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Practical DIY Tree & Stump Removal Methods

What are the best Tree & Stump Removal Methods? Uprooting a stump may seem like a cumbersome task, but anyone can do so if they employ simple methods. While you may be better of employing the services of a professional to help out, so you save time and focus on other pressing needs, you could get the job done with a simple DIY method anyone can learn. 

But the secret is that you have to be willing to learn. You will find the secret to a successful tree and stump removal without trying too hard in the sections below.

Why You Need to Remove a Tree

Most people may need more space in their yard or simply need to prepare the plot for gardening or erecting a building. And as expected the tree will have to give way even though it plays a major role in the environment such as purifying the air. But when push comes to shove, you will need to make the needed sacrifices. Below are some of the reasons why you may need to remove a tree and stump from your property.

They Attract Insects

It is no doubt that plants contribute to insects in the environment. And if there happens to be a lot in your space, you surely will have had enough of insects around your premises. Even dead trees with stumps still have insects hovering around them always, which can be a problem for you if you don’t act quickly. Insects are known to harbor pathogens that can be harmful to your health. So you want to do everything possible to get them out of your premises. And includes getting rid of any trees or stumps around your space.

Take Up Space

You can do more with all that space that trees are taking up in your yard. Without them in the picture, you can make room for yard elements such as a pool, outdoor relaxation spot, and more. This can create room for you to beautify the area and add new elements that will help improve the value of your real estate in the market.

Make Gardening Challenging

It is also worth mentioning the problems they can cause for your garden. With the prospects of pests and rodents in the area with bushes and trees around, you won’t be getting better yield from your gardening effort. This will undoubtedly cause spoilage of crops which could be of better use to your household and the public if you sell to the market. 

Hazardous to Kids and Pets

There is also a good chance that kids and pets will occasionally come home with injuries and health issues where there are stumps outside. Playing around the dirt and germs they encourage could mean frequent visits to the doctor or vet increasing your household expenses. And putting them at risk of serious physical and mental challenges. Adults also won’t be left out of this. So you should act fast to get them out of the area.

Don’t Do Well for your Yard Appearance

If you are particular about maintaining a decent yard look, any fallen trees with stumps will surely impede the physical outlay of the place. Rather than having them spoil the beauty of the natural look of the environment, you can get them out and make changes that will help improve the scenery. You could also do a lot with the trees and stumps when they have been removed. Convert them to furniture pieces or use them as firewood for camping. You could also make decent pay when you sell them for use in carpentry or as fuel for cooking or other purposes.

Best DIY Tree & Stump Removal Methods

There are different techniques used by experts to get rid of vegetation, and many of them are completely environmentally friendly. And what’s more, you can learn these techniques yourself if you are interested in getting the job done personally. While there is the option of contracting the project to someone else, there is a lot to learn about gardening if you choose to do it yourself. Below are the best techniques for eliminating tree stumps out of your space.

Cutting Down the Tree

You will need to make use of a sharp chainsaw to cut down the tree. A sharpened axe will also get the job done, but it could be a lot easier if you make use of a chainsaw. You will need to start from the top branches and work your way down to the root where you will be left with the stump. 

You will need to climb if you are dealing with a tall tree. With the aid of a climbing rope strapped to your waist, you will need to start from the top and work your way down as advised. So do well to take things slow. This will help prevent accidents. For larger branches, you will need to cut throw halfway, and then use a rope to direct the path of fall, and as you lumber into the cut. 

Someone at the bottom can pull down on the rope with an exertive force to get the branch down. Once you are done with the branches, the next thing is to cut down the trunk gradually as you make it to be the bottom where you will be left with the stump. This link talks more about how to successfully cut a tree without putting yourself in harm’s way.

Taking Out a Stump

There are different methods you can try when it comes to eliminating stumps from your property. It is a lot easier if you only have to get rid of stumps without any branches to deal with like in the case of a tree. And if you are poised to get rid of the lower part of the tree, below are techniques you can try.

Dig it Out

This could be as easy as using a shovel to dig deep into the soil around the stump to reach deep into the root. And once you have weakened the ground support, cut the roots to leave just the trunk that rises above, and with the help of a shovel, you can uproot it from the ground. Once done, you will need to fill up the hole with earth, so the ground is leveled.

Use a Stump Grinder

You can also get the job done by using a stump grinder, you can grind the wood to fine pieces until there is nothing left. You will need to be careful and patient throughout the process. Wear protective goggles to prevent the pieces from getting into your eyes. Gloves could also help protect your hands while operating the device. And an overcoat will help keep you protected from the pieces as they fly about the place as you grind. You will need to cover the hole with the wood and dust particles from the procedure so everything is good as new.

Burning the Stump

This could be a good move if there is no restriction on wildfires in your area. You will need to get some wood and set them around the stump to add enough fuel for the burning. Keep burning and adding wood until the entire thing turns to ash. It could take a while for this to happen. 

But in the end, you will get a smooth finish when there is nothing left. You can always cover the hole with the ashes, and smoothen it out with earth to cover the hole. You want to be careful about smoke inhalation, so it helps if you give enough space between you and the heat until it burns down completely.

Use a Stump Remover

This is a specially prepared chemical made up of powdered potassium nitrate that burns through the inside of the stump melting the thing to a fine powder. You will need to drill holes on top of the stump to get the chemical into the wood. And give it time to soften and rot. You may want to follow the instructions on the product you choose.

Final Note

Throughout the process of removing Tree & Stump Removal Methods, you want to ensure that you put safety first. You will need to wear protective gear and ensure that kids and pets are far away from the area. You will also need to be careful about smoke and chemical inhalation if you will be making use of heat and chemicals to get rid of the obstruction.  Do well also to be careful with axes and saw as they could cut deep if you get injured. While you have the option of employing expert services to carry out the job, you could find the process interesting if you don’t mind doing it yourself.

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