Have you ever experienced getting caught in the fire during work? What was the first thing you do? How about your company? What did they do? Were there any precautionary measures made by your company? How did they contribute to putting off the fire?

However, despite that, you are fully ready in case of emergencies, remember that accidents are most likely cannot be avoided. Sometimes, no matter how prepared you are to the situation, there are still things that fail. One problem that you might face is when your building’s fire suppression system does not work.

So, what happens now if it is not working? What damage can it do to you, to your colleagues, and to the company itself? This article will let you look into the purpose of fire suppression systems. It will also explain to you why you would need a fire suppression expert witness.

But before anything else, let us try to identify two causes of fire in working areas.

Causes of Fire

1. Heating Equipment

Your company might be using furnaces, boilers, or heat generators. The cold season might ask you for this, but remember that it is prone to overheating. Your equipment could be overused. You should know this to avoid a fire in your workplace. Ask your maintenance always to check your heating equipment.

2. Electrical and Lighting Equipment

For the part of employers or business owners, it is essential to inspect the electrical wiring or connections in the working area. Ask your maintenance team, especially your electricians, to do this at least every month. Replace old wirings and inspect for possible overloading in circuits. Also, keep an eye on the improper installation of lights that could cause a fire.

Now that we know which causes a fire let us try to define what fire suppression systems are.

What are fire suppression systems?

These are composed of tools or materials that help in extinguishing the fire. They install it for safety purposes. A building or workplace requires at least one fire suppression system for emergency cases such as a fire. It can be activated manually or automatically. Some fire suppression systems are mist, carbon dioxide, or gas. Click here to know more about it.

Do you know that once your place got caught in fire, you would need a fire expert witness? But what does it do? He or she is the one who detects the cause of the light in a particular place. The person knows areas in fire prevention or suppression.

Fire Suppression Expert Witness

Reasons Why You Need a Fire Suppression Expert Witness

1. He or she is an expert in mechanical engineering topics and situations.

It is essential that you only seek for the best individual to investigate the burnt place. The fire expert witness works closely with business owners. His or her logical and analytical skills can lead them to find the cause of the fire. Moreover, they are masters of their field and anything that has to do with building design and layout.

2. He or she has full knowledge of Fire Suppression Systems.

There are different types of fire suppression systems. The fire expert witness remembers precisely how each system works. Because of this, he or she can do a further investigation about what transpires in the place. 1

3. He or she is familiar with the building code.

You have to follow the building code set in your place. It could be the International Building Code or the International Residential Code. It is also one of the things that a fire expert witness knows. The safety of the people depends much on the compliance of the building code. It

4. He or she can determine whether it is arson or not.

Once you see fire, you cannot immediately state what has gone wrong. You need an expert to gather enough details to support such a cause. There are people who voluntarily and consciously put the place ablaze with fire. The fire expert witness can tell through his or her investigation. Visit this link to read a possible example of it.

Hiring a fire suppression witness has a lot of benefits. He or she provides quality and logical evaluation regarding the situation.

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