Backpacker Adventure in Burleigh Heads Beach

Are you a backpacker and planning for an adventure in Burleigh Heads Beach? Then you have made the right decision because the place is worth visiting and exploring. Burleigh Heads is one of the suburbs in Gold Coast City in Queensland, Australia. This is a beautiful place to visit specially the beach is nice and quiet. For you to get the best from your backpacking adventure in Burleigh Heads Beach, you need to have the right information regarding the place, activities to do when you get there, pricing, accommodation and much more. This is why I have created this post to provide you with everything that you need to know for a successful adventure.

Backpacker Adventure in Burleigh Heads Beach: What is needed to enjoy the trip?

In regards to transportation, there are various ways in which you can access the beach depending on the method you find convenient. You can choose a taxi, bus, tram, town-car or car to access the main beach. Each of these means has a step by step guide and you can also compare the ticket prices to find the right option for you.

This place feels like home for a backpacker because there are so many hotels that provide accommodation. Last time when I visited here, I stayed at hotel and explored from there. It doesn't matter how busy the beach is, there are over 1000 hotels that are available at the main beach. These hotels provide the best deals with very cheap prices per night. Let’s check the backpacking adventures of Burleigh Heads Beach.

Different Backpacker Adventure in Burleigh Heads Beach

There are so many activities that you can engage in Burleigh Heads Beach as a backpacker. I have listed a few activities that you can choose from.

Kayaking and canoeing

There is a wide range of water activities that you can engage in to make your stay there fun-filled. There is broad water that allows you to enjoy any water activity you have in mind. Apart from kayaking and canoeing, you can also engage in other activities like kite surfing, jet boating, diving, yachting, snorkeling and much more. For kayaking and paddling exploration, you need a surf class that is guided by the world champions.

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Golf Coast has over 30 different beaches where you can visit. You will enjoy the wide expanses of sand that are perfect for walking. If you need some privacy, there are secluded enclaves that provide an intimate and private feel. Burleigh Heads provides a scenic and cozy coastal setting that you will enjoy.

Hiking trails

Thinking of a hiking trip? Burleigh Heads is the place to be. Get your backpack and water bottles for an enjoy hiking expedition. If you want a one day like, we are talking about 24 km or approximately 14.4 miles. With the help of maps, you can plan your hiking in different places around Burleigh Heads.

Nature and wildlife tours

When you are in Burleigh Heads, spare some time and visit Burleigh Heads National Park. This can be a great way to unwind from your busy schedule and get a natural experience. Here, you can enjoy wildlife tours and see different types of animals.


Do you love shopping? This is another great activity that you can do when in Burleigh Heads. The place is widely known for Burleigh markets scattered all over every Sunday. You can buy some items like clothes, jewelry, home ware among others that you and take home to create memories.


After swimming or surfing, you need to cool yourself down in the afternoon. There are plenty of nightclubs where you can find people jamming, dancing and singing. There are many quality bars you can visit and enjoy a few drinks.

Visit subtropical rainforest

You can take a 40-minutes' drive from Gold Coast beaches and visit hinterland of subtropical rainforest. There are beautiful sceneries here like bush walks, mountain villages, waterfalls, swimming holes, farm produce and much more. You will also enjoy the national parks that let you access unmatched landscapes. For those who love camping, there are campgrounds that are available.

If you would love to be active, you can engage in different activities like hot air ballooning, horse riding, hang gliding and much more.


If you would love to learn how to surf, you can join Gold Coast’s surfing instructors in the ocean. You will learn the surfing techniques in no time.

Some Important Tips You Need To Know When Visiting Burleigh Heads Beach

· If you want to have an incredible travel experience in Burleigh Heads, go where locals go. This is the only way you will get the opportunity to dig deeper into the local culture and you will have nice stories to tell.

· The place has a subtropical climate throughout the year so you can visit the place anytime.

· Wear sun protection all year round because you can get sunburns even on cloudy days.

· When visiting national parks and farms, ensure you have comfortable shoes.

· If you are visiting Hinterland during winter, the place may be cooler and wetter so you need to carry a jacket.

· Carry a light suitcase you may need to stock more gifts and new clothes.

· Drinking alcohol is only allowed from 18 years and above. Smoking in indoor public places is not allowed.

· You should only swim at a patrolled beach with red and yellow flags. Nude bathing is not allowed in Queensland.

· Do not forget to carry your metal detector to explore the Burleigh Heads Beach. It can be very interesting.

Final Words

If you are planning for an adventure in Burleigh Heads Beach, I know you will have a great time. There are a plethora of activities that you can engage in to keep you busy. I have provided you with a comprehensive guide and essential tips that you need to know more details about the place, means of transport, accommodation and various things to do.

Burleigh Heads Beach is a great place to spend your holiday with your backpacking friends all year long. The theme parks, playgrounds, food restaurants, beaches and much more will make you want to visit the place over and over again.

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