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Best Home Design App & Home Improvement App Review for You

Aesthetics hold immense value when it comes to your abode. Professional interior designers believe so too.

The interior design of your house can either uplift the spirits or take it downward.

Along with this space, optimization is necessary for using the accessible space completely.

This can help you lead a lifestyle that is stylish, effective, and modern. But what if you can now yourself choose the furniture, lighting, colors, textures, flooring of your home?

By downloading the best home design app by a top mobile app Development Company, you can dream up your new home. Renovating a home also becomes a fun-filled affair with such applications.

Let us learn about some applications that are changing the way, people, design homes.


Revolutionizing interior designing with best home design app / software

Now you can gain a wealth of understanding and perception on home decoration and improvement with the best free home design software. Jumpstart your interior designing project, for your home or for your clients with these amazing applications that can help you embellish homes like a professional. The list of home designing applications is as follows:



If you want to start decorating your home with the best home design app, then starting with MagicPlan is advisable. The app can operate on both Android and iOS platforms enabling you to craft floor plans from the photos that you upload by scanning.

When you carry less experience with floor plan designing, this is the ideal app. Rapid creation of interior layouts is possible with this app.

The features of the MagicPlan application are:

  • Outline interior plans in 3D and 2D with ultramodern tech and a simple interface
  • Floor plan editing possible by totaling diagonal measurements and function with non-rectangular angles
  • Add 360-degree images, custom forms, and photos for crafting structured reports for discarding confusion risks
  • Training videos accessible in the English language



When you have a lot of concepts and ideas in your head regarding the interior design of your house, it can get perplexing. But not anymore with kitchen design apps like SketchUp.

Not just the kitchen but you can renovate your living room, bedroom, balcony, or bathroom amazingly with such apps. Living in exquisite interiors involves a charm of its own. The app presents you with several 3D models that represent real products and that you can directly position into your particular projects.

The features of the SketchUp application are:

  • Create eye-catching graphics for marketing and sales
  • Give shape to models that appear as hand-drawn
  • Ability to select from the app’s core styles or upload your own stroked by hand
  • Daylight and energy analysis



The best home design software free download full version in today’s time is Floorplanner. The app empowers you to plan and beautify spaces in two dimensional and three dimensional virtually.

One of the best features of this application is the function of interior decoration for planning floors. As you are done creating the floor plan, it is possible to switch view and garnish the spaces in three-dimensional modes. Beginners can largely benefit from the best home design app like this.

The features of the Floorplanner are:

  • Controllable panoramic and sunlight background
  • Gain complete control over floor plans by rotating and mirroring features
  • Get hands-on correct fitting by dragging windows, furniture, and doors in the plan
  • Floorplanner library comprises 150,000 products in 3D that is usable by dragging in the floor plan



Interior home designing is no longer a challenge with home design 3D apps like Roomstyler. Here you can start by uploading your preferred floor plan or can also use built-in room layouts. Insertion of doors, windows, and walls is possible by selecting from an amazing gallery of the best interior finishes.

The interface of the app is an easily understandable one. You can view the 3D image and the plan simultaneously within the app. It is possible to shift the camera around your plan to able to perceive different views.

There are 120,000 branded products available that you can choose for insertion into the model. This can incorporate anything starting from garden tools to kitchen equipment.

The features of Roomstyler are:

  • Availability of mood boards like beachy boho, modern colors, etc
  • Get to know about purchasing and price options by clicking on the button that says “Available for purchase”
  • Using software free of cost without joining is possible
  • Upload your rendered model to social media channels


Design a room

Looking for a room design app free? You are at the correct place as design a room application prevents you from browsing through thousands of materials samples leaving you confused. You can witness varied color combinations of ceilings, countertops, flooring, walls, cabinetry through the app.

Then you can choose the one that matches your space. The best home design app like this is transforming the ways people used to design homes and for the better. Whichever designs you want for your interiors, simply choose online and you are done.

The features of design a room is:

  • Learn about every product in detail before buying
  • Get hands-on modish and purposeful room designs
  • Millions of room layouts available
  • Access to comprehensive flooring portfolio


Planner 5D

When it comes to Planner 5D, you must know that it is the most wide-ranging room design app free. Designing rooms have never been easier as you can decide even the minutest architectural details with this app.

It can be the stairs, partitions, or windows; it is possible to design every bit of your house with these applications. Along with interiors, you can even select designs for pools and landscaping.

Eye-catching 3D graphics of the app lets you visualize your interiors much before actually living it. The gallery that the app presents is simply amazing. There you can find trendy designs that are presented by expert online room designers.

The features of Planner 5D are:

  • Localization of user interface in languages like French, Spanish, English, Portuguese, German, Chinese, Italian, etc
  • Catalog available for more than 150 free products
  • Select and customize accessories and furniture
  • Attain photo-realistic high definition snapshots of all designs


Ikea home planner tools

Suppose you want your desk or bookshelf in your new home to be of a certain design or color. What if you could visualize it then and there? Best home design software like Ikea home planner tools enables you to do that.

These applications come for free and you can gain a blueprint of how your upcoming interiors will look with this. Floor plan configuration, picking décor from the app’s gallery, cost calculation, printing out a wishlist for surfing in-store; the app covers everything.

There are tools available for specific rooms as well like bedroom planner, storage planning way outs, online kitchen planner, bathroom planner, and a lot more.

The features of Ikea home planner tools are:

  • Select furniture as per exact room measurements
  • Try various styles and experiment with varied combinations until satisfied
  • Fit appliances and cabinets with simplicity for your kitchen
  • Print out best designs



One of the best 3D house design apps, Homestyler is well regarded for all its expert design programs. The programs are user-friendly and you do not need formal training to put the programs into use.

There are drop and drag functions with which you can create your very own designs. Dream up your floor plan in any way you want by using this application.

The app is equipped with tools like three-dimensional room designer and floor planner tools that you can use when you are a beginner. There are tools for decorating and furnishing as well with which you can pick furniture, cabinetry, and appliances. Space personalization is possible with high-quality area rugs by many manufacturers. After completion of the design, you can even print out the designs.

The features of Homestyler are:

  • Pick from renovation projects like ceiling tile, insulation, paint, ceramic tile, drywall, deck, etc
  • Cutting and laying out materials is possible with tools thereby helping you save money
  • Design gorgeous looking rooms by capturing a potential image of the real space
  • Decorate interiors with superior quality 3D models of factual furniture items in the rooms


Sweet Home 3D

If you want to download the best home design app 3D, then Sweet Home 3D is the one for you. This app is perfect for you if you are looking for customization options for the layout of the rooms. You need to put login information to use the app but you can use it for free.

There is an advanced edition of Sweet home 3D available as well that you can download by paying an additional price. With this version; saving, exporting, and manipulating the home plans is possible.

The features of Sweet Home 3D are:

  • The app displays your design plans in 3D that helps you in visualizing the entire plan along with designing
  • There is a complete list of home furniture available that showcases the dimensions of all products by size and name
  • Home plan available in a 2D format that shows the positioning of windows, furniture, walls, and doors
  • Extensive furniture catalog available that permits you in picking elements by name which will follow with direct dragging and dropping of components in the floor plan


The home renovator

Presently, home design apps for pc are flooding the market but nothing matches the features presented by the home renovator tool. With this one, not just planning but you can make a budget for all the materials you will require for any renovation project. Here you can select from several projects that incorporate ceramic tile, insulation, deck, and a lot more.

The features of the home renovator tool are as follows:

  • The website includes free worksheets that you can utilize for measuring the space. Just enter all the measurements for reviewing the tool requisites
  • Get hands-on a detailed report for learning the number of materials that you need for your particular project
  • The budget price that you receive is negotiable with the local dealers
  • Benefit from illustrated instructions for learning about the positioning of materials



SmartDraw is a good choice as a home design software free download full version. Among the tools for floor planning, this is a sought-after one. Very easy to use, you do not need to be a professional to be able to use the software.

However, the features that it incorporates help advanced designers work with intricate designs as well. The collection of furniture, building materials and cars, and floor plan instances and templates present are never-ending. Also, there are endless layouts and designs available that you can use for the new space.

The features of the SmartDraw application are:

  • Availability of several collaboration tools
  • Adding photos of your own choice is possible for redecorating spaces
  • Crafting and editing diagrams is possible online
  • Users can choose from more than 100 languages to use the app


Home by me

The best home design app that is available in today’s time is Home by me. This best home design software application is free to use. In this application, various brands keep on adding numerous products to their catalog. By this, you can utilize actual products for embellishing and furnishing your abode.

This enables you in planning the designs till the end. You can have access to real decorations and furniture that you would use for crafting your space inventively. Here switching from two dimensions to three dimensions is possible after floor plan completion. Designing the feel and look of every room is possible.

The features of the Home by me application is:

  • Build house plan of any size you want for viewing in 3D
  • Get home design plan concepts from community projects by HomeByMe for building your own
  • As you register in the software, you can get some free items


DFS room planner

One of the most crucial portions of your home interior designing includes sofas. It is a very important investment and needs careful selection as this is the space where your guests need to feel the most comfortable.

Today’s technology brings you the best home design software like DFS room planner. Here not only you can pick from a myriad of sofas but also redesign the rooms in your home. If you are moving to a new house, then this software is ideal for you. It is also the best home design app in 3D, as you can view the rooms and designs in 3D.

The room shape can differ, you can put in the measurements, decide the floor covering and wall color and you are pretty much done. To increase the look of the space, there are options to add accessories so that it complements the selected sofa.

The features of the DFS room planner application are:

  • Ability to alter the shape and size of the rooms
  • Browse through the décor and choose anyone you want
  • Fabric corner sofas, leather recliners, TV stands, headboards; every product available in 3D mode
  • Accessories include mirrors, rugs, chairs, footstools, etc


Carpetright visualizer

When deciding on the new flooring or replacing the old one, you must make the decision carefully. It is a big investment and it must last for a long. To move ahead in the right direction, the best home design software like Carpetright visualize can be helpful.

The flooring visualizer feature of the software lets you foresee what the room will appear like with wood, carpet, laminate flooring, and vinyl after you perceive it in reality. The app functions by taking an image of the selected room or you can pick a sample room as well and upload it on the visualizer.

Customizing the flooring type and color of walls is possible. Here you can save the room if you want to and order the swatches. Get hands-on on your dream home now easily with such software.

The features of the Carpetright visualizer application are:

  • Explore a broad array of samples of luxury vinyl, artificial grass, vinyl, wood, and laminate floorings
  • Virtual consultation services available for receiving recommendations
  • Scheduling in-store appointments are also possible for buying flooring
  • Cost-effective prices of products



The interface of this home design 3D room designing application is an aesthetically pleasing one. This application lets you craft room layouts by employing factual branded products.

This is one of the best home design apps due to its 3D walkthrough attribute. The feature lets you take an online tour of the new space. You can also get a lot of feedback by sharing the designs on your social media channels.

The features of the Amikasa application are:

  • Develop, redesign and revamp interiors of your house with wall colors, furniture, and flooring from real brands
  • Select the available room shapes or else opt for customized floor plans
  • Setting accurate wall dimensions as per your space is possible by utilizing blueprint mode. You can also position the doors and windows where you feel it is applicable
  • The color wheel feature lets you discover varied color combinations. Also, go through the catalog of several flooring materials



Designing the interiors of your new home or old one does not need to be a challenging process anymore. Now there is an amazing room design app free available like DecorMatters that streamlines the course of home designing.

Users all over the globe are in awe of this app as it brings together a lot of technologies for helping you design your rooms. The technologies include blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality. The app enables you to participate in various design challenges with help of elements like virtual coins, levels, and leaderboards.

As a user, you can craft virtual rooms depending on templates or can also tweak actual life rooms with AR. Once you create the rooms with the help of the app, you can post images online and you can surf via other’s creations for gaining inspiration.

The features of the DecorMatters application are:

  • The app offers you a myriad of decorations, art, home furniture, and lighting from popular furniture stores
  • Trendy home décor ideas available for bloggers and interior designers
  • Design rooms with complete control as you position décor and furniture items virtually from 30+ brands onto the templates
  • Product selection is possible depending on style, brand, and room


Room scan pro

Room Scan pro is the best 3D house design app. You can also benefit a lot from this application. This is a commanding design tool as the application has the ability of floor plan drawing by itself. But the app also keeps on reminding you that you are still amidst the designing process.

You just need to place your Smartphone up to your wall that scans the room circumference. As you do this a voice activates that says “hold against the wall until you hear a beep”.

The free version of this application is wonderful for hobbyists while the pro version is meant for qualified professionals who belong to industries like construction, commercial, architecture, and engineering. To use this application, you need to do a bit of studying for getting hands-on precise floor plans.

The features of Room Scan Pro applications are:

  • The core three-dimensional modeler of the application operates in all web browsers
  • It is possible to gain access to manufacturer-produced and user-generated models for offering your projects lifeand context
  • 3D models viewing possible on Smartphone devices with the SketchUp viewer application
  • Import JPG, SKP, and PNG file categories and export to PNG, STL, and SKP file sorts


Final Say

Be it transitional, bohemian, minimalist, rustic, or traditional; you can decorate the home interiors with any style from the comfort of your house. Choose the best home design app to plan, sketch and view the spaces in 2D, 3D and 5D. While designing, you can get the visuals of the future and attain a framework for developing your aesthetics. Such functional applications are put to shape by top mobile app development companies of the current era. To create such amazing applications, connect with us today.

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