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Working out at Home: Handy Tips for Residents to Stay Motivated

The COVID-19 Pandemic put everyone in a lockdown in the comfort of their homes. It became synonymous with comfort food, binges of Amazon Prime, Netflix, and other TV channels and video games for the gaming enthusiasts. Venturing outside was not that easy.

This lockdown got everyone obese and fitness aficionados then decided to set up gyms in the comfort of their homes. With remote working out at home, being the pandemic’s norm, the fitness levels of residents began dwindling. Make no mistake, the pandemic was not a walk on the paradise beach.

The pandemic created a stressful time, and many struggled in regaining their fitness. Gyms are closed, schedules got overturned and continuous snacking became the norm. Fortunately, this cycle was broken by a couple of witty residents who not only decided to step forward and help but also share a handful of handy tips that proved to be helpful beyond margins.

Initiating by setting objectives (even remodeling existing one’s works too)

Residents should first think about what they want to achieve when it comes to health and fitness. Do they want to be as lean as Randy Orton, be slick like James Bond, as athletic as LeBron James, have the youthful physique of the late George Michael, or be as buff as Arnold Schwarzenegger? Or some me-time so they can feel good?

Residents must decide on what is most important for them so they can devolve those monumental objectives into manageable goals. Apart from taking online fitness classics and a walk with the dog, or a small sports game with the neighbors, it is time to determine the needed exercise and gym equipment, make a budget for them and buy them.

It is not a problem is needs for fitness to evolve. What does not work for one can be replaced by something else that works instead of giving up the whole thing completely.

Creating a routine

If residents know which exercise to do on which day, then it gives them a sense of control. Though the COVID-19 pandemic took that away from them, they still can select which days of the week are best for their online yoga/workout class.

Residents can do a workout in their living rooms on Tuesdays and Thursdays after they have completed their work. Additionally, they can meet up with a friend for a Saturday morning jog, when these appointments are added to the calendar and adhered to, then a stable workout routine is made.

A lot of working professionals found this idea funny in the beginning but after implementing it, they discovered benefits of working out at home. However, for some people; it was not possible especially those having children and caring for them whilst working. They don’t need huge chunks of time to do a work-out.

If residents can consistently take out 10 minutes daily, then it can make a vast difference in how they feel. Residents of Toronto Condos may find that their gyms are limiting entries, but they can always go for a home-based exercise room to keep their spirits high.

Paving the way for success

Buying basic workout equipment suitable for home is best. A stability ball and dumbbells are great, and there is no need to blow the budget in the beginning. Fitness bands and sliders do not cost much and can help raise the stakes on bodyweight managing exercises.

If there is no space in the home, no problem because there are a couple of really effective moves people can do solely with their body weight. Pushups, lunges, crunches, jumping jacks, planks, and their variations; thanks to YouTube, all of this is possible.

Even the lack of weights can be compensated by stuff present around like food cans, water jugs, cat litter bags, and the like.

Residents should find a way to track their progress

Success helps keep a person moving on. Residents making use of a calendar check off the days when they exercise or meditate. They can even try an app in this regard (Fitbit and Weight Watchers International are helpful too).

Journals and diaries are worth the help too. They help alleviate stress and improve mood. When residents achieve workout consistency and also observe how their clothes fit better, they will also have a long streak of days where they have felt positive. That is a monumental motivating factor.

Other than that, those who have had a rough week can always look back at their successes and see if they cannot be written off.

Adding accountability

No resident should make it easy for themselves to just bail out of the diet and exercise program. They can always have friends reminding them not to bail out (a healthy eating pact with a friend/neighbor works). Those who prefer spending money can join a fitness class to discourage themselves from skipping it.

Those who are the competent type can challenge a friend to see who can run more miles in a week, do the most pushups, hold the longest plank and become the leanest in the shortest possible time. Those with strong budgets can go for a personal trainer either virtually or outdoors. Stepping out of the comfort zone is a difference-maker.

People should try something new

A little bit of change can help without any doubt. If residents are tired of action games on their console, then maybe they can revisit strategy games like Red Alert 2 on their PCs. They can revisit old sports highlights or use the Zumba app for new dance moves. Even better, revisit old series, movies, and cartoons and lighten up the living room.

Those who are having issues in sleeping can give Headspace a try. It can help in recapturing lost sleep. Even better, visit the videos of Gordon Ramsay and Akis Petretzekis for some zesty cooking videos and dishes.

Never forget the board games, action figures, and other toys. A break using them with partners, roommates, friends, kids, and family helps relive the good old days of the 90s, the coolest decade ever.

No need of translating goals into lofty stuff

No one has to make a goal translating into something, life is a journey, not a rat race. Going for small objectives easy to add to the day is a good thing. Stretching when sitting works or a plank during a TV commercial break for either 30 seconds or a minute.

Residents must give themselves rewards

Those who are reaching their goals must give themselves a treat to something new; a new pair of trainers, moccasins, sandals, khakis, TV, a solitary walk with a new playlist or even better; a Sony PlayStation 5, New Atari Console or a new Xbox.

More ideas are present in this category.

Giving oneself grace is very good

Nothing requires perfection because it is just a theory, a point in books whereas consistency is key. No need to rue a missed workout, a missed TV show, or cheating by eating a jumbo cheeseburger. If healthy choices make 60 to 80 percent of the time, people are doing great.

Good eating and fitness are not an all-or-nothing comparison. No one should be hard on themselves but rather be compassionate because that’s what keeps the world moving.


The cases of the COVID-19 pandemic are rising again but another lockdown might not be in the books currently. Caution is advised when going outside. Yet, these ideas can help contribute towards a strong time at home to help beat down the despair caused by the pandemic. So, working out at home is one of the most serious issue now a days.

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