What to Do When someone criticizes your appearance?

It might hurt when someone criticizes your appearance what you wear. Your fashion choices reflect your personality and taste. If you receive an unwarranted comment, it will force you to question what you want. Before you freak out, here are some tips in dealing with the criticisms.

What you should do when someone criticizes your appearance

Learn to ignore

If you know you look good, try not to be affected by what people say. These things shouldn’t matter. They can say whatever they want. Just because these comments are painful doesn’t mean they are right. Stay calm and be selective in what you wish to listen to.

Have a hard look at yourself in the mirror

If you want to consider what others say, look yourself in the mirror. Do you see something wrong? Are you overdoing something? Do your clothes not match in style or colour? If you notice something that needs to change, acknowledge it. Otherwise, keep things the same.

Open your closet

Check everything you own. It might be time to take the risk and get something new if it looks similar. If it’s been a while since you last bought new clothes, buy one. Doing an inventory will also tell you if you need a fitted wardrobe. You can customise the design based on your needs. You won’t notice what’s wrong if you look at things individually. Once you view the entire closet, it tells a story.

Take a risk

Fashion is always a risk. Some people might like what you wear while others won’t. If you have bland choices, try to go for more colours or styles. As long as you feel comfortable with these options, they’re good enough. If your risk didn’t pay off, find something else. It’s only a problem if you allow yourself to get stuck.

Browse lifestyle websites and magazines

You look good, but you don’t know much about fashion. It’s not your fault. It’s not too late to learn, either. Perhaps, it’s time to start going through lifestyle magazines and websites. You will know more trends, which you could use in your daily fashion choices.

Stick with quality clothes

It’s understandable if you wish to buy affordable clothes to save money. The problem is when you sacrifice quality to save money. Even if you wish to avoid spending much, you must still be wise with your selections. You won’t look good if you only wear clothes of terrible quality.

Try to accessorise

Your clothes might not be bad, but you don’t have sufficient accessories to spruce up your look. So don’t hesitate to level things up. As long as they match what you wear and the occasion, it’s more than enough.

Improve the fit

Even if your clothes look amazing and the style is great, the fit might pull the look down. Be aware of your size and try to buy what fits you. You might have to go a size higher or lower. Once you buy the right size, you will realise you have such a wonderful shape.

Ask a friend

It’s not good to listen only to strangers to decide how you should look. It’s even worse if you only hear negative comments without suggestions. If you want more objective feedback, ask your friend. Find someone you trust to tell you how to improve your appearance. Your friends also understand your preference and comfort level, so the suggestions won’t be too hard to accept.

Wear appropriate clothing

It’s not necessarily what you wear that looks terrible. The issue is it doesn’t match the occasion. Perhaps, it’s time to consider something more appropriate. Try to be more formal if it’s what the event calls for. You should also dress down if you’re heading to a casual or outdoor event. People make comments because they believe you’re not wearing an appropriate outfit.

Take criticisms lightly

These comments might be hard to accept if you take them seriously when someone criticizes your appearance. However, fashion is fun, and you must not hesitate to do whatever you want. Use the feedback to improve your appearance and be more confident. There’s nothing wrong if you decide to listen to some as long as you don’t get bothered. If you dislike how you turned out after transforming yourself, you can always try something else. Start something new and move on. Absorb the feedback and follow what you think is useful. If not, learn to ignore. The last thing you should do is get bullied by someone into making fashion changes you don’t like.

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