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Mig Welding Machine: What Does Voltage Do in Mig Welding?

Among various welding processes, MIG welding becomes a universal process because of its easy learning and handling. The main reason for the huge popularity is that its capability is great and convenient for multi-voltage.

Multi-voltage welder machines work flawlessly in various modes while welding. Now you may be thinking, What does voltage do in MIG welding? You will find all answers in this article.

What Does Voltage Do in Mig Welding?

A distance between the wire and the puddle, which is known as arc length controlled by voltage. It also affects the efficiency of melting and bead width. Without a balanced voltage, penetration will suffer.

With increased voltage, the length of the arc gets longer. On the other side with decreased voltage, the arc lengths get shorter. That is why choosing the multi voltage mig welder machinebecomes a highly recommended tool.

You can easily plug dual voltage mig welding machines without worrying about voltage because of its multiple power. These types of welder machines come in more power, portability, and inverter technology.

It has the ability to handle every project and also offers potential growth. That is why professionals find it very easy to take any project without having any fear of available power.

Not only professionals but also beginners can use multi-voltage mig welders. It is reliable and you can plug it into any common power supply. To weld stainless steel, mild steel, and thin aluminum, a multi-voltage welder machine will be a perfect choice. Now, I hope you get the answer for What does voltage do in MIG welding?

Mig Welding Process

MIG welder machine heats the metal with an electric arc that forms between the workpiece and a wire electrode. A mig gun is connected with a MIG welder. Through this mig gun, the wire electrode is fed and consumed into the melted weld pool.

The MIG gun releases a shielding gas to safeguard the arc and weld puddle. Because they can be contaminated by the atmosphere. The voltage power source controls the arc length and wire feed rate. The travel speed and wire position require manual control.

Benefits of Mig Welding

MIG welding is useful to weld several types of metals. Among all other welding processes, it has some unique benefits. These are-


MIG welding is well known for its greater productivity and less cleaning time. You don’t have to brush the weld, change the rods, and chip away slag. So, it will save time and you can focus on more projects.


As I mentioned earlier, it offers higher productivity, so; you can complete more tasks in the shortest time. A higher-quality MIG welder machine’s travel speed moves faster. That allows doing more projects in minimum time. As a result, it will easily achieve continuous welds.

Simple setup

Anyone can do it because its learning and setup process are very easy. That is why beginners prefer this welding process. After buying the MIG welder, it will take a few minutes to set up. The MIG torch’s one-hand operation makes this process much easier to learn.


MIG torch is able to deposit huge weld metal. For making longer and complex welds, it requires a few passes. That is really time-consuming, more effective, and results in more profits.


A MIG welder machine provides more depth when welding. You can get a strong bead and smooth penetration with a MIG welding machine. Just set the proper current for the metal and the wire. After that, it will be ready to penetrate aluminum, mild steel, cinch, magnesium, and stainless steel.

Mig Welding Setup Process

The MIG welding machine consists of different parts for setup. The setting process of a MIG welding machine is given briefly in this section.

Welding Gas

Weld gas is essential to protect the weld pool. You can choose among pure argon, carbon dioxide, and argon mix gas for MIG welding. Make sure to read all the safety measures when handling a gas cylinder.

Nozzle and Electrode

Always clean the nozzle and remove the sticky spatter. Sticky spatter can reduce gas flow and cause porosity. A shorter strikeout electrode results in a hotter weld. So, stick out the electrode not more than 3/8″ from the nozzle. The minimum sticks out range is 1/4″.


Ensuring the right polarity is a must for MIG welding. Every MIG welder works with direct current electrode positive or direct current electrode negative. Negative terminal needs for flux-cored welding. By opening the machine door, you will find the polarity setting in the top right corner.

Front Machine

MIG welder’s front has two layouts and two main dials to control the voltage and wire feed setting. The voltage setting controls the arc length, and the wire feed speed depends on the voltage setting.

Installing Mig Wire

You may need to buy MIG wire and consider thicker wire for thicker metal. For example, 0.23″ wire is good for small machines and thin sheet metal. On the other side, 0.45″ wire is more suitable for industrial welding and 1/4″ metal sheet. Now install this wire following the below process.

  • Open the cabinet
  • Unscrew the cap from the spindle, slide the wire spool into the spindle.
  • The MIG wire should face the drive roll and the machine’s bottom.
  • Open the pressure release.
  • Feed the MIG wire slowly from the drive roll.
  • Put on the wire spool cap. Before attaching the cap, keep the spring in place.
  • Take the MIG nozzle off and contact the tip with pliers.
  • Through the MIG gun start feeding the wire by pressing its trigger.
  • Now put back the nozzle and contact tip.
  • The MIG wire set up is done.

Final Verdict

MIG welding is the perfect way to start welding. It has a good weld bead, all-position welding capability, and a minimum of weld splatter. You can weld a variety of thicknesses and metals with a MIG welder machine.

MIG welding is the best for an extensive and non-stop weld. With its multi-voltage function, the welding process becomes more easier and productive as well. I hope you get all the ideas about MIG welding and What does voltage do in MIG welding?

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