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Best batteries for metal detectors with Tips and Buying Guide

Metal detector batteries are an essential part of a metal detector. Some metal detectors require AA batteries, others D batteries, and some require both types. The best batteries for metal detectors are alkaline or lithium, with the exception of the Garrett metal detector which requires 9-volt batteries.

Do metal detectors need batteries?

A question can be seen around the crowd of novice detectorists, do metal detector need batteries, or do metal detectors with wires need batteries? Of course, every metal detector needs batteries. Because a metal detector is an electronic device that requires power. The question may be a bit confusing. So in this post, we will discuss in detail batteries in metal detectors and their working. How do batteries work? In simple words, a battery is a cell consisting of two different materials. One material is the cathode and the other is the anode. Don’t think it’s essential to discuss batteries.

Being focused on your better understanding we need to make clear about how a metal detector runs with batteries? A metal detector works with two batteries one is the primary battery and the other is the backup battery. The backup battery can be recharged when needed using a charger or when it is in need of replacement. The primary battery is usually a 9 volt and the backup battery is usually a 3.6-volt lithium or silver oxide type.

How can I tell if my metal detector is working properly? There are two main ways to know that your metal detector is working if it has a tone and if it beeps.

Can I use rechargeable batteries in my metal detectors?

Do any metal detectors use rechargeable batteries? Yes, you can. Some of our detectors have a rechargeable battery option which allows you to use the detector all day without having to constantly replace the batteries. How long will my detector battery last? It depends on the battery, but our rechargeable batteries can last up to 20 hours on a single charge!

Types of Best Batteries for Metal Detector

Metal detectors use what kind of batteries? Or, what kind of batteries do metal detectors use? If your question is like that, there are many types of metal detectors batteries available in the market. According to the types and brands of metal detectors in the market, there are many types of batteries available. They are but are not limited to; AA, AAA, C, D, 9V, and Lithium-Ion Batteries. AA Batteries The type of battery that is popular in all other types of metal detectors is the AA battery. It is the size of the battery that is commonly used for other electronic devices. It is powered by 1.5 volts. When these batteries are fully charged, they can last up to 15 hours of continuous use. This battery has a long life span and doesn’t require to be replaced often.

Best batteries for metal detector according to brands and models

1. Batteries for Minelab explorer ii metal detectors

The Minelab Explorer II features both Alkaline and NiMH battery packs. Installing either type of battery pack is the same process, with just a slight change to the removal process. Whichever type of battery pack you purchase for your Explorer II, the installation process is the same.

Here you can check 2 batteries for Minelab explorer II metal detectors:

a. Replacement Battery for MINELAB Explorer II Metal detectors by BCXY Brand

You can use this battery for different models of Minelab Metal detectors such as Minelab E-TRAC, Minelab Explorer 2, Minelab Explorer S, Minelab Explorer SE, Minelab Explorer SE Pro, Minelab Explorer XS, Minelab Explorer XS II. Besides all of these, you also can use this battery for FBS Metal Detectors, Quattro detectors, and Quattro MP.

Specifications: This battery comes from the BCXY brand with the capacity of 2000mAh which contains 9.6V. This is a Ni-MH-type battery. The dimension of the battery is 200.20 X 29.26 X 14.50mm. It has been certified by ISO9001, RoHS & CE.

Important: Before purchasing, do not forget to check the model of your metal detector and verify if the battery is compatible with the metal detector.

b. Replacement Battery for MINELAB Explorer II Metal detector by BORNMIO Brand

These detectors’ batteries are the longest-lasting batteries which are heavy-duty batteries. Besides Minelab explorer II, you may choose this battery for MINELAB Explorer 2, Minelab Safari, Minelab E-TRAC, Minelab Explorer S, Minelab Explorer SE, Minelab Explorer SE Pro, Minelab Explorer XS, Minelab Explorer XS, and Minelab Explorer S FBS Metal Detectors.

Specifications: This battery is made by the BORNMIO brand. This is a lithium-ion that comes with 2000mAh of capacity, the estimated amount of watt-hour 19.20Wh, a single unit that offers 9.6V. This is also a Ni-MH-type battery. The dimensions of this battery are 200.20mm X 29.26mm X 14.50mm. It weighs just 250g or 8.82oz. BORMIO won the certifications for this battery from ISO9001, RoHS, and CE.

This is a very high-quality battery that comes with exactly the same specification as the original battery. It comes with 12 months of warranty with 14 days money-back guarantee.

Important: You have to consider these battery part numbers if compatible with your required battery as 3011-0170, 3011-0196, ML-FBS, XQ1699356.

How to remove the battery pack?

It is important to not forget to turn off the detector before moving to the next step. Ensure that the detector is turned OFF before proceeding with any of the following directions.

STEP-1: Put down your minelab Explorer II on a fixed surface like a table.

STEP-2: Grab the metal detector and remove the rubber cap from the battery handle.

STEP-3: Raise the yellow tab. This releases the spring-loaded battery pack.

STEP-4: Now get move the battery pack out from the handle assembly.

How to replace the Alkaline batteries?

Brands of alkaline batteries with low-self discharge are recommended to maximize detector usage time. You can use rechargeable alkaline batteries, but the caution is you have to remove and recharge the alkaline batteries separately. And obviously, before making a purchase, get confirmed about the fitment of rechargeable batteries and choose the best batteries for metal detectors.

Here is the procedure for Alkaline batteries replacement:

· First of all, get the old battery removed from the metal detector handle assembly.

· Remove the battery pack lid by sliding it in the direction of the arrow.

· Now get your new 8 x ‘AA’ alkaline batteries placed as per label indication in the battery holder of the metal detector.

· Now make sure that you have replaced the battery pack lid and then slided the pack into the compartment.

· Lastly, put back the rubber cap and seal it if you feel essential.

2. Best Batteries for minelab metal detectors

Here are few best batteries for minelab metal detectors we have enlisted. These batteries are used most by minelab metal detector users for since long.

a. Minelab Battery 1800 mA/H NiMH

This battery works best especially for the FBS series metal detectors including E-TRAC, Explorer, Quattro, and Safari series. But it is also great for Minelab Safari, Minelab Explorer SE Pro, and Minelab E-TRAC metal detectors. This is a very lightweight, slim, and very long-lasting battery. This is a higher mAh rating battery means the higher the mAh rating, the more time before the battery becomes depleted.

Specifications: This battery is an own product of Minelab which comes with 12.2in X 5.39in X 1.02in dimensions, 10.3 ounces of weight, and contains one lithium-ion battery.

Special instruction: Definitely check the manufacturing date of the battery. Do not purchase an old battery.

b. RNB Rechargeable Battery Pack

Among all relevant batteries for Minelab metal detectors, the RNB rechargeable battery pack is best for Minelab Vanquish metal detectors. This high-capacity lithium-ion battery is a good fit for Minelab Vanquish 340 detector, Minelab Vanquish 440 detector, and Minelab Vanquish 540 detector.

This is easy to install the battery and it gets recharged quickly which is perfect for time and money savings.

RNB rechargeable battery comes with 9 ounces of weight and 5.5in x 6in x 2in dimensions. After a full recharge RNB batteries last approximately 30 to 40 hours even connected with headphones or earbuds. The first time it may take a long charge for recharging the battery.

Like with every battery, you have to perform a full-charge the battery for the first time. It will increase the battery life. Also, never fully discharge the battery. Recharge it when 10% of charge is available, and do not overcharge the battery after 100% charging is completed.

c. Minelab Li-ion Rechargeable Battery Pack

If you need a battery replacement for your Minelab GPZ 7000 metal detector, you can get this Minelab Li-ion rechargeable battery pack by closing your eyes. This is a long-lasting, easy-to-use, and durable battery for serious detectorists. This minelab li-ion battery pack is manufactured by Minelab own.

Even you forget to recharge the battery, the extra Li-ion rechargeable battery supports you for extra battery backup.

3. Best Minelab Excalibur metal detector Battery

Minelab has discontinued few models of metal detectors. So we are not going to cover the discontinued products in this article.

The products discontinued by Minelab:

Excalibur (Horseshoe coil) * on Apr-98

Excalibur 1000 * on Dec-07

Excalibur 800 * on Dec-07

Explorer S * & XS * on Jun-03

Explorer II * on Oct-06

Explorer SE * on Aug-08

Explorer SE Pro * on Mar-13

You may find the resource here.

But still, if you won any of the above metal detectors, here are some batteries available you can choose from.

a. This battery pack fits with Minelab Excalibur II Metal detector, Minelab Excalibur 800 metal detector, Minelab Excalibur 1000 metal detector.

b. Replacement Battery for Minelab Metal detectors. The battery will match with following models: TER51140 Metal detector, Excalibur 1000 Metal detector, Excalibur 800 Metal Detector, Excalibur II Metal Detector, Excalibur II PODS, Excalibur Sword, Sword Detector.

c. This is an Excalibur/ Excal metal detector replacement battery, perfectly fits with Minelab Excalibur 1000 Metal detector, Excalibur 800 Metal Detector, Excalibur II Metal Detector, Excalibur SWORD, Excalibur II PODS, Sword detector, also fits with Part No TER51140, available with the capacity of 12.0V 1400mAh / 16.80Wh Ni-MH.

d. High Capacity Replacement Battery for Minelab Excalibur II PODS, Minelab Excalibur Sword metal detector, Sword Detector. This battery comes with 1400mAh / 16.80Wh.

e. A good Replacement Battery for minelab Excalibur battery metal detector such as Minelab TER51140 Metal detector, Minelab Excalibur 1000 Metal Detector, Minelab Excalibur 800 Metal Detector, Minelab Excalibur II Metal Detector, Minelab Excalibur II PODS Metal detector, Minelab Excalibur Sword metal detector, Sword Detector.

f. This Battery is good for Replacement for Minelab Excalibur 1000 Metal detector, Minelab Excalibur 800 Metal Detector, Excalibur II Metal Detector, Excalibur II PODS, Minelab Excalibur Sword Metal detector, Sword Detector which part no. TER51140.

g. Special battery: Minelab GPX Spare Li-Ion Battery

4. TM 808 metal detector battery replacement

As the TM 808 metal detector battery replacement needs Alkaline “C” rechargeable batteries. You can consider below popular C Alkaline rechargeable battery.

5. Best batteries for whites metal detectors

What type of rechargeable batteries are best for white’s metal detectors? 9-Volt alkaline batteries and Nickel Metal Hydride batteries (NiMH) should be used for white’s metal detectors. 9-volt alkaline batteries offer about 10 hours of use while the NiMH batteries will last up to 6 hours, but they will give more power to your metal detector. Whites metal detector batteries can be recharged while it is plugged into a wall socket. Best Whites Metal Detector for Kids should have a fun time while learning to use the metal detector. For kids, the best choice will be from the Whites Coinmaster or the Garrett Ace 350. Below batteries are the best fits as white metal detector replacement battery.

a. Rechargeable NiCad Battery for Whites 6-T Metal detector

This battery is produced by Whites Electronics. You can use this battery for White’s Coinmaster GT Metal detector, White prizm 2 metal detector, White mx5 metal detector, and also as the metal detector coinmaster 2000 battery replacement. This battery can be recharged with 509-0022 charger without any issues.

b. Universal heavy-duty NiCad rechargeable battery for White’s metal detector

This is the perfect and exact match for the original battery. The following exact models fit with this battery (802-5211):

White DFX metal detector, White XLT metal detector, White MXT metal detector, White M6 metal detector, White QXT metal detector, White Cassic SL metal detector.

6. Garrett metal detectors ace 250 batteries

The Garrett ACE 250 Metal detector uses AA batteries which last a maximum of 30 hours. But rechargeable AA batteries also can be used for Garrett ACE 250. You can choose from below AA batteries to replace.  Here is the Garrett ACE 250 battery cover removal guide you can follow.

i. Here are some metal detectors AA non-rechargeable batteries for you

a. You can use this Energizer AA Alkaline Batteries for your Garrett ACE 250 metal detector. This is a non-rechargeable battery, even you see it’s a rechargeable battery in the product description. But still, it’s a reliable source of power and a long-lasting battery. Just you have to be careful about the freshness of the battery. These batteries can be used as White classic II Sl metal detector battery replacement. Though non-alkaline batteries also can be used, in that case detecting time will lessen around 50 hours.

b. Amazon Basics 1.5 volt AA Alkaline Batteries are long-lasting, worth for the money products. You can use these batteries as Whites Classic SL metal detector battery replacement. Also good fit for whites metal detector mx sport battery replacement.


No products found.

c. AA Battery of Duracell brand also can be a good choice. As usual, it also confirms 10 years of leak-free shelf life.

ii. Metal detectors AA rechargeable batteries for you

What are the best aa rechargeable batteries for metal detectors? Below are rechargeable batteries for metal detectors you can use, also you can use them for any AA-supported electronics device.

a. Amazon Basics AA Batteries of 2400mAh Rechargeable Battery. You can recharge these batteries around 400 times which are heavy-duty batteries. The self-discharging efficiency of this battery is very strong, so saves 80% of capacity for the first 2 years. Most of the users of it are happy as per our observation. It’s a high-quality professional-grade battery. You can use these batteries for Garrett metal detector battery replacement like the Garrett AT Pro metal detector battery replacement; Garrett AT Gold metal detector battery replacement and also for Garrett crossfire supreme deepseeker metal detector battery replacement. The red baron bounty hunter metal detector battery replacement can be done with this battery. These Amazon Basics AA Batteries can be used as White spectrum XLT metal detector battery replacement, but the detecting time can be reduced. For better performance, Alkaline batteries are the best.

These batteries you can use for any AA device from toys to any electronic devices as handheld metal detectors that run on AA batteries. You can use these rechargeable batteries for metal detectors that use rechargeable batteries or rechargeable batteries metal detectors.

Extra information:

Garrett metal detector battery holder: If you need a Garrett metal detector replacement parts battery holder, you can check this very popular battery holder for your Garrett metal detector.

7. Here is AAA rechargeable batteries for metal detector

a. EBL AAA Rechargeable 1100mAh High Performace Ni-MH Battery is impressive and ideal for AAA replacement Alkaline battery. You can use it for your phone also.

8. Best 9 volt batteries for metal detectors

a. Tenergy 9V 250mAh NiMH High Capacity Rechargeable Batteries for Metal detector

It’s a great replacement battery for metal detectors which can recharge around 1000 times. It performs in any extreme temperature environment that is environment friendly.

b. HQRP 9V 400mAh LI-ION Rechargeable Heavy-duty battery for Metal detector

HQRP 9v is a 400mAh LI-ION battery though it shows 500mAh in its body. It comes with a micro USB port and 200 days of warranty. These batteries can be recharged up to 1000 times. It has a good capacity and holds charge well and it cost a reasonable price.

c. Amazon Basics 9 Volt Lithium Batteries for metal detector

Amazon Basics 9V Lithium batteries are very popular batteries in the market. As said, it truly comes with 9 volts. Its shelf life is approximately 10-Years and it offers long-lasting Power. These batteries can be used indoor as well as outdoor. Amazon Basics 9V batteries perform in 40° F to 140° F temperature environments. It’s a perfect battery for metal detectors.


No products found.

d. Alkaline 9 volt batteries for metal detectors

EBL 9V Alkaline Batteries for metal detector: As a long-lasting battery, EBL 9v Alkaline battery has a good reputation. Besides metal detectors, you can use these batteries for any electronic device or toy that supports 9v batteries. If the batteries stores in a cool and dry place, they can be stored for up to 7 years without losing the capacity.

Alkaline batteries in metal detectors are the most useful batteries for detecting metal. Because these batteries can have a long life, you can always have them with you when detecting metals. As a result, you will not need to keep changing the batteries every now and then. They are also reliable and safe to use. You can easily use them with any device that supports 9v batteries. You can use these batteries as VLF metal detector battery replacements.

e. Bonai 9V Batteries for Metal detector

These are the 9v 600mAh lithium-ion rechargeable and great-looking batteries of Bonai. It can be charged up to 1200 times. So it lasts a minimum of 3 years and it comes with 1 year of warranty. Bonai 9V batteries are awesome for high-draining devices. Bonai provides great customer service.

There are some complaints about the size of the Bonai 9V batteries in comparison to other 9V batteries. So check if it fits well in your device’s battery compartment before making the purchase.

f. Duracell 9V Alkaline Batteries for metal detector

It’s a coppertop battery that can be used for any purpose which suits this 9V battery. As per some user’s opinions, Duracell is the best battery. Duracell offers a 5-year of storage warranty for this battery after opening the packaging. You can use this battery as commander 2200 metal detector battery replacement and also for discovery 1100 metal detector battery replacement.

As per very few user experiences we can see some negatives of these batteries as well as other batteries too. Sometimes it can happen due to a mismatch of batteries size and specs, or for purchasing outdated batteries. So always check the batteries are fresh (not expired) before making the purchase.

Metal detector battery charger

a. AA AAA Battery Charger

As a AA and AAA battery charger, the Energizer rechargeable battery charger is the best. A great battery charger for safety first.

b. Energizer Recharge Universal Charger for NiMH Rechargeable AA, AAA, C, D, and 9V Batteries

It’s a great universal charger for AA, AAA, C, D and 9V batteries. The adapter of the charger is in-built and it has a detachable cord. The best part of this charger is it gets off automatically when batteries are charged. It recharges the batteries very quickly.

c. 4.8v NiCd battery charger

i. You can use this battery charger for charging your 4.8v NiCd battery of metal detectors. Important is, use this charger only for NiMH/NiCd batteries, not LiPo batteries. Follow the indicator lights and remove batteries after full charge (will indicate green light) is completed.

ii. Blomiky made the 4.8V Charger Power Adapter with an SM2P Plug Connector. It’s a popular charger in the market. Remember the red light is on when the full charge of the battery is completed.

d. Excalibur 2 metal detector battery charger

This Excalibur II metal detector battery charger is just awesome for Minelab Excalibur II, Minelab Excalibur 800 and Minelab Excalibur 1000. Till today no negative experience with the battery charger. You can choose it without any hesitation.

e. Battery charger for White MXT Pro metal detector

White MXT Pro metal detector uses non-alkaline AA batteries. You can use rechargeable AA batteries for better performance. Above we have discussed about the best AA batteries and the battery charger you can choose from.

f. Garrett ace 200 metal detector battery charger

Garret Ace 200 requires 4 AA batteries. The batteries should be NiMH rechargeable batteries. You can also use lithium batteries of 1.5v per cell. But never try 3.7v of lithium batteries, do not damage your Ace 200 detector. For charging AA batteries you can use the below charger as a Garrett metal detector battery charger.

g. Whites M6 metal detector battery charger

White’s M6 Metal detector uses non-alkaline rechargeable AA batteries. It requires 8 batteries of total 12 volts. You can use any AA battery charger to recharge the batteries as below:

h. Metal detector solar C battery charger

Here are the 2 best metal detector solar C Battery chargers for you.

i. C.Crane Solar Battery Charger for C Battery of Metal detector

This is a universal solar battery charger for you by C.Crane. It allows charging 11 types of batteries from NiCd and NiMH.

ii. Solar Powered Battery Charger by GoldMaster

This is another solar battery charger that charges 4 D, C, AA and AAA Batteries. This charger comes with a USB port by which you can charge most devices like phones, cameras or gadgets. Even you can use this charger as Minelab SDC 2300 metal detector solar C battery charger.


No products found.

How to Find the Best Battery for Your Metal Detector

So, how to find the best battery for metal detectors? There are many factors to consider when purchasing metal detector batteries, such as the type of metal detector, maximum runtime per charge, battery life, operating voltage, cost etc.

Must-check factors before making purchase battery for metal detectors:

· The first step is to determine your metal detector’s power requirements.

· Next, determine the best battery type for your metal detector.

· Finally, select the most appropriate battery size and amperage.

Before purchasing new batteries, it is important to know the type of metal detector you are using. The battery you purchase must match the power requirements of your metal detector. For example, if you have a VLF-3i Metal Detector from White’s Electronics, it draws 8 A at 10.8 VDC. It has a typical current draw of 3 A. This means that this particular model of metal detector requires a battery with higher amperage. If you have a Minelab metal detector, it draws 11 A at 13.8 VDC. This means that this particular model of metal detector requires a battery with a lower amperage than the White’s Electronics metal detector listed above.

How to increase the battery life of a metal detector?

To increase the battery life of a metal detector depends on you actually. If you follow some instructions, you can surely increase the battery life of your metal detector. Because of this, you can use your metal detector for a long time. For the beginning you have to choose the best batteries for metal detector.

For instance, battery life on bounty hunter metal detector is 40 hours. It is not the best, but it will suffice for most hunts. Bounty hunter metal detector battery life can be increase by purchasing a separate rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

As mentioned above, the battery life of a metal detector depends on how you use it. In fact, there are some things that you should do to increase the battery life of your metal detector. So, let’s see those now.

· One of the methods to increase the battery life of your metal detector is by using a battery charger. Because of this, you can recharge your batteries as needed. This way, you don’t have to change or purchase new batteries. You should keep in mind that the more frequent you use the metal detector, the shorter the battery life will be. Because of this, you can recharge the batteries once every two days. This way, you don’t have to worry about the battery life too much. If you want to get a battery life that is longer than 8 hours, then you need to buy extra batteries.

· Another method is to use headphones when detecting, it can increase the battery life. It can also help you to detect better because sometimes headphones block out other noises. It’s like your ears are closed off. (Note: The headphones should be high-quality, noise-canceling headphones).

· The third method is not to overcharge the batteries of your metal detector. Never charge your batteries for more than 24 hours. Doing so can cause damage to your batteries, reduce their capacity and shortens the useful life of the batteries.

· The fourth method is never use old batteries with new batteries in your metal detector, because it will reduce the battery life.

· The fifth method is to buy a metal detector with great power, but make sure the battery capacity has enough power for you to use it.

· And finally, if you are using rechargeable batteries, make sure the charger is compatible with the batteries. The charger must be able to recharge the batteries that you bought. Furthermore, it is also important to know the battery type of your metal detector before you go to the store. Otherwise, you will buy an inappropriate charger for your metal detector and ruin the batteries.

For uninterrupted detecting must carry spare batteries with you. Happy detecting!

1. How do you charge a metal detector battery without a charger?

Is it possible to charge any battery without a charger? You could use a battery charger to charge a metal detector battery, but you can’t use any charger. You need a metal detector-specific charger, and the procedure is different from the typical non-metal detector charger. Never even attempt to charge a non-rechargeable battery because of the danger involved.

2. What is the best way to carry batteries for metal detectors?

Caring metal detector batteries is an important factor, especially when heading out on a hunting trip. There are different ways to carry metal detector batteries depending on your personal preferences. Some people prefer the convenience of ready-made battery packs for their detectors. Others prefer carrying separate 9-volt batteries in special protective cases. The choice of these two options is up to you. It’s important to understand the pros and cons of each.

3. How to care for your metal detector batteries?

There are some tips that you should keep in mind when you use batteries with your metal detector. The most important thing is to follow the recommended battery manufacturer’s instructions. If you’re carrying your metal detector battery in a protective case, be sure to keep it clean and dry at all times. Batteries can easily corrode if they get wet. Keep them from coming into contact with saltwater or standing water.

4. How long do 9-volt batteries last in metal detectors?

In metal detectors, 9-volt batteries last a long time. This is because they are designed to be long-lasting and this is very important for detectors. A good 9-volt battery can last up to three years, depending on how often you use your detector. When it comes to 9-volt batteries and their lifespan, keep in mind that the number of hours they last depend on a lot of things. Some of these things include; The type of metal detector you have, The settings on your detector, The age of the battery If you use a gold detector. A battery may only last a few months, but a good quality battery can last a lot longer when it comes to other types of detectors. For instance, if you have a beach metal detector, your battery can last up to three years. It is also important to consider the temperature of the place where you use your detector.
The 9-volt batteries are the most common batteries used in most modern metal detectors. These batteries are most commonly used to power the coil itself. These batteries are most commonly labeled as either AA, C or D batteries. However, the 9-volt battery is actually a battery that is not interchangeable with any of these other batteries. The 9-volt battery is often called a PP3 battery, and these batteries are often referred to as “coin batteries” because they were first used to power electric door chimes. The 9-volt battery has become the standard battery used in modern metal detectors because of its compact size and efficient use of space. These batteries are very popular for consumers because they are small enough to be used in devices that have been designed to accept them. These batteries are often referred to as a “coin battery” because they were first designed to power electric door chimes.

5. Why do some metal detectors use only 2 AA batteries?

Or you may ask, why do whites metal detectors use only 2 AA batteries? AA batteries are lower-voltage batteries, producing 1.5 volts each. Thus, 2 AA batteries will produce 3 volts. So the reason of using AA batteries in a lot of metal detectors is that the 3 volts produced by 2 AA batteries are more than enough to power a metal detector. AA batteries are very common and easy to find. That means you don’t have to worry about where to buy them. You can easily buy AA batteries in any shop or supermarket. They are cheap. A good number of metal detectors nowadays use AA batteries, and they are usually offered at a price that is very affordable. AA batteries last longer than other batteries, which means you will need to buy them less often. The AA batteries also offer reliability and simplicity in terms of replacement, which makes them an ideal battery for metal detectors.

6. Do the batteries in metal detectors really give you cancer?

This is a serious question related to our health. The batteries in metal detectors are alkaline batteries, which is one of the most used battery types in the world. Metal detectors are increasingly becoming popular with both adults and children. It does not matter whether you are looking for rare coins or just interesting items in your grandmother’s old yard. This happens so because it provides us with an opportunity to go back to our childhood and be like Indiana Jones. In addition, if you are interested in amateur treasure hunting, it is a great idea to have a metal detector with you.
So, what is the relation between metal detector batteries and cancer? Is it really worth taking risks? Metal Detector Batteries Are Not Harmful. Metal detector batteries are not harmful to your health. Just as other battery types, metal detector batteries contain chemicals. The amount of these chemicals is regulated by law. This means that they are safe to use. Metal Detector Batteries Don’t Cause Cancer. The reason why people are worried about metal detector batteries causing cancer is that they may have been exposed to dangerous chemicals during their production. If you were exposed to these dangerous chemicals and develop cancer, you can make a claim against the battery manufacturers. Metal Detector Batteries Can Still Be Harmful if Not Used Properly. Even though metal detector batteries are safe to use, there are some situations where they can still cause harm. This is why it is important to handle metal detector batteries in the right way. Metal detector batteries can be harmful when: you use them in devices other than metal detectors (e.g. mobile phones), you throw into fires, you dispose of in rivers or seas. Overall, to avoid all negative situations you have to choose the best batteries for metal detectors.

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