of coins, then cleaning coins in a rock tumbler can be a great way and as well as an investment. There are a few things to consider when choosing a rock tumbler, such as the type of rocks you want to use, the size of the tumbler, and the price.

A rock tumbler is exactly like the coin tumbler we see in most coin shops. According to Rock tumbling process, the best way to use a rock tumbler is with the rough rocks that you want to use for the coins. The rough rocks will polish the coins and will remove all the corrosion and rust off the coins. The importance of picking the rocks that you want to use for the coins is crucial because you need the rough texture of the rocks to work properly. In the coin cleaning process in a rock tumbler should be a very low speed and high pressure. This will help to clean coins, polish them, and remove all the corrosion from them.

How do you clean silver coins in a rock tumbler? There are different ways to clean silver coins in a rock tumbler depending on the size of the coin and its intended purpose. Is there a safe way to clean silver coins? How do you clean silver coins without damaging them? Yes, if you clean your silver coins with a rock tumbler, you can clean them without damaging them.

Cleaning coins in a rock tumbler: How to clean coins in a rock tumbler?

If you already know how does rock tumbler work or how to use rock tumbler; cleaning coins in a rock tumbler will be easier than ever for you. Still, by following the below guide, you will learn how does rock tumbler work.

Here we will see the step by step guideline – How to clean coins in a rock tumbler, let’s start:

Step 1 – Put the silver coins into a rock tumbler barrel up to halfway. Then pour some fish aquarium rocks into the barrel that should be one-third of the silver coins volume. After that pour 1 glass of water into the rock tumbler barrel.

Step 2 – Close the tumbler and run the tumbler at low speed for 2 or 3 hours.

Step 3 – After 2-3 hours, unscrew the lid from the top of the tumbler and pour out the coins in a strainer. Then shake the strainer for a few seconds. Then pour water into the strainer to wash the coins.

Step 4 – When silver coins are fully clean, take them on a cookie tray and leave for a good time to get dried.

Step 5 – Finally just get the coins out from the rocks. And your silver coins are cleaned.

What happens if you put pennies in a rock tumbler?

After putting pennies with rocks and water in a rock tumbler, the rock tumbler runs and the pennies get rubbed with the rocks; it cleans the pennies slowly. So that pennies get cleaned without damage.

What does a tumbler do to metal?

It cleans any metal that is covered with dirt and grime. It removes scratches and damage to the metal’s surface.

Does a rock tumbler use a lot of electricity?

As rock tumblers use small motors like 120V & 60Hz, so it does not consume a lot of electricity.

Are rock tumblers worth it?

Yes, it is worth it. They are very safe as compared to other dryers or tumblers. They do not involve rubbing with iron or magnets that may cause harm to the tumbler and its components. They are excellent for cleaning coins because they remove the dirt from them and shine on their surface. They also hold their value and when used regularly, the value of the coin rises. They are very portable as they do not require many tools to be used and can be operated in any place.

Can you put random rocks in a rock tumbler to clean coins?

Can you tumble any rocks in a rock tumbler? You can use any type of rock in a rock tumbler to clean coins. You can use river rocks, mill quartz, granite, or mica stones to clean coins. But don’t just put any kind of rocks because it can damage the tumbler or make it useless. If you put in a steel rock, it may damage the tumbler.

Can you put river rocks in a tumbler?

You can put river rocks but not randomly in a rock tumbler to clean coins. You have to consider the perfect size of rocks which is recommended for your rock tumbler.

Can you put metal in a rock tumbler?

You cannot put metal in a rock tumbler. Just use any kind of rocks or stones.

Can you put coins in a rock tumbler?

Yes, you can put coins in a rock tumbler and clean them. You can use river rocks, mill quartz, granite, or mica stones to clean coins.

Can you reuse grit in rock tumbler?

Yes, you can reuse the same grit in your rock tumbler. You just have to clean them and put them in a clean bucket.

Can you use sand as a replacement for rough rocks?

You can use sand as a replacement for rough rocks. Sand is recommended because it is easy to find in-home centers and hardware stores.

Can you put obsidian in a rock tumbler? Yes, you can put obsidian in a rock tumbler. Obsidian is also known as volcanic glass or black glass.

Can you put geodes in a rock tumbler?

No, you cannot put geodes in a rock tumbler. Geodes are formed by the volcanic hardening of minerals inside the earth.

Can you put gold in a rock tumbler?

No, you cannot put gold in a rock tumbler. Gold is too soft and can’t withstand the heat of the machinery.

Can you put crystals in a rock tumbler?

Yes, you can put crystals in a rock tumbler. Crystals can be heated up to very high temperatures and transformed into something else called “heat-altered minerals”.

Can I use sand in a vibratory tumbler?

The problem with sand is that it does not melt easily. Other than that, using sand in a vibratory tumbler is not a problem as long as you use pieces of well-sized.

What else can you put in a rock tumbler Besides rocks?

There are many things you can put in a rock tumbler that won’t melt. For example, pearls are perfect for a rock tumbler and they don’t melt.

Can you use a metal vibratory tumbler for rocks?

Yes, a metal vibratory tumbler can be used for rocks. The problem is the same as using sand in a vibratory tumbler – the stones get stuck to the sides of the stone barrel.

What rocks Cannot be tumbled?

Different types of rocks cannot be used for tumbling. For example, you can use sand and gravel in a vibratory tumbler, but not iron ore.

Why are my rocks not shiny after tumbling?

A common problem with tumbling is that many people tend to use too high a speed and end up scouring the rocks with their tumbler. So the stones are not shiny after tumbling. If your tumbler rocks are not shiny, add some water to the barrel and you should see an improvement.

How much does a rock tumbler cost?

There are a few different types of rock tumblers available, and many companies offer discounts for large orders. Here are a few of the rock tumblers that are good: Advanced Professional Rock Tumbler Kit, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Rock Tumbler Grit, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Hobby Rock Tumbler Kit, Professional Rock Polisher Tumbler Kit etc. Price range of the rock tumblers are mostly started from $25 depending on brand, accessories and size.

Best tumbler for cleaning coins

What are the best rock tumblers for cleaning coins? There are many great rock tumblers available in the market. Here we will discuss a few of the best:

Lortone 3A Single Barrel Tumbler

The great Lortone 3A Single Barrel tumbler for cleaning coins/beach coins/metal detecting finds weighs just 5 pounds. This is also the Best coin tumbling machine/coin cleaning machine for Cleaning Corroded Coins. It comes with one year of warranty. The dimensions of the tumbler are 9-1/4 x 5-3/4 x 2-1/2, and the dimensions of the rubber barrel are 4-3/4H x 4-1/2 Diameter.

The 3A is a workhorse that is designed for years of trouble-free service.

The hard rubber barrel on this motor minimizes noise and ensures durability for years of operation. Simple to operate and UL-approved, This is a great coin tumbler for anyone looking for a reliable motor and who desires to clean coins randomly.

Where is Lortone made? Lortone Company is an American-owned business that has been in the business of manufacturing and distributing quality products since 1962. Lortone Company is at 528 W. Smith Street Kent, WA 98032. The official website is:

Lortone 3A Single Barrel tumbler is not available on Amazon right now, but still you can check when available.

But still you can check this NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Starter Rock Tumbler Kit.

Chicago Electric Power Tools 67631 Rotary Rock Tumbler

If you are looking for a Rock Tumbler to clean clad coins or metal detecting finds, Chicago Rotary Rock Tumbler is a great fit for that. It’s a great start rock tumbler. The capacity of this rock tumbler is 3 lb. The rubber barrel of the tumbler performs a quieter operation. It comes with a strong motor of 120V and 60Hz. This is very easy to operate the machine. The device weight: 7.2 lbs.

This is a very durable and worth the money rock tumbler. Easy to follow instructions and good schematic diagrams included. Excellent for pulverizing chemicals to air float consistency.

The minus is if the tumbler is bought from a reseller, it’s not easy to get support from the manufacturer.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Professional Rock Tumbling Kit

The National Geographic Professional rock tumbling kit is a great Rock Polisher for Kids & Adults. It’s a platinum series rock tumbling kit. And most probably, this is the quietest tumbler in the world. It comes with a 2lb Barrel, Rocks, Grit, GemFoam Polisher, and a great STEM science kit. With this kit, your kids or anyone else will learn about rocks and geology. It’s an all-in-one tumbling kit.

The Ultimate Rock Polisher’s agitate mode provides even more versatility! The gentle back-and-forth motion of tumbling soft rocks reduces rock breakage. On other hand, it’s a high-quality science / educational toy.

Tru-square Metal Products Model B Heavy Duty Rock Tumbler, THU140

This professional-grade rotary tumbler is perfect for polishing rocks and gemstones.

This rotary tumbler has a 15 lb. capacity steel hexagon barrel with a removable rubber liner, making it perfect for your tumbling needs.

Polishing rocks, brass, and other metals can be done with a variety of tumbling and mixing operations with this rotary tumbler. This unit can be used for coarse polishing, smoothing, and finishing rocks.

This powerful 115V fan-cooled motor has overload protection, making it ideal for heavy-duty use.

The vendor promises a 5-year guarantee on barrel and liner.

This model is the standard for hard-loading experts and is extensively used by serious hobbyists, laboratories, and schools. This unit is famous for its quiet operation.

MJR Tumblers 20 LB Rock Tumbler

This MJR Tumbler was awarded the best high-end and most versatile tumbler for running 19 different barrel combinations. The Tumbler is a 20-pound steel drum that is designed to rapidly polish and grind rocks.

This tumbler has a patented technology where the baffle, rotor, and barrel are all constructed from a single piece of steel.

The 16 gauge welded steel frame is powder-coated to be scratch and corrosion-resistant, making it a heavy-duty frame.

It has half-inch steel rollers coated in rubber.

Its STAINLESS STEEL BALL BEARINGS are industrial-duty flanged (no plastic sleeve bearings to wear out).

This tumbler is built with a heavy-duty motor, and automatic thermo overload protection, and is intended for continuous use – making it a powerful and reliable choice.

It has a commercial-grade plastic barrel that seals to be water and airtight. The tapered neck on this bottle makes it easy to load and unload.

Leegol Electric Rock Tumbler Machine

Leegol Electric rock tumbler machine comes with a Single Drum 3LB Rock Polisher. It has a great heavy-duty motor to handle different types of rocks and stones. The leakproof barrel is a great addition to the rock tumbler. The single drum makes it possible to put a lot of rocks and coins at once and control the speed. Also, it works with less sound/noise. Is Leegol a good rock tumbler? Overall it’s easy to use and a great machine for cleaning coins.

Professional Rock Polisher Tumbler Kit

This professional extra-large rock tumbler contains 2.5 Lb. barrel with 3-Speed Motor which has a 9-Day Timer. It comes with 3 Belts, Rough Gemstones, 4 Polishing Grits etc. It’s absolutely a great STEM Science Toy / Gift for Adults Kid.

It comes with a 2-years warranty. The parts of this tumbler are premium quality i.e. motor, rubber barrel. It has three protection against water leakage which makes it super durable. This polisher tumbler kit polishes stones like never before. For polishing, it has four grits in a set. The rock tumbler also is a great way to use STEM to educate children about physics, rocks, minerals and many more things. A great educational and hobby kit.


This National Geographic Hobby Rock Tumbler kit includes Rough Gemstones, also includes 4 Polishing Grits, and Jewelry Fastenings. It comes with Learning Guide and a Great Stem Science Kit.

This rock tumbler kit is a great way to turn rough rocks into beautifully polished gemstones. It is easy to operate and has a durable design.

It’s a high-quality tumbler that is durable and comes with a heavy-duty motor that’s designed to last long.

The leakproof rubber barrel reduces sound by 75%, making it quieter than other plastic models. This STEM activity is perfect for kids! They will love it!

It’s a great hobby tumbling kit for kids. It’s a high-quality education toy/science toy definitely. This set comes with 4 grits and polishing stones. It will help the little scientist learn more about the minerals that the tumbling process leaves behind!


This Rock tumbler uses for Rock Polishing Grit Media, it can Polish Up to 20 lbs. of Rocks. This girt works with any Rock Tumbler, Rock Polisher or Stone Polisher.

Can you use a rock tumbler to polish coins?

Yes, this is one of the things I would do with a Rock Tumbler. What can I use to polish coins? There are many great rock tumblers available in the market that polish coins nicely.

Can you polish rocks without a tumbler?

You can polish rocks but, it takes a lot of time and requires good strength. It might take 4 hours to polish rocks with a tumbler, and you have to have someone to keep your rocks from flying away.

How long does it take to polish agates in a rock tumbler?

It takes about 2 hours for one to polish agates, and I suggest that you choose agates with clean, glossy surfaces.

Final words

Cleaning coins in a rock tumbler is an effective way to remove corrosion and restore them to their original condition. This article reviews the different methods of cleaning silver and gold coins in a tumbler.


Why does my rock tumbler keep stopping?

Some issues that can result in your rock tumbler not working properly: 1. Broken rock tumbler bearing 2. Broken rock tumbler spindle 3. Damaged tumbler glass. 4. Damaged carbon media. 5. Delamination of the glass panel.

Are tumbled stones worth anything?

The value of some tumbled stones is greater than the cost of manufacturing, sorting, transportation, packaging, and retailing them. These stones are made from a rare and valuable raw material, or from a common raw material that is exceptionally beautiful.

How can you tell if a coin has been cleaned?

You can tell a coin is cleaned when it’s dust-free, and its surface reflects no light.

How can you tell if a Gemstone has been cleaned?

You can tell a gemstone has been cleaned when it’s powder-free, and its surface reflects no light.

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