What size generator for 50 amp RV will be perfect for me? This is a common question but it will depend on the appliances you have in the RV. Read on for more information.

A big family size RV requires the best 50 amp generator to run all the applications. A common question that many people ask is what size generator for 50 amp RV I really need? What you may not know is powering an RV is not as easy because it requires sufficient power.

A 4,000 watt generator will work suitably for a 50 amp RV. This is just standard because the size will be determined by your power needs. An RV requires sufficient power to ensure it stays warm and to keep all the electronic devices running. If you are running many appliances on your RV, you need more than 4,000 wattage.

What size generator for 50 amp RV would be perfect for me?

What size generator for 50 amp RV will be the perfect match for me? It will depend on the devices that you use in the RV.  The generator you pick should be able to supply the necessary power for all your devices.

There are various appliances in a recreational vehicle that require sufficient power to perform effectively. That is why you need a sufficient generator that will supply adequate power to cater to all your needs.

If you have many appliances in your RV, use a generator that can produce 12000 watts of power. However, if the appliances you have are few, a 4.000-watt generator will work best.

You can choose to estimate your recreational vehicle’s power needs to have an idea of the size generator you require. That way you will have sorted completely the issue of power to run your RV.

What Size Generator For 50 Amp RV Do I Need

Choosing the right size generator for 50 amp RV

It may not be an easy task choosing the ideal size generator for your RV, especially if you don’t have a rough idea of the number of appliances you have. There are essential aspects to look into when choosing a generator for 50 amp RV, including: –

  • RV-friendly – This is the number one factor to consider when purchasing the right size generator. Is the generator you want to purchase RV-friendly. Look out for noise levels and outlets. Go for quiet RV-friendly generators that will suit your needs perfectly.
  • Wattage – The right size generator should have the capacity of powering every device you have sufficiently. That is why you have to ensure you look into the start-up wattage for the generator you want to work with. A high-power generator will work out best, making it the best choice. If the generator you choose does not produce the required wattage, it is of no use regardless of the size.
  • Run time – The longer the generator can run, the better the efficiency. Remember that the primary goal of having a generator is to enjoy uninterrupted power for as long as you require. Please don’t choose a generator that can only perform within a specific time; it’s not the best choice. A good performance will be achieved if the generator runs for a long time non-stop.
  • Portability – Remember that a generator will require taken in and out of your RV. This means it should be portable such that you can get it in the RV and out as needed. Choose a size that will not wear you down because if you go for a big one, it will be massive. However, if you desire a big generator, consider one having a wheel kit.
  • Fuel type – Generators have been designed to run on propane, diesel, or gas. In most cases, gasoline and propane are the best combinations to be used in generators since they are readily available than diesel fuel.  Many people choose propane generators due to their immense benefits. However, you are the person to work with the type of fuel that is friendly to you.
  • Brand –The generator’s brand says a lot bearing in mind brands that have set the pace in the market. Don’t go for any brand because you may end up getting disappointed because of poor service. The brand will determine the quality, which is an important aspect. Leading brands in the market include Yamaha and Honda, whose popularity keeps increasing day in day out. Also, you must review the manufacturer before making a purchase. With that you will have landed yourself the best generator for your RV.
  • Cost – You may want the perfect size generator to power a 50 Amp RV; go for it. The best generators for recreational vehicles are indeed costly, but that does not mean you cannot find the best one that can fit your pocket. That does not mean that you go for a poor-quality generator because it will not perform as you require. Before hitting the market, determine clearly the amount you want to spend, then hunt for the best generator that suits that amount.
  • Noise level – Gone are the days when generators produced loud noises. With the advancement in technology, you find that 50 amp RV generators have been designed with the aim of producing minimal noise. Inasmuch as the generator will not be completely silent, a loud noise is not ideal. Keep this point in mind so that you purchase a generator that features quiet technology.

Final thought

The question “what size generator for 50 amp RV fulfill my essentiality?” has bothered many people. However, clear information has been offered on what an RV does and the power it requires to ensure performance is not affected. With that every device on the recreational vehicle will continue working due to sufficient power supply.

Once you estimate your electric consumption, you will be able to clearly know the size generator you will require. When it comes to the size generator, your power needs will take center stage. Establish the power capacity of the generator to ensure that all your power needs are met.

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