How to maintain HVAC unit? The Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) unit is something that helps to keep your entire home comfortable. Depending on how you want it, the unit can cool or warm up the room throughout the year. With the benefits that an HVAC can provide for your home, it’ll only be logical if you could allow it to stay inside your household, fully functional for as long as possible.  

One of the best ways you can extend the lifespan of your HVAC unit is by maintaining them well. It’ll help to ensure that you keep your unit in its best shape, allowing you to serve your home efficiently for as long as possible. To help you out, below are some tips on maintenance for HVAC systems.

How to maintain HVAC unit?

Address Any Repairs Immediately

At one point or another, if your HVAC unit has already been sitting inside your home for years, you can expect it to develop problems that might require immediate repair. Once you spot any damage inside your unit, you should immediately repair and address the issue. Even if your unit is scheduled for maintenance the next week, you shouldn’t wait any longer, as the situation might only worsen. It might force you to replace your unit and spend days inside your home uncomfortably. 

When it comes to your HVAC unit repair, it’s best to avoid DIY and call a professional instead, like from DM Select Services or other similar businesses, and they should help you with your concerns. Since an HVAC unit is complicated and runs on gas or electricity, you need to depend on a professional as it might raise accidents or health concerns.   

Regularly Schedule Preventive Maintenance

The key tip when it comes to maintaining anything is to schedule regular preventive maintenance. During this process, a professional will visit your home and will clean your unit thoroughly to keep them away from dust and other debris. As they tend your unit, they’ll also do an in-depth inspection to see if they’re still in great shape. Depending on their assessment, they can recommend you to repair or replace a part in your unit or keep it running as it is.  

With a professional’s thorough inspection, you can keep your unit in great shape as you can address any issue before they start to develop. Ideally, you should schedule preventive maintenance twice a year. Preferably in Spring and Fall as you prepare your home for the intensive season changes.  

Remove Any Clutter Around The Unit

Admittedly, some people cannot remove the clutter away from their homes as they have no other place to sit. However, if you’d like to extend the lifespan of your HVAC unit and ensure that your room receives good air quality, then you should remove any clutter around the unit. You can choose to store those items away by placing them in a box and organizing them or even switching your furniture placements.  

If you allow clutter to sit around your unit, then there’ll be more surface that collects dust, which can get through your unit’s vents. Besides clogging your HVAC, it can also affect the air quality inside your room as it’ll eventually release small dust particles. Moreover, clutter around your HVAC can be a fire and trip hazard, which can be dangerous for the family.  

Always Clean The Outside Of Unit

Apart from removing any clutter around your unit, you shouldn’t forget to clean the outside as well. Since this is where your HVAC allows for ventilation, it’s best to keep the area clean and clutter-free. You can begin by removing nearby plants that could get into the vents, along with some things that could easily get into the unit.  

Moreover, even if you keep the area free and spacious, strong winds might still allow debris and dirt to find their way through. With that, you need to regularly clean your outside unit at least once a week to ensure that you keep them running in their best shape. Ignoring this step can result in inadequate ventilation, which can cause overheating and force your HVAC to work twice as hard. It can reduce its lifespan and dramatically increase your electricity bills.

Consistently Change The Filters

As you clean your indoor and outdoor unit, you shouldn’t forget to change your filters regularly. Your filters are what keep you from breathing dust and dirt, as they also block them from entering your unit. However, excessive dust can make it difficult for your HVAC to function as it doesn’t have much room to breathe. To allow your unit to perform regularly and efficiently, you should change your filters every three months. However, if you’re living in a dust-prone environment or you’re living with pets, you might need to do this every one to two months.  

Install A Programmable Thermostat

Since you won’t be turning your HVACs off, you need to install a programmable thermostat to lower your home’s energy bills while allowing you to live a comfortable life. Even if you can install solar panels for your home, it’ll be great if you could reduce your consumption in the first place.  

While you’re away, you don’t need excessive cooling or warming inside your home, which can raise your electricity bills. To be more efficient, you should set the temperature to something more neutral while you’re gone. If you have a fixed schedule about when you leave and arrive, then a programmable thermostat will handle all of the adjustments for you. It also allows your HVAC room to breathe as it’s not functioning heavily throughout the day.   

Inspect Your Drain Pipe

Every HVAC has a drain pipe, which keeps your unit from flooding—unfortunately, one of the most common issues. HVAC breakdowns are clogged drain pipes. It can cause leaks and inconvenience to every household. With that, you need to regularly clean your drain pipes to prevent any issues from happening. 

If you’re unsure where your drain pipe is, you can ask your service technician to show you where it is. Once you’ve located it, you can begin by checking if there are any mold or algae buildup blockages. Since this area is more prone to moisture, expect them to build up over time. To clean your drain pipe, you should use a wet-dry vacuum to suction out everything from it. Using bleach can also help clean every inch of it thoroughly.  


Maintaining your HVAC unit can help to extend its lifespan and hope these tips on How to maintain HVAC unit will be helpful to anyone who need to maintain HVAC. It can include scheduling them for regular maintenance and cleaning around your unit. While it might require you to exert a bit more effort on your end, it’ll help you save on energy bills and replace your HVAC, which can be pretty expensive. It’ll help maximize your purchase and put all your efforts into good use. 

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