Woodworkers are often required to make different types of cuts on their materials. A circular saw is a specialized tool that can give a better solution to this purpose.

As a woodworker, you use a circular saw almost every day. But do you know that the mighty powerful circular saw can put you into great trouble if you do not follow some safety measures?

Usually, woodworkers do not bother about their safety. So, often they put themselves into severe accidents that cause even losing a life.

For this reason, we have brought this subject to your focus. Now, this article will give you a brief idea about 10 circular saw safety tips you should know.

Ten Circular Saw Safety Tips For Risk Free Cutting

No matter what type of saw you are using for your job, a hand-held battery-powered mini circular saw blade or a large table-mounted one, you need to take some safety measurements before you start.

Here are the most essential 10 safety tips that are discussed below.

1. Wear safety equipment

These are the most important safety tips. You must follow it and put safety equipment before start working with the saw. Moreover, this safety equipment will increase your confidence and help you to use the cutter comfortably.

A hearing protection tool, a goggle and a good quality respirator will serve your job in this regard.

2. Inspect the saw before you start working

Inspect all parts of your circular saw whether it is working properly. The lower guard is one of the most dangerous parts of a powerful circular saw.

So, do not apply this power tool with a faulty lower guard. And check it carefully to make sure it retracts and recovers properly.

3. Make sure you hold the saw properly

Based on how you grab the tool, it is categorized into two types. They are the Right-handed circular saw & the left-handed circular saw. Therefore, you need to check and make sure your circular saw fits your criteria.

No matter which hand you are up to, right or left, just read the user manual attached with your circular saw and learn how to hold the tool properly.

4. Match the depth of the cut setting with the wood thickness

Every wood piece has its thickness. So, you need to set the depth of the blade according to the wood thickness.

When you set the depth, just ensure that an excessive portion of the blade is not exposed underneath the wood you are cutting.

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5. Employ sharp blades

This is very essential. Often woodworkers make this vital mistake. They do not change their saw blade for months and use the same one for several cuts. So, the blade loses its sharpness.

As you are reading this article, do not do the same mistake the woodworkers do. Use a sharp blade for your job.

The saw cut must be smooth and you don’t need to push the circular saw through the workpiece. You need a very sharp blade to serve this purpose.

6. Unplug the device when you are done

When you finish your work or while taking a short break, do not forget to unplug your machine from the power socket.

If it is plugged-in, some unexpected accidents may happen. To avoid any unwanted circumstances, you should unplug the power tool as soon as you finish the cutting tasks.

7. Never overreach

When you cut a long piece of wood, you should not try to use the circular saw beyond your reach. That means do not attempt to cover more area than your hands can stretch.

Always keep your feet balanced on the ground and apply the saw with your both hands as we discussed previously.

8. Move live wires out of your cut area

Any kind of cord or a small piece of wood on your cut area may create severe problems for you. Sometimes it may cause a wound in your hand as well.

So, keep all unexpected things out of your cut way for a smooth operation.

9. Remove any obstacle in stock

Often, you will find obstacles in your cut way. It may be a small screw or sharp nail, but whatever it is, at first remove it from the material.

But it will be more effective if you check the entire piece of your stock before you start the job. If there is any nail or screw, you can remove it immediately.

Always try to keep your workpiece free from this type of disturbing obstacle.

10. Set the stock tightly with clamps before cutting

Often, we make this mistake. We keep the board unsecured and start our cutting. In this case, the board can move during the cut. We may face great problems by doing so.

For this reason, you should secure the stock with the clamp to avoid any unnecessary movement or disturbance during the operation. Check it twice if it is tightly fixed.

To Sum Up

There is no hard and fast rule to using the circular saw. But it is such an instrument, if you do not handle it with care, in a split second you will be in a real mishap.

So, read the user manual before using your one to avoid any unexpected circumstances.

And besides that, you must know some other tips and tricks to use this super cutter. These are the 10 circular saw safety tips you should know and you should follow.

So, enjoy your cut safely.

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