Overview of plastic restaurant chairs

Plastic restaurant chairs, also called monoblock chairs, are made from thermoplastic polypropylene. They are lightweight and you can find them in many places. The plastic chairs provide affordable seating for restaurants. Plastic chairs are first heated by pelleting to a temperature of about 220 C, and the molten material is injected into the mold. The mold gate is usually located in the seat to ensure the smooth flow of all tool parts.

The demand for plastic restaurant chairs in the market has never diminished. Nowadays, many popular chair brands offer high-quality, durable plastic chairs at an affordable price. However, price does not guarantee quality, and a low price does not always ensure value. Here is a detailed shopping guide for everything you need to know about plastic restaurant chairs.

What is the significance of plastic restaurant chairs?

Plastic chairs are now widely used in restaurants. The importance of plastic chairs and their high demand in the market are highlighted below:

·    It is much cheaper than chairs made from other materials like wood or metal.

·    Very comfortable and stylish chairs can be made of plastic at a meager cost.

·    It does not break when thrown or handled roughly.

·    The maintenance cost of plastic chairs is much lower than metal or wooden chairs.

·    While trees are being cut down in the development of wooden furniture, we can encourage the use of plastic chairs.

·    It is waterproof and does not rust when left in the rain.

List of different types of plastic restaurant chairs

The types of plastics used to make plastic chairs are known. There are two major types of plastics on the market: thermoplastics and thermosets. Thermoplastics can be heated and formed (injection molding, vacuum forming, or blow molding), e.g., PVC, acrylic, polypropylene, polyethylene. The refractory material is formed by heat treatment. Still, it looks like concrete, and you cannot resize it by reheating it—for example, melamine, polyester, bakelite, epoxy resin.

# 1) Nylon restaurant chairs

Very rigid nylon can be machined and will take a delicate string. It is elusive. Nylon was initially created as a material, but it is accessible to many structures with excellent properties suitable for restaurant chairs.

# 2) Acrylic Restaurant chairs

Acrylics come in many thicknesses and colors and can be opaque or transparent. Two types of extruded acrylic are less expensive and more plastic used in restaurant chairs.

# 3) PVC and uPVC restaurant chairs

They are lightweight, rigid, tough plastic. uPVC is leveled for outdoor use, and Plasticised PVC is used for adaptive applications.

# 4) Polypropylene restaurant chairs

Polypropylene is a very shabby plastic that feels somewhat like wax. However, you can bend it over and over again without breaking it.

# 5) Epoxy resin restaurant chairs

A two-part mixture can be used as a paste (ARALDITE) or reinforced with carbon fiber to provide exceptional light and hard composite materials.

# 6) Melamine restaurant chairs

The thermoset is very solid, warm, and safe. It is white but can deliver the full scope of colors.

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