What do you need to wear at work? Men’s fashion is evolving very dynamically today. Modern fashion trends have grown in an excellent way over the past century. There are a lot of men’s dressing options nowadays. Gentlemen today have separate attires for grocery stores, when traveling to fancy places, weddings, and even when traveling to work. 

Today, in this article, we will specifically discuss work attire for men, factually what do you need to wear at work. What can men wear at work to look professional and presentable? If you have been confused for a while about what to wear at work, this article is a must-read for you. There are many options to check out, from work shirts to exclusive mens shirts for official meetings. 

Those who think that your outfit won’t define your professional ability, so what you wear at work is not so important are not 100% correct. What you wear might not influence your professional skills, but it can strongly influence what people think about you and what they believe you are capable of doing. Wearing the right professional outfit has huge importance as it will represent your company when you are either inside or outside your workplace premises. 

This was all about the importance of wearing the right outfit at work. Now, let us explore different work outfit ideas for men that will lead you to stand out. 

Read on: What do you need to wear at work

1.    Shirts 

When it comes to men’s shirts, you need to choose more plain colors for work. You must have one or a couple of white shirts for formal occasions like meetings, conferences, seminars, etc., at your workplace. 

However, if you consider the shirt collection in your day-to-day office closet, you must keep in mind that there must be some variety. You can go for some checks and stripes to include both common and flattering patterns in your outfit collections for work. But make sure you are not purchasing many of them and rather keeping it small in scale. 

What’s more, if you want stylish social wear for your workplace, go for large and bold stripes. However, if you are looking for a good alternative to such patterns, opt for a herringbone weave for a two-tone sheen on your shirt. 

Coming to collars, remember that button-down collars are considered the least formal of all styles of men’s shirts. Also, this kind of shirt collar is often less flattering to a man’s face. Rather, if you go for pointed or spread collars and make sure they are neatly pressed, it will give an ultimate crisp look to you that you can’t match with a convenient button-down collar style. 

2.    Trousers 

Are you among those men who want their butts to look big and slumpy? Don’t think like that when you are at your workplace. It doesn’t seem to be good for a professional look. Rather, you can buy easy-fitting slacks which are comfortable on your waist, hip, and specifically in the ‘drop’ area between your waistband and the crotch. 

If you have a lot of fabric hanging below the place where your legs meet, it might look very odd as the visual impression of your rear end will be accentuated that way. Also, your thighs will end up looking chunkier. So, you will end up losing it all around. Hence, you need to ensure that the fit of your trousers is quite snug, loose enough to let you move comfortably, but not a lot more than that! 

However, if your body size is somewhat on the larger side, you will need extra flexibility in your trousers. In that case, you need to stick to pleated fronts and should be wearing your trousers quite higher on your waist. Also, make sure you preferably wear suspenders in place of a belt. 

Keep more khaki, navy, charcoal gray, etc., in your office trousers collection when it comes to colors. However, go for relaxed brown or green shades for casual Fridays at work.

3.    Socks and Shoes 

Shoes are also a very important part of your workplace look. They should be of the same color as your belt. Especially in office settings, you should wear either black or brown shoes. However, when it comes to your socks, they must match the shade of your trousers. So, this makes sure that you need to buy some pairs of socks similar to what colors of trousers you have. 

Moreover, if you want to keep your shoes looking new all the time, you must regularly polish them. It will keep your shoes from looking faded or worn out. If you continuously take care of your shoes, you will save yourself quite valuable time.

 So, don’t forget to give your shoes a quick dusting-off when you are free at home at night. You can also use a damp cloth to wipe your boots regularly if they look dirty or salt-stained. This is a common damaging condition that should be avoided in the northern winters. 

4.    Jackets

Jackets are another essential part of your workplace closet collection. If you want to keep yourself warm in your workplace and look smart at the same time, wear a jacket over your shirt. For a completely formal look, a suit will be the right option. But if you want to look a little bit casual, go for a jacket or sports coat. 

Most men think that the expense and effort of maintaining jackets are too much, so it is better to avoid them. But that’s not true. If you take proper care of your jackets from the start, it’s easy! Moreover, if you wear a well-fitted jacket, it will look extremely flattering. Your body will have a tapered and proportional shape that appeals to all kinds of basic aesthetics. 

You don’t need a very luxurious and expensive jacket for your workplace. Instead, buy a simple herringbone tweed or a soft corduroy. They are quite affordable and distinguished. You can flexibly wear one at any level of your outfit. 

The Bottom Line 

Hopefully, you are not confused anymore about what you should wear at your workplace. Right? With the above elaborate discussion on different workplace-friendly outfit ideas, you must be having a good idea about what you should wear at your office. 

Hope now you know what do you need to wear at work? So, what are you waiting for?

Create a perfect professional look for yourself each day at your workplace! 


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