How to Find Cherry Picker Lift(Crane) Rental Near Me?

A cherry picker lift is one essential piece of equipment used for warehouse and industrial applications. While they were initially designed to help farmers pick hard-to-reach cherry fruits at the top of the tree, they have since been helpful for many other applications outside the orchard. 

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Why do you Need a Cherry Picker?

You likely need one to help make your business operations move smoothly. And while it could be required for warehousing to stockpile items at the top of the shelf, it could also be helpful at a construction site. You will find this equipment in many engineering and construction sites where they serve numerous purposes. Regarding the industries where this equipment is most relevant, below are a few worth mentioning. 

Building Maintenance

While it may seem like a ladder may be sufficient for getting to the top of a building during construction and maintenance, a cherry picker lift could be the safest and effective tool on site. For one, it provides the user with better security as it is constructed with barricades that keep the climber safe from falling at an elevated height.

And it also allows for the easy transport of tools needed to work on top of the building. Not sure about the materials required at a construction site? It is important that you have enough knowledge on the important tools a shouldn’t do without.

Telephone and Electricity Pole Maintenance

Another important use of the cherry picker is in the repair and maintenance of electricity and telephone poles. Ordinarily, it could be challenging to get work done with the help of ladders and an anchor waist belt which could be risky and also difficult to maneuver while working at a height. 

Many telephone and electricity pole service providers have since transitioned from the traditional ladder and belt method to the more convenient cherry picker as it helps to reduce the risk of falling when carrying out maintenance work. 

Filming Events

If you work in entertainment, you will likely require a cherry picker lift to help with filming from a height. This helps capture images at a bird’s eye view, especially in sporting events where viewers at home will need to enjoy the show like they were actually in the stands. 

Picking Fruits

For most orchard owners, it could be challenging to reach fruits at the top of the tree. And while it may be impossible to climb the top of the tree to reach them, a cherry picker could be useful in accessing the hard-to-reach places. This will undoubtedly help prevent loss during harvest and save workers from injuries from falling off the tree. 


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A cherry picker lift would be the best tool for getting the job done effortlessly for large warehouses that stack items to the top of the ceiling. It could be difficult having to use a ladder or climb the shelves to store things properly. But with the aid of this simple tool, you could avoid damages to items and injuries to workers during warehouse operations. This page has more on ensuring safety at your warehouse facility. 

Fire Services

The fire department also relies on cherry pickers to be able to reach extensive heights above the ground. Imagine putting out a fire at a skyscraper; it is most likely that you won’t be considering using a ladder as it could be a lot risker given the circumstance. 

Finding Cherry Picker for Hire Near You

It could be as easy as checking with an equipment rental service to determine if they have any for hire. This you can do by checking the web for companies that provides such services. In most cases, you will be charged an hourly or daily rate depending on your needs. You could also get a technician to accompany you to set up the equipment on site. This all depends on the services offered by the company you choose to work with. 

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Final Note

When it comes to working at heights, safety should be the number one priority, and this is where the cherry picker comes in. Its ability to protect the user from falling down and dropping essential work tools makes it a helpful requirement in many constructions and engineering environments.

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