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Benefits of Storage Units for Your Small Business in New Jersey

What are the major benefits of storage units? If you have a small business in New Jersey but don’t have enough space to keep your inventory and various documents, renting a storage unit is a good option. No matter what industry you are in, you will find this storage solution beneficial.

Industries benefits of storage units

  • Local stores. Shops or stores selling different items, from clothes to tools, could use a storage unit to store their inventory.
  • Home service providers. Lawnmowers, carpenters, and HVAC service providers could store their equipment in the unit.
  • Real estate companies. Builders and realtors could store their building equipment and materials for staging houses.
  • E-commerce stores. Even small businesses operating online need space to store their products.
  • Hospitality industry. Event planners, caterers, and restaurants could use the storage unit for securing the things they need for their operation.

Benefits of renting a storage unit for your small business

  • It’s a cheaper solution. If you have a small space, moving to a bigger commercial area or renovating your current one to make it bigger could cost a lot. A storage unit is a cheaper option. They are available in various sizes and prices, so if you look around in New Jersey, you will find one that will match your needs, budget and is closer to your location.
  • It’s flexible. There are short-term and long-term leases available. Various payment options are also available, such as monthly or annually. You could decide on the option that would work best for you. Moreover, if you only need temporary storage due to moving or renovation, you could rent the storage for a shorter period. Since they are incredibly flexible, upgrading to a bigger unit won’t be a problem if you suddenly need more space. A larger storage unit can accommodate your expanding needs, which means you don’t need to postpone growing your business due to a lack of storage space.
  • It’s secured. Most storage facilities are highly secured. They have CCTVs and security personnel guarding 24/7. So, you can have peace of mind knowing that your items are secured. However, it’s still not 100% risk-proof, so it’s still best to take extra security measures like getting insurance to protect your small business. Insurance companies offer premium coverage to protect you from loss in case of damages to your business properties or inventory. So, you will have the proper compensation, whether the loss is due to fire, theft, flooding, or other disasters covered by the insurance.
  • It has climate control. If you need to store products or items that require a specific temperature, storage facilities have temperature or climate control. It ensures that your items remain in mint condition while secured in the facility.
  • It’s accessible. As mentioned, these storage facilities operate 24/7, so you can conveniently access your items anytime you need them. So whether you need to store more items or get the ones you need, you could access the unit day and night.
  • It decreases clutter. Renting a storage unit for your business is one of the effective ways to lessen clutter in your working space. At the same time, it keeps the important business items that are not necessary at the moment in one safe place. Storage units are also a way to store extra stocks or seasonal merchandise until they are needed again. If your business is involved in stocking hoarding supplies and products during sales, like retail, then storage units are your best option.
  • It makes expansion easy. It feels good to see your business expanding. It indicates that what you’re doing is right and people find you reliable. But, the problems that come with expansion aren’t always fun. It can be difficult to find a space suitable for your office. Aside from that, it comes at an additional expense. Good thing there is another way to solve such a problem, and that is to rent a storage unit to store your cabinets and files that are not necessary at the moment. Doing so will allow you to free a significant amount of space in your existing office to add more workstations for your growing number of workers. A storage unit is less expensive than renting a commercial property or warehouse. Also, they are easier to find, and they will allow you to save money in the long run. So, it’s a win-win situation.
  • It can secure vehicles. Some storage facilities also have covered storage for vehicles. For example, you have vehicles or machines that you occasionally use, but you don’t have a garage to secure them, you can find a storage facility that also offers vehicle storage.

Things you can’t do when using a storage unit

Renting a storage unit also comes with rules to follow. Unlike regular storage units, the rules of using commercial storage units are slightly different depending on how big the business is. Take note that unless you’re renting a commercial, retail, or office space, you should not conduct business in a storage unit. Containers that aren’t licensed for commercial activity and occupancy are often restricted to order fulfillment and storage only.

It’s best to check your rental contract to be certain of what things you can and cannot do while using a storage unit. Before doing anything similar below, ask the manager handling the storage unit you rented:

  • Installing additional outlets or wiring beyond what is currently there.
  • Conducting sales and meeting customers out of the unit.
  • Operating power tools, machinery, or other equipment.
  • Installing telephones, computers, or other electronics for use inside the unit.

It’s always best to refer to the storage unit’s manager as well as the contract you have agreed on before doing anything on the unit. This way, you can avoid breaching your contract and pay penalties.

Storage units come with a wide range of benefits for small businesses. Regardless of your purpose of using it, they will improve your business operations and growth. You will find several storage facilities are offering their service. Look around and compare to ensure that you deal with a trusted company with the most reasonable pricing.  Hope the discussed benefits of storage units was helpful for you.

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