What is a dado blade?

Dado blade actually is a type of circular saw which used for cutting grooves into woods. This blade is wider than traditional saw blade cuttings. Table saw dado blades mostly used to interlock applications. To make reading tables, almira, bookshelves, drawers, cabinets, doors its common to create interlocking joints.

There are many different methods available for wide groove cut where there is no essentiality of table saw dado blades. By using clamp guides with miter saws or a handheld router can achieve the benefits. But still I will highlight that to cut perfect joints and grooves, dado blades are the best in comparison.

There is a question, for which saws are made dado blades? The answer of the question is, the dado blades actually made for the table saws. The dado blades width controllable adjusting its blades, sometimes changing the cutters numbers.

Remember, not every dado blade will match with the table saw you have. In this case you must follow the specifications or features of the saw.

How many types of dado blades are available?

Basically, there are 2 main types of dado blades are seen in the markets. One is wobble dado blade and another is stacked dado blade. Let’s learn these both types of dado blades.

Wobble dado blade: The wobble dado blade contain a single blade which has an offset rotation. Practically this blade is not wobble but sway in cutting to make the “S” shape according to the plate width. The width can be adjusted as per your desire.

Stacked dado blade: Mainly, the stacked dado blade is a set of blades in stack which builds the blade wider as per requirement. At outside there are chipper blades which are removable, depends on the cut breadth. Versatile works can be done with the stacked dado blade with high performance, that’s why woodworkers love the blades.


The sizes of dado blades

There are 8 inches diameter and 1/8 inch thick outer blades available for dado sets. The chippers sizes are mostly 4 1/8 inches, 1 1/16 inches and 1 3/32 inches thick.


Utilization of Table Saw Dado Blades

By dado blades you can produce four types of joint. They are dado and groove, rabbet, tongue and groove and half lap.

For making exact radial cuts the most accurate option is to have a dado blades with the table saw. Which is risk-free and safer. But the good news is there are some new invention comes which make the saws safer. The system stops the saw detecting any skin contacts with blade by electrical signal. Which is a great addition in this era of technology.

The safety of table saws are very important because of the saws are dangerous for Improper use of the saw. So, must ensure to train the operator of the saw.


How to choose the best table saw dado blades for accurate cuts?

To get the most accurate cuts you need a blade which contain micro-grain teeth and made of carbide. Because micro-grain teeth are beneficial for reducing splinters. To achieve the fine and accurate cut the blade should contain more teeth, because the more teeth, the better. In this case assumes forty teeth make the perfection at high end.

The wobble dado blades gives the most accurate cuts also. You can consider shim sets to get the opportunity of additional fine adjustments.

In addition to these all, consider precision tension to enhance the better cuts. You can read handyman.guide post about it.


The best safety tips for using Table Saw

  • Must have a featherboard  to use during table saw utilization
  • If you use a spitter, it will reduce the kickback.
  • Must wear good quality attire i.e. safety goggles for woodworking. Avoid any loose wear and also have any gadget for ear protection.
  • Be sensible in operation. Never take any risky steps when working with the table saw or changing of blades.

Overall, table saw dado blade make the life easier and more comfortable. Just need to be alert to use these machines.

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