Do copper compression socks set off metal detectors? Are you worried that your copper Fit socks may cause you trouble at the airport or while going through a metal-detecting machine?

This question can bug your mind even if you aren’t carrying anything illegal.

But you may rest assured you can wear compression socks through metal detectors.

However, the copper socks can set off the metal-detecting machine if the machine is highly sensitive.

The event may also happen depending on the amount of copper your socks have.

Do Copper Compression Socks Set Off Metal Detectors?

After all, copper is a metal. And like any metal, it may set off a metal detector.

But does your pair of compression socks set off the alarm at the airport security checkpoint?

Generally, copper compression socks have a very limited amount of copper in them. Therefore, they should not trigger and set off airport security alarms. 

But if you are really concerned about it, you can always take them off when going through the security checkpoints and put them on later. 

And you may need to take off your regular pair of socks if you’re using metal garters. Those metal clips can cause some trouble through the security checkpoint.

Also, security policies vary from airport to airport. So, check the policies and guidelines of the airport you are flying from. You’ll have a clear idea of what to carry and what not. 

If you have to wear compression socks for a long flight, do let the security officers know when standing at the security check-up. And they may consider it if you’re wearing them for any particular reason. 

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What Will Set Off The Metal Detector At The Airport?

The metal detectors at any airport are meant to detect any type of metal, whether as an object or ornament or implants inside the body.

The reason for airport security to use it is to prevent any harmful object from passing through the scanner. Airport security scanners will detect your-

  • Metal jewelry, watches, ring, bracelet, and necklace
  • Hair clips, hairpins, barrettes, or other hair accessories
  • Eyeglasses with metal frame
  • Metal implants in your body
  • Keys and coins
  • Body piercing
  • Cell phone, laptop, tablet, or similar electronic device
  • Metal zipper or button on clothing
  • Shoe with metal buttons or shank
  • Metal belt buckle

So, if you wear or carry one of them when flying, you may need to take it off and place it on the tray to pass through the security checkpoint.

The security officer, however, may ask you for your permission to do so. 

So, before going to the airport, please go through the TSA guidelines to ensure maintaining airport security regulations. And it is best to avoid wearing them if possible to avoid potential hazards.

How Do You Travel With Compression Socks?

For long flights, it’s a good idea to put on a pair of compression socks. They help to improve blood circulation in your legs and feet and prevent swelling when you sit for a long time.

But you have to consider a few things for comfortable traveling with compression socks-

  • Keep them in your carry-on bag or in the backpack for easy reach.
  • You can wear them after the security check-up, just before boarding the plane, to prevent getting caught on the scanner and being embarrassed.
  • Pack an extra pair, as you might need them on a long flight.

Should You Wear Compression Stockings When Traveling?

Wearing compression stockings can bring great benefits to you when traveling.

They prevent blood clots and fatigue in your leg when you travel or sit for a long work shift and help to circulate blood flow in the lower body part, especially the legs and feet.

Final Words

In conclusion, do you think ‘Do copper compression socks set off metal detectors?

As we’ve discussed, copper compressor socks are not going to create any issues at the airport security checkpoint. 

But you have to think twice if you want to use metal garters because the garters have great potential to set off the security alarm and make you feel embarrassed in front of everyone.

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