Utility vehicles are popular all over Australia due to obvious reasons. Reaching your difficult-to-get terrain is comfortable with these outstanding vehicles. But you are missing a lot if you don’t Ute Trays installed on the model you have in your home. Ute trays enable you to add numerous tools with your Utes easily, and they don’t even cost you that much. Ready to learn more about benefits of Ute trays? Keep reading!

Top benefits of Ute Trays

Cabin Perks

Ute trays are super easy to manage, and you can have different cabins in them with great ease. Some people make a mistake and don’t buy a Ute tray because they think they will limit their vehicles’ comfort. However, on the contrary, you can have these trays in your Ute and still enjoy all the comfort you love about your car. Different designs of these trays are the reason why you can manage them in various vehicles. Cabin perks are the reason why UTE Trays in Melbourne are very popular.

Storage Benefits

Ute trays are super great for truck owners. They can put the trays and enjoy super storage capacity on their beloved vehicle. Trays provide you more space to carry around your things, and you will love them. The practicality of trays is another aspect to keep in mind as they are super easy to work with. You don’t have to call a mechanic to use their fantastic storage perks. Just get them installed on your vehicle, and you are good to rock the roads with all your loads!


What if you use your Ute for daily use and don’t want it to look like an old vehicle but want to increase its storage capacity? Long question, but the answer is short. Using Ute trays doesn’t make your truck look like an oldie but gives you storage benefits. Your vehicle will still look cool, and you will have no trouble taking it to your office. And you will be ready to pack your whole camping stuff on your vehicle without worrying about managing them!


Safety is an important aspect when it comes to driving your vehicle and carrying your stuff with it. Ute trays are outstanding to meet your safety needs. The lockable units in Ute trays enable you to take your tools with you anywhere without worrying about vehicle maintenance problems. You can also benefit from your Ute tray’s lockable units that you can move around secret agency stuff with you (smile if you are not a secret agent).


Many skilled professionals are actively looking for options to carry their tools around 24/7. Ute trays can fulfill their need with accessibility. You can take all your heavy tools with you without buying an additional vehicle. However, being a tradesman, you have to identify which type of Ute tray will be the most beneficial for you. The easiest thing to help you get the appropriate tray for your needs is making a checklist to identify what you are looking for in a Ute tray.

Dirt Protection

Dirt and mud are two of the most fearsome enemies of Ute owners. They have to constantly keep their vehicles safe from dirt so they can increase the performance and longevity of their trucks. One of the major benefits why Ute drivers must install Ute trays in their vehicles is that they provide outstanding dirt protection. Some Ute trays come with impressive mud flaps. These mud flaps cover the underside of your vehicle and save you from frequent visits to the car wash. Ute trays also have rear light protection and keep your indicators and backlights from getting struck when you load or unload products.

Special Rails

Ute trays are famous for enabling drivers to take heavy products from one place to another with great ease. But, what if you have to take out something heavy from your Ute tray and don’t have any separate rails for this purpose? Look no further as some trays come with pre-installed step rails. These step rails make it easier for you to step on the tray and easily reach your loaded stuff. Moreover, there are many available options for rails on the Ute trays. There are corner steps, mini-steps, or different frame options.

Lowering Your Taxes

Many people use trucks for their work nowadays. They usually carry around heavy stuff and necessary tools for their daily routine. You can have benefits apart from the portability pros if you install a Ute tray in your vehicle. Some vehicle upgrades are considered as a Tax write-off from the authorities. So if you are one of the workers who use Ute vehicles daily, you must consult your local authorities about tax incentives.

Better Workflow

Putting everything in the right place is important when making the most out of your Ute vehicles. Organizing your belongings and improving your workflow is super easy and achievable with Ute trays. Their addition to your vehicle doesn’t cost you a lot, but their presence makes your everyday life way more comfortable. Drawers help you put the right things in the right place, and step rails help you climb on the vehicle easily.


Ute trays are at the pinnacle of customization, and there’s no denying it. You can choose the trays out of the variety of options available for you. These trays come in various colors, materials, measurements, and styles, all suiting your specific needs. You can prefer the trays made out of aluminum if you are a fan of sturdy looks or rock the glossy type finish to meet your aesthetics. The tray decks come in various styles, and you can pick the right option for yourself based on your personal preference. Customizing your vehicle has never been this easier before!

Steel Or Aluminum?

A common question many Ute owners ask that whether they should go for steel trays or aluminum trays. The simple answer is that you should go with aluminum trays if you are a fan of sturdiness and durability and don’t want to worry about your trays. However, steel trays are more expensive and premium, but you have to keep them safe from weather conditions to avoid rusting.

Hope now you have learned the top benefits of Ute Trays.

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