How to find the Best Benchtop Jointer and Reviews

In every carpenter’s workshop, a jointer and especially the benchtop one will always be available.

A benchtop jointer is an equipment used to straighten the edges of the boards and the faces of the narrow boards to make the wood finishes admirable. Normally, they are not more than 4” wide to enable clear and smooth wood finishes.

Factors to consider when buying a best benchtop Jointer

Whenever you think about buying the best benchtop jointer, research what you need to know more about them. One crucial factor is to think to remember that the sole purpose of jointer is to smoothen and straighten the edges and then make a decision as to what best factor you need to put into consideration.

1. The Depth of your Cuts

This means that the cuts should be well managed for the benchtop jointer to be able to make the final straightening. Mostly, it ranges from half an inch to three-quarters of the inch. This will give out an excellent smooth finish as desired.

2. The Motor

Mostly carpenters prefer a one horsepower motor which goes well with most of the types of wood being used. Stool one can opt to go for a more powerful motor depending on the type of the workshop and the workload that it entails on a day to day basis.

3. The type of a Jointer

Usually, carpenters go for the type of a jointer that is sufficient enough to handle the workload of the workshop. They are usually three namely, Open stand, closed stand and the Benchtop jointer.

Each and every one of these have their strengths and their weaknesses. However, it depends on the purpose to which you intend to use. For instance, a benchtop jointer will be preferred by a medium sized workshop, but when it involves large and more powered jobs, then it will not be the best.

Large stands may again not fit well in a medium workshop, and as such, it’s important to set your priorities right and get to know the best jointer to buy.

4. The Bed width

The Bed width is an important factor to consider since it will affect the type of jointer you intend to buy in terms of cost. Mostly, a six to eight-inch size will be a good jointer to think about buying except if you want to engage in massive woodworking projects that would require heavy jointers.

5. Fence

The fence ensures that the wood being treated is been positioned in the right manner. It is also adjustable to enable the carpenter to change the wood shapes into their wish. The end product of the wood would be concise and accurate.

6. Dust Collection

A jointer without a dust collection unit will leave the workshop messy, and one will not be motivated to work in a dirty environment.

The dust collection unit is therefore important to collect all dust and ensure that you are working in a clean and well-kept environment.

It will also help in disposing of the dust quickly and your workshop left as clean as before.

Jointer Reviews

When all this is said and complete, it imperative to have a review of some of the recommended jointers that are available in the market.

1. JET 708457DXK JJ-6CSDK Jointer

This is a type of a closed jointer which has the most extended working surfaces in the family of jointers.

It is a powerful machine which has 1 HP motor and a cutting depth of half an inch which is recommendable for common jointers.


· It is easily operated.

· Has the largest working surface that is available in the markets.


· The jointer vibrates a lot making it uncomfortable unless one goes an extra mile to make it steadier.

JET JJ-6CSDX 6" Long Bed Jointer (708457DXK)
  • COMFORT: Fully-adjustable infeed and outfeed tables let you set the height to your requirements.
  • VERSATILITY: Built-in rabbeting ledge.
  • CONVENIENCE: Center-positioned fence controls and front-mounted table adjustment handwheels.

2. Powermatic 1610086K Model 60HH Jointer

It is a Powermatic closed stand jointer that is excellent when it comes to wood finishes. With a bed width of eight inches and a cutting depth of half an inch, it produces accurate results.

The two horsepower is sufficient enough for its operations and helps in polishing the wood to the best result that is desired.


· One can choose three-knife cutter head or four knives helical cutter head when buying.

· Has a quiet but powerful cutting head.


· It requires an experienced person to assemble the parts since it comes as one large package.

Powermatic 1610086K Model 60HH 8-Inch 2 HP 1-Phase Jointer with Helical Cutterhead
  • 54 FOUR-SIDED CARBIDE INSERTS: Provides smoother, quieter cutting and a superior finer finish.
  • FINE/QUICK ADJUSTMENT LEVER: For precision cuts.

3. Delta Power Tools 37-071 MIDI-Bench Jointer

The Delta Power Tools 37-071 MIDI-Bench Jointer is the most standard type of a jointer with six width inch and1/8 inch cutting depth. This is what is currently used in the modern jointers which makes it more interesting than a controversial type of a jointer.

It has a two knife cutter that is powerful to the extent that it makes around 20,000 cuts in a minute.

The modernized dust collection unit will leave your workshop as clean as before. It sucks all the chips and dust that was experienced when the wood finishes were being done.


· Compatible with different types of wood.

· Blades are easily changed.


· Its fence adjustment is a bit complicated.

6" Bench Top Jointer 37-071
  • Durable cast iron construction increases weight providing stability and reducing vibration
  • Precision-machining of the table and fence ensures long term accuracy
  • Heavy duty, cast iron fence support system for accurate jointing


To sum it all, we need to understand that when using the jointer, there are some precautions that one needs to remember and some of these are.

Ensure that the wood grain is facing the right direction, usually to the outfeed aside and in a place where they do not work concurrently with the knives.

The jointer should be appropriately fitted before the operations begin to avoid obstructions in the course of working

The table should be properly aligned according to the comfortable height of the woodworker.

Ensure that the depth of the cut is noticeable whenever you make any pass. This will help you have a steady flow of the entire cuts and make excellent finishes.

If these rules are followed amongst others, then you will have a good woodworking experience as you perfect on the job. Skills are improved once instructions are followed and using the jointer for a woodworker is no exception. And definitely you can choose your desired best benchtop jointer as well.

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