A butcher block cutting board is traditionally used in butcher shops and kitchens for chopping and preparing food. It is usually made of hardwood such as maple, oak, or cherry. The wood fibers in the board will help to absorb the impact of cutting providing a durable and resilient surface for chopping, slicing, and dicing.

Stability in Culinary Tasks

The thickness of the block cutting board determines its stability and longevity in the kitchen. A thicker board will have enhanced structural integrity which will make it more resistant to warping, bending, and wear and tear because of heavy-duty chopping and slicing.

The added thickness will make the board durable and give a stable platform for numerous culinary tasks. A thick butcher block absorbs the impact of vigorous chopping, carving, or butchering preventing excessive wear on knives and maintaining a level and secure cutting surface. The board’s thickness will be a reliable ally for chefs and home cooks alike ensuring a steadfast base for different kitchen endeavors.

Choosing From 5 Finest Butcher Block Cutting Boards

Allsum Store Bamboo Wood Butcher Block with Side Handles

Made from premium organic bamboo, this cutting board will give you durability, strength, and a sustainable choice for eco-conscious folks. With a thickness of 1 inch, the cutting board is designed to resist heavy-duty carving and chopping making it suitable for use as a butcher block that can withstand years of use. The cutting board has deep juice grooves that can hold meat juices or water.  

Bamboo Wood Cutting Board for Kitchen, 1" Thick Butcher Block, Cheese Charcuterie Board, with Side Handles and Juice Grooves, 16x11"


  • Built-in handle
  • Built-in Groove
  • Ease of cleaning


  • Heavyweight
  • Has a smell
  • Comes with no padding

WoodForChef Extra Large Butcher Block with Juice Groove

It is made from maple hardwood. The cutting board has deep grooves to contain juices preventing messes and keeping your kitchen table clean. The addition of walnut for a darker color will enhance the board’s aesthetic appeal. The cutting board comes already pre-seasoned with a blend of mineral oil and premium beeswax. This pre-seasoning will not only provide immediate protection but also ensure that the board is food-safe. It’s ready for use as soon as you receive it.

Extra Large Cutting Board North American Maple - Heavy Reversible Butcher Block with Juice Groove for Cutting Meat and Juicy Veggies Easily - XL Chopping Board - Maple - 24x18x1.5 inches


  • No odor
  • Excellent cutting surface
  • Good cutting edge


  • Rough finish
  • Finish poor quality
  • Get warped

Brandenberg Hand-Crafted Block Cutting Board (Maple) with Juice Groove

Built with end grain, this cutting board is remarkably durable and capable of withstanding heavy-duty chopping. The end grain is known for its ‘self-healing’ qualities where the wood fibers close back up after knife cuts keeping the knife’s edge sharper for an extended period. The cutting board features a juice groove designed to prevent liquids, such as water, juice, and grease from overflowing onto countertops during meal prep and serving. It also has removable rubber feet on the backside. The integrated finger grips make it easy to lift or transfer the board from the kitchen to the table and carve meats.

Brandenberg End Grain Cutting Board (Maple) with Juice Groove great For Meats, 20 Inches x 14.5 Inches x 2.25 Inches Great Holiday Gift Idea


  • End grain
  • Juice groove
  • Rubber feet


  • Need to Condition This Block Before Use.
  • Need to Be Well-Oiled
  • Surface Might Start To Get Rough

FANICHI Butcher Block Cutting Board with Inner Handles.

Made from 100% natural wood, the cutting board holds the inherent beauty of wood with its natural color and pattern showcasing the authenticity of the material. The front side has an expertly carved juice groove around one edge to prevent liquids from running off the board. The backside has compartments for dicing and prepping for the temporary placement of diced veggies or mashed garlic. This site will also serve as a tray for items like bread, crackers, or sliced baguettes. Inner side handles will increase maneuverability.

Cutting Board (17x13x1,5in) Wood Cutting Board, End Grain Cutting Board, Wooden Butcher Block, Chopping Board - Reversible Multipurpose For Kitchen with Juice Groove, Cracker Holder & Inner Handles.


  • Well made
  • Beautiful
  • Durable


  • Last size: 17″L x 13″W x 1.5″Th
  • No instructions
  • Printed grain design

BABILONIA Black-Walnut Heavy duty Professional Butcher Block

The cutting board is substantial with a thickness of 1.7 inches providing stability and durability. Made from 100% sustainable black walnut wood, it emphasizes long-lasting quality and eco-friendly practices.

American Black-Walnut Cutting Board (ExtraThick 1,7"), Premium Quality & Professional Butcher Block. Heavy duty end-grain wood chopping board (Oil bottle & Plate included)


  • Knife-friendly
  • Longer lasting
  • Beautiful finish


  • Heavyweight
  • Small size only
  • Recommend initially washing and then applying a light coat of food-grade mineral oil before first use

Maintaining Your Butcher Block Cutting Board

Select a food-grade mineral oil or specialized cutting board oil. Regular oiling is necessary for caring for your butcher block cutting board. This will not only enhance the board’s appearance but also nourish the wood preserving its integrity and preventing drying or cracking.

Use mild soap and warm water for cleaning, and let the board air dry completely. Make sure the board is clean and dry before applying oil. Avoid placing your butcher block cutting board in a dishwasher. Use a soft-bristle brush or sponge to scrub the board gently. Harsh scrubbing tools will damage the wood fibers.

Recommended products

BABILONIA Black-Walnut Heavy duty Professional Butcher Block

It is produced using the end-grain method. The board is knife-friendly and designed for ultimate adhesion. The incorporation of black walnut wood enhances both functionality and aesthetics making it ideal for use as a charcuterie board, chopping board, or butcher block. The board features an exclusive 3-in-1 design serving as a butcher block, wood cutting board, and serving tray.

FANICHI Butcher Block Cutting Board with Inner Handles

Measuring 17x13x1.5 inches, this cutting board is extra-large, thick, and sturdy catering to various cutting needs. Its substantial size and thickness make it suitable for cutting, chopping, carving, serving, or even functioning as a heavy-duty butcher block. With proper care, it is designed to outlast many kitchen items.

Wrap up

Your butcher block cutting board will remain a reliable and durable tool in your kitchen for years to come. If you maintain it properly, you will not only be preserving the board’s functionality but also enhancing its natural beauty.


1.     Which cutting board is best for meat?

When it comes to cutting meat, a wood cutting board especially one made from hardwoods like maple is generally considered the best. Wood can absorb moisture from the surface which is favorable when cutting meat.

2.     What cutting boards do butchers use?

Bamboo is a dense and hard material which gives it durability and resistance to knife marks making it less prone to surface damage. Bamboo cutting boards can withstand the impact of cutting and chopping.

3.     Which is better wood or bamboo cutting board?

Bamboo boards are less porous than wood, especially softer wood. It makes them less likely to absorb liquids which is beneficial when dealing with raw meat juices.

4.     What color cutting board for raw meat?

A red cutting board is specially used for raw meat and poultry. This board is used for cutting up raw meat before cooking, marinating meat, or deboning meat. Using a red cutting board for raw meat helps prevent cross-contamination from potentially harmful bacteria present in raw meat.

5.     What is the difference between a butcher block and a cutting board?

Typically, a cutting board is relatively smaller and thinner and on the other hand A butcher block is larger, thicker, and heavier than a standard cutting board.

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