7 Best Metal Detector for Coins, Relics and Jewelry Hunting

Are you looking for the best metal detector for coins and relics then you are precisely in the right place. We ensure you the best review not only once but seven best metal detector for coins and compare each of the items for you one by one.

In this article, we will ensure you everything about the coin detector. We will not only discuss those machine who detect just silver coin but also all types of metal coins and small gold nuggets. Additionally, you can get a detailed explanation on how to clean old coins here.

These detectors are well-known company and have high rated reviews on online marketplaces. So you can rely on each of this detector. Now the question is you can rely on each of this products but will these detectors fulfill your needs.

The answer is yes. We ensure you the quality, durability, and satisfaction. We choose every product according to your budgets and high quality that you want in a detector.

We also make detectors compare table at the end of this article so that it can be easier for you to choose the best one.

Before starting the review, let's know about Coin Metal Detector because it is essential to know what will you find it and how it works.

Coin Metal Detector

Over the years metal detectors have improved in their ability to locate targets of all types across a more extensive variety of soil conditions. These metal detectors have also become very good at locating particular types of targets like coins or gold deposits.

The best kind of metal detector is one that can be used for general detecting and can also accommodate a particular type of target by adjusting its settings and coil type.

As you become more accustomed to how your metal detector works, you may be able to make these adjustments quickly to help you to find the kind of target you are looking for on that particular hunt.

In contrast to these general-purpose metal detectors, other models are built to be better at detecting certain types of targets.

For example, the best metal detector for coins does a fantastic job of identifying smaller metallic targets like coins and can even be tuned to find a specific type of coin based on composition and size.

This allows you to scan a large search area and the coin metal detector will ignore any target that doesn't fit into the specific target parameters you have selected.

Coin hunting or coin shooting as it is more commonly known can be a lot of fun and will produce some fantastic finds if you know where to hunt and use the right equipment.

Typically a coin metal detector uses a smaller coil than most general-purpose detectors, and this allows them to search with greater precision for the smaller target a coin presents.

Having a smaller coil also will enable you to navigate more easily around physical objects above ground as well as false signals from trash buried in your search area.

Another important feature to look for in a coin metal detector is a notch discrimination setting that allows you to either locate or ignore targets of a specific composition.

This way you can set the coin metal detector to look only for targets made of nickel or copper and eliminate false hits from iron or other metals you want to ignore.

Many of the better detectors have these notch filters pre-set for specific targets and allow you to modify these settings or even create additional notches of your own.

One other piece of equipment you'll need in addition to the coin metal detector is a probe and a pinpointer. The probe is a small handheld metal detector tool that looks like an ice pick.

It is used to locate buried objects near the surface and helps you minimize your digging. In some cases, you can even uncover a coin using the probe and never have to dig at all. This takes a little practice but is an excellent technique for areas where you are trying to minimize damage to the ground's surface.

The other item is a pinpointer and is similar to the probe but adds an electronic indicator for target location. This item has a probe on the front that will light an LED when it is placed near a target.

Many hunters will use this pinpointer as their probe, and it can speed up the process of finding that elusive coin.

Some coin metal detectors even have a pinpointer function as part of the unit, and this helps you avoid carrying additional equipment with you on your treasure hunts.

Best Metal Detector for Coins: Comparison Table

Best 7 Metal Detector for Coins Reviews

1. Bounty Hunter Quick Draw Pro Metal Detector

Among the Bounty hunter pro series this the quick draw pro-technology supported model which can be assumed from the name also. This device is mainly suitable for detecting coins and for small purpose metal detecting. The Bounty Hunter Company also treats the customers very well with a lot of years of warranty.

Quick Draw Pro Metal Detector is also one of the best metal detectors for gold coins. So for general purpose armature hunting, this device is the best one in this price range.


  • 3 level audio tone identification makes the device suitable to use for beginners, and the headphone system also makes it relatively easy.
  • This device is famous for coin shootout with quick draw technology. It can detect very fast also in a relatively fast motion hunting.
  • ​It contains 10" search coil with the waterproof technology which makes it suitable for both in ground and underwater.
  • The multiple search coil with VLF technology makes the more powerful which fastens the speed of hunting.
  • The LCD display and battery level indicator also helps to estimate your hunting periods.

What you will like

  • The device is very light weighted (only of 2.5lbs)
  • It provides automatic ground balance.
  • ​The device length is also adjustable for custom hunting.
  • ​Discrimination hunting modes allow hunting specific materials.
  • Five years of warranty.

What you may not like

  • There is no built-in flashlight and vibration alert in the device.

If any beginners want to buy this metal detector for simple hunting, he must be the gainer in fact. The short time coin shootout also seems very interesting for beginners. So this device will be beneficial with some considerations.

Bounty Hunter PL PROQD Multi-Purpose Detector, Black
  • Fetone, adjustable Iron Audio
  • Pinpoint mode
  • 0-99 target-id Numbers

2. Garrett ACE 400 Metal Detector

Among Garrett ace series this ACE 400 is considered a beast. The upgraded unique features make the device handier and also efficient to use. The iron audio tech, digital target ID analysis allows to find more treasure and less trash also.

​The technology used in the device is also more powerful and efficient than other devices of Garrett ace series. It is also the best pulse induction metal detector for gold nuggets. The high-resolution iron discrimination illustrates the devices domination over others.


  • The higher 10KHz frequency transmission gives better sensitivity, and it also helps to produce signals of low conductive metals.
  • Like ACE 300 it also has camlocks tech for better steam stability.
  • ​The ACE 400 includes new features like pulse-width modulation audio shaper and also higher sensitive audio signals for treasures.
  • In the case of ground coverage ACE, 400 is really the beast. Its 8.5"x11" submersible coil allows hunting both in ground and underwater.
  • ​The Digital Target ID: 0 to 99 scale is also included like ACE 300.
  • The Iron audio tech allows to detect iron with the different signal, and it also changes the tone with the type of target.

What you will like

  • It provides notch discrimination with the modification of patterns based on the need.
  • It contains 5 different search modes.
  • ​The devices allow 8 sensitivity and depth adjustments.
  • ​The ground speed recovery is excellent, and also it has the electrical pinpoint technology.
  • ​The ACE environmental cover-up is included with the device.
  • It is the best metal detectors for land water and gold.
  • 2 years of warranty.

What you may not like

  • Slightly of high budget.

ACE 400 is mainly for professional users. It brings the ultimate technology for hunting in this price range. So, if you want to dig as a pro-ACE 400 will take to the ultimate level.

3. Garrett ACE 300 Metal Detector

Garrett ace 300 deals with more services in a range of budget. The new Target ID function, audio system with headphone tech, better detection abilities and also better environmental cover-up than other devices of Garret. It does not matter actually you are a beginner in the hunting field instead you should get this device make yourself comfortable & be pro in this sector.


  • The most important feature of this device is the digital Target ID identification. This tech increases the efficiency of this device and also make the hunting stress less.
  • The adjustable frequency system helps to avoid interference which makes the hunting more effective.
  • ​The adjustable frequency system helps to avoid interference which makes the hunting more effective.
  • ​Garrett ace 300 knows what you want to seek. The notch discrimination system allows you to pick up the materials and rush for hunting.
  • ​The devices consist of 8 sensitivity and depth adjustable mode for more compatibility.
  • It provides standard pinpoint along with digital electrical pinpoint mode.
  • The new extra feature cam locks are included for increasing steam stability.

What you will like

  • It provides 3 levels of audio signals.
  • Adjustable length makes it comfortable to use for different types of people.
  • ​The weight of this device is only 2.8lbs.
  • ​It consumes the very low power of (only 4 AA batteries).
  • ​Preset ground balance mode is included for hurry rushes.
  • 2 years of warranty.

What you may not like

  • Target ID can only trace US coins.

The Garrett ace 300 is a compact and suitable device for almost any kind of conditions. Its waterproof technology makes it more versatile for use. So it will be a great choice if you select this product for hunting treasures.

Garrett ACE 300 Metal Detector with Waterproof Coil and Headphone Plus Accessories
  • Garrett ACE 300 Metal Detector with submersible Searchcoil
  • Includes 3 FREE Accessories:
  • Volume control Garrett ClearSound Easy Stow headphones

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4. Tesero Silver uMax Metal Detector

If it is the question of hunting, there is the new edition of Tesero detector which is Tesero Silver uMax metal detector. It is specially designed to be light in weight. This detector provides the highest technical support in this reasonable price range. The all metal mode and discrimination mode allow you to do both selective and all on hunting.


  • The round, open center concentric search coil of this device helps to detect the metal more efficiently than others & also 8” diameter search coil enlarges the field of detecting also.
  • 1.5' headphone and speaker jack make the device more user-friendly and optimizable for better hunting.
  • ​The device runs at the frequency of around10.6 kHz and the working temperature range is also suitable which is 30 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • ​Operating modes of Tesero silver uMax is quite impressive. It has a silent search discriminate mode & silent search all metal mode. The effectivity of these modes is very satisfying.
  • ​It requires one 9volt DC Alkaline battery to run which gives backup up to 10-20 hours.

What you will like

  • It is the very light weight of 2.2lbs only.
  • The detecting range is around 9 inches apart.
  • ​It comes with Microprocessor Technology.
  • ​It is suitable for both beginners and also for professionals.
  • The company provides Life Time Warranty of this device.

What you may not like

  • The device produces a single tone for all kinds of objects so that it is hard to define the type of detected object without digging.

The performance of this device well satisfactory but maintenance is significant. Tesero silver uMax is one of the most compacts & use the friendly detector for pros and also for the noobs.

Tesoro Silver uMax Metal Detector
  • Quality built metal detector made in USA
  • Lifetime warranty - for real!
  • Microprocessor Technology

5. Minelab Go Find 66 Metal Detector

You are a beginner in hunting not to worry anymore. Minelab Go Find Metal Detector will take to the extreme in a short period. The power hunting and highest technical support in reasonable budget make it the beast in this sector. Go Find 66 Metal Detector is the best metal detector for gold and silver coins right now. This detector will hunt beyond your imagination. So, sit back and relax this beast will discover the world beneath your feet.


  • The most prominent feature of this device is the Exclusive Go-Find Smartphone App. Which take the hunting to the next level
  • It contains Internal Speaker & also Headphone system to hunt more comfortably.
  • ​The light weighted device of only 2.3lbs provides stress less hunting.
  • ​It works in VLF single frequency tech with 7.8 KHz frequency transmitted rate.
  • This device gives different tones for different types of metals which is known as 4 Find Mode. The tone gradually increased with iron to less valuable to the higher value to silver and copper.
  • It allows automatic ground tracking mode & also ground balance mode.

What you will like

  • It is an ultraportable and user-friendly device.
  • The company gives huge accessories with the package.
  • ​Smartphone app system makes it more comfortable and comfortable for users.
  • ​Waterproof technology and power coil searching make anyone pro in just a matter of time.
  • ​The LED display makes the hunting more comfortable and exciting also.

What you may not like

  • Comparatively less battery backup than other devices.

The ultra tech support and modernized smartphone app system makes the device more classy and efficient to use. It does not matter anymore with this device you are a pro or noob. Just go and rush for the blast.

Minelab GO-FIND 66 Metal Detector with GO-FIND Black Carry Bag for Transport
  • Earbuds, Smartphone Holder, Digging Trowel, 2 Camouflage Skins
  • Metal Detector Registration Card
  • Minelab Go-Find Metal Detector Carry Bag Black for Storage and Transport

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6. Teknetics Digitek Youth Metal Detector

The Teknetics Digitek metal detector… the detector your child won't outgrow. Teknetics Digitek, Youth Metal Detector, features full discrimination capability, pinpoint mode, zero the 99 target ID, graphic target depth indicator, three tone audio ID and many more so that you can enhance your ultimate experience.

Youth metal detector has also given you LCD screen and waterproof search coil so that you can have clear indication and go throw even underwater search. In the market, right now Teknetics Digitek Youth Metal Detector is the best metal detector for silver coins.


  • Teknetics Youth detector comes with 7-inch concentric waterproof search coil which allows you to go deep and target small objects as well as large objects.
  • It has depth speed and accuracy which makes it the multi-purpose detector ideal for coins relics and jewelry. The detector your child won't help grow yet.
  • ​There are three tones different audio tones for various metals, so you have that low hide and mid-tone right volume Control, or you can actually adjust the Volume.
  • ​Teknetics Digitek Youth detector ensure you discriminate mode and preset ground balance option to makes you more comfortable when you go for coins.
  • It has depth indicator which is fully programmable for detects coin to eight inches deep and large objects to two feet.

What you will like

  • It has high-resolution two-digit target ID on a scale of 0-99.
  • It can detect coins up to eight inches deep.
  • ​It has a five-year limited warranty.
  • It is only 2.3 pounds which is ultra-lightweight.

What you may not like

  • Teknetics Digitek Youth doesn't have the built-in flashlight.
  • Teknetics Digitek hasn’t use vibrating alert in this detector.

Teknetics Digitek Youth Metal Detector can be a perfect detector for your kids and any other hobbyist. Nowadays it is one of the most highly rated metal detectors for coins and relics. So if you're looking for a coin detector, then it can be a great choice.

Teknetics Digitek Youth Metal Detector W/7" Coil
  • Country Of Origin: United States
  • Model Number: DIGITEK
  • Item Package Weight: 3.99918543268 lb

7. XP Deus Wireless Metal Detector

Treasure Mountain Metal Detectors is proud to announce the availability of one of the best products on the market today the XP Deus metal detector. XP Deus is the ultimate detector. It’s for detectors and one perfect for gold prospecting coined, in jewelry, hunting Beach detecting and relic hunting. It’s the first fully wireless metal detector communicating between the coil handheld remote and the wireless headphone via a digital radio link.


  • The XP Deus lasts up to 30 hours with its three high-capacity rechargeable lithium Batteries.
  • The XP Deus from Treasure Mountain features lightning-fast recovery that helps find treasure.
  • ​The XP Deus metal detector with the lightweight and cool WS4 Backphone wireless headphones.
  • ​You can pick your perfect configuration of the XP Deus at Treasure Mountain metal detectors.
  • It comes with 9-inch or 11-inch X35 DD waterproof wireless search coil to enhance your detecting experience.
  • XP Deus has two search operation modes. All metal and discriminate modes will help to reach your goals.

What you will like

  • It folds away in seconds for easy travel and storage.
  • XP Deus metal detector is ultra-lightweight.
  • ​It has a wireless remote control display screen.
  • ​You can adjust the ground balance system in both ways auto and manual.
  • XP Deus has pinpoint, all-metal and discriminate modes.
  • XP Deus comes with 5 years of warranty.

What you may not like

  • It doesn't have the built-in flashlight.
  • XP Deus hasn’t use vibrating alert in this detector.

The XP Deus metal detector is an excellent device for coins hunters. So this detector can be an excellent choice for all of those who are looking for coin metal detector.

XP DEUS Wireless Metal Detector
  • XP Deus Metal Detector with 9″ X35 DD Waterproof Wireless Search Coil, Coil Cover, WS4 Wireless Backphone Headphones with removable electronic control, Headphone Storage Case, Wireless Remote Control Display Screen, Hip mount case for Remote Control, and a 5 Year Parts and Labor Warranty.

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Last Words

Well, we're at the end of our journey. Hopefully, this article will be very much helpful for your needs. Here we try to give you the best metal detector for coins list. We ensure you that all of those detectors are useful and high-rated metal detectors. By comparing seven detectors hopefully, you can find the best one according to your needs and choice. Each of these items is great for coins detecting. You can find silver coins as well as small gold nuggets by each of this detectors. We expect this article will help you to find you ultimate goal.

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