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Pointers in Choosing the Right Bathroom Vanity for Your Needs

What are the best techniques for choosing the right bathroom vanity? The vanity unit in your bathroom serves a dual purpose – it combines the necessary elements of a basin and storage space, and it is one of the most valuable elements in the bathroom. With a bathroom vanity, you essentially have two choices: either have one that’s custom-designed for your space, or you can have a ready-made one. More bathroom owners are going for the ready-made design because not only is it practical and affordable (and saves you a lot of time since you don’t have to wait for it to be built) – it also comes in different styles, from freestanding to wall-mounted units to large and small units to double-sink vanities. As a result, it’s a breeze to choose one, and they have various colours and styles, too. But what else should you think about when selecting a vanity unit? Here are some pointers in choosing the right bathroom vanity for your needs.

1. Think about the available space

When thinking of your next (or new) bathroom vanity, the first thing to consider is the available space. In other words, you would want a bathroom vanity that is the right fit for your bathroom and proportional to the rest of your bathroom furniture and elements. Think about the space right in front of the vanity – you should have enough space to move and open its drawers or cabinets. You should also consider the storage area – do you have plenty of room for what you need to be stored, like toiletries, cosmetics, medications, and the like? Finally, think carefully about the mirror and how your bathroom vanity will affect its height, shape, and width.

If your bathroom is small, you may want to consider a wall-hung vanity as it can give the illusion of space. On the other hand, if you want ample storage space, you can consider a floor-mounted unit that will provide you with extra drawers and doors. If you have the ideal area in your bathroom, modern freestanding vanity units are just the thing – they provide more-than-enough storage space plus give your bathroom a clean, structured look.

2. Consider the size

One of your foremost considerations is size, mainly if your bathroom is small. The available space and the floor plan will determine the size, and the depth, height, and width are prime considerations. When it comes to depth, once again, you need to think about the flow of traffic and any corners that may protrude into the room. You need to also factor in some design elements, such as the light fixtures, mirrors, tap height, and the users’ requirements in terms of height.

3. What style is best?

Since vanities can come in all shapes and sizes, another practical consideration would be the style. There is no standard size with vanities, but there would be common sizes for both single and double ones.

For instance, the standard size for a single vanity is 36 inches, and the most common size for double vanities is 72 inches. The height (also traditional) is around 31 inches, and the depth would be 21 inches. The most crucial factor you should consider is who will use the vanity? For children or kids, perhaps you can purchase a shorter model, and if you don’t have too much space, you may want to think about a vanity that is not too deep.

Single vanity units will hold one basin or sink and is the most common vanity unit of all. It is often used for smaller spaces, and it ranges in size from 24 inches to 48 inches in width (but it can go up to 60 inches). The basin or sink can be located on the left, right side or the middle.

Double vanity units will hold two basins and are widely known as ‘his and hers’ units. A double vanity unit is ideal if you have more than 60 inches to spare and range in size from 48 inches to as much as 72 inches. They are great for shared bathrooms and allow you to spend more time in the bathroom without hurrying because you can have your own basin. Most master bedroom bathrooms would benefit significantly from a double vanity unit.

Another choice would be a floating vanity, and this unit has become a lot more popular. They are aesthetically pleasing and are a good fit for modern bathrooms, as they are mounted on the wall, thus freeing up the floor area and making it easier and faster to clean the space around them. You can find models with closed cupboards, but you can also find ones with open shelves. Since the area underneath the sink is empty, they can be a good fit for bathrooms that need to be mobile-friendly, a.k.a for wheelchairs.

4. Be practical

When all is said and done, you still have to think of practical matters – such as your electric supply and plumbing sources. For example, it wouldn’t do to have the best-looking vanity in the world if you can’t hook it up! Another thing to consider would be the location of your tap because installing it on the same side as your bath and shower taps may save you a bit of money as it reduces the need for new plumbing.

But here’s another thing you may want to think about: storage. Remember that whilst drawers are appealing and easy to handle, doors allow you to have more space. Also, it’s worth noting that your plumbing requirements will take up some space, so plan for this as well. It is also one reason why doors are primarily used underneath the basin whilst drawers are used for the surrounding space.

5. Determine the style you want

The third step is to consider the style you want – but think of the long-term. Bathroom vanities come in a vast selection of styles, so it’s best if you can already have a clear idea of what you want before you start looking! It would also be good to think about the long-term – what’s on-trend today may not be the same next year. Your vanity’s looks are important but think of functionality and practicality.

Hope these pointers will help you in choosing the right bathroom vanity for your needs.

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