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5 x useful tools powered by compressed air

The commercial sector has been using tools powered by compressed air for a long time now. Of late, these types of tools have also started to move into the home DIY sector too. It is easy to see why they remain so popular when you look into it more deeply. Compared to battery or electric driven tools, those which use compressed air are generally lighter, less costly, faster and more accurate.

As you would expect, the compressed air itself is key to using these tools. It is therefore always wise to buy a quality air compressor first and ensure you have one that delivers enough power. There are lots on the market to choose from, so the best bet is to shop around for one that offers the features you need at a good price. The air compressors for sale by AirToolsWA are a great place to begin.

But what are the 5 most useful tools to use your air compressor with?

1. Air nail guns

Construction is one of the major industries that use tools powered by compressed air. While there are things like air-powered sanders or compressed air drills, air nail guns are perhaps the best example. As the name suggests, these tools use the power given by compressed air to drive nails firmly into place. Compressed air powered brad nail guns are normally used for precision finishing work in materials such as wood. There are also concrete nail guns powered by compressed air for driving larger nails into place when working with concrete.

2. Air jacks

Another tool that uses compressed air to function is air jacks. These can be seen commonly in sectors like farming and the automotive industry. Some people will even have them at home in case they need to safely change a car tyre or simply like tinkering on their vehicle for pleasure. The air jack effortlessly lifts a car by placing it under the car and lengthening the hydraulic arm using compressed air. As the air jack expands it connects with the bottom of the car and lifts it into the air to a desired height – usually enough for someone to get underneath the car to perform whatever work they require to complete. Air jacks usually come in a range of max weight limits, so you can pick one that is able to handle the weight it will lift.

3. Air-powered spray paint kit

More and more sectors that need to paint materials, buildings or goods are starting to value compressed air tools now. They use compressed air to spray the paint out in an even manner for equal distribution and are simple to operate. When you also see the ultra-professional finish, they deliver and how efficient they are, it is easy to see their appeal. From painting cars to decorating houses, air-driven spray paint kits reduce the time needed to get the job done but without compromising on quality. In fact, the spray gun allows you to paint objects in no time at all and creates a much better finish than any other method.

4. Air-Powered Tyre Inflator

Located at most petrol stations across the world is this valuable and necessary tool. The air-powered tyre inflator. Using compressed air, we can inflate tyres quickly and to the full PSI requirements for each tyre. Using an air powered pump is by far the easiest way to inflate a tyre and the tools come in many forms ranging from static machinery to portable pumps.

5. Air Powered Pressure Washer

One of my favourite tools in the world is a pressure washer. A pressure washer can be used in a variety of ways and for several different reasons. It is suitable cleaning properties, cleaning paving stones & cleaning wooden surfaces this is an extremely versatile tool and is quite fun to use!

By using compressed air, a pressure washer shoots out the water at such a speed that it can remove dirt from extremely hard to reach places. Usually, a pressure washer is used to clean vehicles, whether you own your own car or even if you have a car lease, you can clean your car quickly and efficiently using a pressure washer.

Compressed air powers many useful tools

While we have picked out 5 of the most useful tools powered by compressed air above, there are lots more which use it. From air grinders to air-powered grease guns and more, the list is almost endless! If you are looking for tools that improve efficiency, are simple to use and deliver extra power, compressed air products are worth thinking about.

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