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Lighting Up Your Kitchen with Best Edison Bulbs for Kitchen Island

The best Edison bulbs for your kitchen island can add a charming and vintage touch to your kitchen decor. Edison bulbs’ filament design and warm color temperature evoke a nostalgic, vintage ambiance that complements various kitchen styles.

Edison Bulbs: A Vintage Lighting Choice

One lighting choice that has gained popularity for kitchen islands is Edison bulbs. Edison bulbs are available in various shapes, including classic A19, globe, and tubular shapes. Decide between clear glass for a brighter, more modern look or amber-tinted glass for a warmer and vintage ambiance.

The Best Edison Bulbs for Kitchen Island

Hurrah Plug in bulbs with Plug in Cord 17Ft: Industrial Pendant Lighting Glass bulbs for kitchen island

This pendant light features a design with clear glass and brown metal dual shades. The lighting fixture is built with a commitment to high standards of metal materials and workmanship.


  • Made of high-quality metal
  • Metal & Glass Dual Layer design
  • Adjustable chain


  • Photos are not accurate depictions of the actual size
  • Only black electrical cables
  • Expensive

Brightown LED Edison Light Bulbs with 85+ CRI: Vintage 60W Incandescent Light Bulbs

These bulbs provide 470 lumens of lighting output and emit a warm white light with a color temperature of 2700K. The vintage light bulbs have a voltage rating of 120V and a power consumption of 6 watts. They are designed to fit the E26 medium-base light fixture. These bulbs provide 470 lumens of lighting output.


  • ‎Energy saving
  • Retro and stylish appearance
  • Dimmable


  • Tinted glass tones it down
  • Pretty dim
  • Very yellow light

HESSION Edison LED Bulb with Antique Vintage Style Light: Squirrel Cage Filament Edison Light Bulbs

The bulbs are squirrel cage LED filament bulbs with a voltage rating of 120V. They have a power consumption of 4 watts and feature the standard Edison screw base (E26/E27). The color temperature of these bulbs falls within the warm range, typically between 2200K and 2700K.


  • ‎Energy Efficient
  • Long Lasting
  • Flicker-Free


  • ‎Dimmable
  • Have a yellow film
  • Do not light up the dining area very brightly.

Globe Electric 64906 1-Light Pendant: Ceiling Hanging Light Fixture Edison Light Bulbs

Dimming capability allows you to create the perfect atmosphere and adjust the light intensity to your preferences. This light fixture is fully dimmable when used with a compatible dimmer switch (sold separately). The fixture comes with all the necessary mounting hardware for quick and straightforward installation.


  • Great Design
  • Easy install
  • Adjustable


  • BULB REQUIREMENTS: 1x E26/Medium Base 60W Bulb
  • Bulb sold separately
  • ‎Dimmable

Installing and Safely Using Best Edison Bulbs for Kitchen Island

Before you start, ensure you have the following materials and tools ready: Edison bulbs (select the appropriate style and wattage for your kitchen island).

  • Lighting fixtures (pendant lights, chandeliers, etc.).
  • Ladder or step stool.
  • Screwdriver.
  • Wire stripper (if needed).
  • Dimmer switch (if dimmable bulbs are chosen).
  • Electrical tape.
  • Safety goggles.


  1. Turn off the power to the kitchen island lighting fixture at the circuit breaker or fuse box. Double-check that the power is off by testing the fixture’s switch.
  2. Remove Existing Bulbs
  3. Install Edison Bulbs
  4. Adjust Fixture
  5. Install Dimmer Switch (If Needed)
  6. Turn On Power
  7. Test and Adjust

Safe use

  • Follow the manufacturer’s wattage recommendations for your fixture to prevent overheating and potential fire hazards.
  • Periodically inspect your Edison bulbs for signs of damage or wear, and replace any compromised bulbs promptly.
  • If you have a dimmer switch, use it within the recommended voltage range to prevent flickering and premature bulb failure.
  • Clean them gently with a soft, dry cloth when get dirty.
  • Avoid touching them when they’re on or shortly after turning them off.

Recommended products

Brightown LED Edison Light Bulbs

Despite their low wattage (6W), these LED E26 bulbs provide brightness equivalent to 60W incandescent bulbs. The bulbs are designed for durability and have an average lifespan of approximately 25,000 hours. The bulbs are securely packaged in kraft cartons with foam inserts to ensure safe transportation.


The LED filament bulbs are designed to be energy-efficient and are equivalent to 40W Edison bulbs in terms of brightness. These bulbs embrace a vintage-inspired design with their classic ST58 teardrop shape. You can adjust the brightness to meet your personalized lighting needs without experiencing flickering issues.

Wrap up

If you want to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere over your kitchen island, consider using Best Edison Bulbs for Kitchen Island. Ensure that the Edison bulbs you choose are compatible with your existing lighting fixtures, whether they are pendant lights, chandeliers, or other types of fixtures above your kitchen island.


1. What bulbs are best for kitchen island lights?

LED luminaires are considered the best choice for kitchen island lighting. LEDs generate very little heat, making them a safer option, especially in a kitchen where you may be working with appliances and cookware.

2. What is the best wattage for a kitchen island?

The general guideline recommends about 60-75 watts of lighting for every 20 inches of counter space. A 15-square-foot island requires between 535 and 750 lumens. A 60-watt bulb provides around 800 lumens. This implies that one 60-watt bulb—or two for stronger light—above your island will suffice, or three to four smaller lights with lower-wattage bulbs would suffice.

3. How many lumens do I need for a kitchen island?

The standard recommendation is providing anywhere from 35 to 50 lumens per square foot of island. Unlike wattage, lumens are the most accurate way to determine the output of light in space because they measure a fixture’s overall brightness.

4. What is the best wattage bulb for a kitchen?

A typical wattage for a kitchen light is approximately 100 watts for a darker kitchen and around 80 watts for a more light-filled kitchen. Installing a bright enough kitchen light is just as vital as installing the proper toned light to ensure kitchen functionality.

5. What color light is best for the kitchen island?

Since a kitchen island is a workstation, it has to be adequately illuminated — but this is entirely dependent on your kitchen design. Warm-toned kitchens (think brown and copper tile, backsplashes, walls, and furniture) look best with 2700 K to 3500 K lighting.

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