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Searching For Custom Power Systems and Generators for Sale by Prima Power Systems

Before you decide to purchase a power source like Custom Power Systems and Generators for your business, there are things you must consider.

You want something versatile and reliable especially, during emergencies. Size, warranty, type of fuel, maintenance, voltage requirement are among the things to look at.

The right power source will support and provide vital energy for your business, home, hospitals manufacturing industries, and more.

In this article, we will discuss a few top things to consider when you’re searching for custom power system and generator for sale among other things.

Power requirements

The choice you make depends mainly on your available budget and usage. Ask yourself if you plan on using the unit to power up the entire building or just a section.

You may require a more powerful gadget if you’re sizing the generator to run the entire building. This also applies to critical applications like healthcare facilities. Larger loads may be required to keep the life support machines running in case of a power outage.

If you want it for emergency loads only, you might consider separating the emergency circuits from the main electrical panel for better coverage.

Fuel type

Most emergency power systems are fueled by diesel, petrol, propane, or natural gas. The cost of fuel is a factor you should consider when choosing the fuel type.

Gasoline might be a cheaper and more convenient option but due to its short lifespan, it can be unstable. The other thing to consider when choosing a fuel type is availability.

Diesel and propane are easily available but may require frequent refill if the generator is used for so long. Additionally, the city limits may dictate the availability of a certain fuel source, for instance, some regions do not allow the use of propane.

Who will install the equipment?

The installation process requires professional assistance from a licensed electrician and a plumber. Nevertheless, the choice you make is up to you.

The most important thing is choosing a trustworthy company with ample knowledge and experience in installing the systems. If you don’t have anyone in mind, you can always ask for referrals from family and friends.

Be sure to check and verify their credentials before hiring. Also, visit the company’s website and check out what other customers are saying about their services.


It is also important to consider where the power system will be located. If you choose to install it indoors, be sure to comply with the requirement for ventilation, fuel supply, distance from combustible materials, and exhausting ducting.

Also, place it in a safe place away from rising water and where you can easily access it for repair and maintenance. For rooftop and outdoor installation, adhere to the code requirements for building openings and flammable walls.

Basically, the unit should be located in a convenient place away from hazards and closer to the fuel supply and the transfer switch.

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Voltage requirements

Different generators come with different voltages to choose from. The choice you make depends mainly on the usage.

If you plan on sizing it for light commercial use, a low voltage generator of approximately 120/240 volts single phase or 277/480 volts three-phase would do.

Well, it’s important to consult with your electrician to provide you with this information. See this link to know more about the different types of Custom Power Systems and Generators. Here you can read the generator’s buying guide.

If outdoors, which enclosure type?

Most residential and commercial premises have a certain sound requirement that every person is expected to adhere to. If a local noise ordinance exists in your area, you should consider the type of generator enclosure offered. Most residential generators offer a standard sound attenuated enclosure while large industrial generators come with multiple types of enclosures to meet strict requirements.

Type of transfer switch

Transfer switches are mainly found in automated units. Most manual power systems only use transfer switches when necessary.

The electrician will help you determine the amperage ratings and the location depending on your usage.

If you’re planning to use the system on the entire building, the transfer switch should be service entrance rated with a utility disconnect in the transfer switch cabinet. For a larger application, you may need a transfer switch with features like programmed transition, bypass isolation, and closed transition.

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Just like any other machinery, generators require proper maintenance to help ensure the system works properly. You will need to check and change the oil among other things at least twice a year. Also, make sure all repairs are done in case there are any. Lack of regular generator maintenance may lead to a system failure during an emergency time when you need it the most.

Accessory requirements

The type of generator you opt for will determine the type of accessory options you will get. light commercial systems feature an optional remote annunciator panel which is used to detect the status of the generator.

Other available extra features include a remote monitor and Cold weather kits. Industrial systems come with more features than their counterparts including enclosure lighting, load centers, alternator strip heaters, an expanded list of communication options among others.


The duration of the warranty varies depending on the type of Custom Power Systems and Generators. On average, the warranty for a standard unit is between one to five years. It is important to understand the duration of the warranty before option for a particular unit. Also, ask about the coverage of the unit and the cost to increase the coverage in case you want to upgrade.


Whether you need the unit to keep your business running during a blackout or code compliance for life safety, it is important to include various factors into your decision. It all narrows down to price and brand preference. With so many brands in the market, the searching process can be quite complicated if you lack certain knowledge about the products. Aside from having a well-planned budget, get to learn and understand the various options available. You can check here to see what your options are. Particularly, compare various aspects like size and performance of the units before the purchase decision is made.

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