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5 Useful Power Tools for DIY People

Which are the most useful power tools for DYI people? Drilling, pumping or polishing? If you are a DIY expert, believe me, you will be using good tools which are running through electrical and power every day. Power tools use their specialty, convenience, and diversity to help you play on daily DIY activities. Last for a long time, these kinds of tools always play a major part in the DIY tools market. It is clear enough for you to know why power tools always mention by workers and householders when you go deep into the world of power tools. Compared to traditional hand tools, power tools become faster, more accurate, and more relaxed.

As the names of these group of tools said, the electrics and batteries are keys for using power tools. It is important to know, power sources are always necessary for power tools based on quality air compressors first and ensure you have one that delivers enough power. There are many people who are doing the power tools business, so one of the best brands in this market is ALTOCRAFT. Let’s take a look at what they can offer.

Top useful power tools for DIY people

  1. ALTOCRAFT12V Cordless Drill Driver
  2. ALTOCRAFT3-in-1 3-inch Cordless Polisher & Sander
  3. ALTOCRAFT12V DC Portable Tire Inflator
  4. ALTOCRAFT4-1/2 Inch 750W Angle Grinder
  5. ALTOCRAFT1-1/4 Inch SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer Drill
  6. Other ALTOCRAFT Power Tools

1. ALTOCRAFT 3/8″ 12V cordless drill driver

First things first, Drilling and Screw Driving are the two most common works for DIY creators, and this cordless drill will offer these two works with one tool. This tool features a 3/8inch keyless chuck and 310 in-lbs of torque are very convenient, and the compact &ergonomic design makes for a comfortable grip. It offers 2-speed settings (0-400 rpm and 0-1300 rpm) allowing you to choose different speeds to match your desired application. Come with a high-quality rechargeable 1300mAh lithium-ion battery pack, it is lighter and more powerful, compare with others. And this drill with 12 volts will meet most homeowners’ work needs.

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2. ALTOCRAFT12V 3inch mini polisher & sander

Another tool that will be mentioned here is a 2.3inch mini polisher & sander. The flexible design of the polisher allows you to replace different pads and wool cushions within seconds. The high-performance and multi-functional trusted buffer tool are not only for waxing and polishing but also for sanding and cleaning work in your space. It is especially useful for people who own a car.

Compared with other polishers, this one is smaller and lighter. It is only 2 lbs with a battery and a 3-inch polisher design for small-area use.

Based on the 2 Variable Speed & Detachable Side Handle, this tool allows you to control it and use it comfortably in any working situation. 

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3. ALTOCRAFT12V DC portable tire inflator

This product is a car air compressor, compare with a traditional inflator, this product does not need a battery pack and if you have a jump starter, it will make a good connection between itself and the jump starter. The power source of this product can be offered through the car cigarette socket. The powerful copper motor of this air pump provides excellent power, giving it maximum inflation pressure as high as 150 PSI and airflow up to 30 L/min. It inflated the 195/65R15 car tire just in 5 minutes.

For the overall dimension: 7.9” x 5.9” x 2.9”, net weight only 1.95LBS. The power cord and inflatable tube can store in the back place, easy to store the air pump in order. The 12V DC air compressor 4 kinds of nozzles for multiple needs.

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4. ALTOCRAFT4-1/2 Inch Corded Angle Grinder

Cutting, Grinding, and Rust Removing, 3-in-1 angle grinder. It is equipped with 6.5 Amps motor that provides 750W max output power, and it can produce a no-load speed of 11500RPM. Although the quality of work is good enough, it just weighs 4lb, which makes it easy for homeowners to handle while it cuts metal, tile, concrete, and other materials. For accessories, it is a handheld power tool with a metal grinding wheel, flat dis and 2 cut-off wheels.

For users, The soft grip handle improves user comfort and control. The extra large paddle switch for comfortable operation. What’s more, the two-position side handle allows for greater control and utility. It can switch from left to right, for additional control.

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5. ALTOCRAFT1-1/4 Inch SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer Drill

If some people feel headaches from their DIY heavy work, this heavy-duty Rotary Hammer will become a powerful assistant. This hammer drill includes 4 functions for use: drill position, position adjustment, demolition chisel hammer drill, and electric hammer chiseling. You can quickly switch the functions with 2 different switches. Compared with a single-function switch design, the double-function switch design can extend 100% of service life.

Why for heavy work? This electric rotary hammer drill has a powerful 13 amp(1500w) motor and 7 Joules impact rate which lets you complete any project. Although, its 4300 BPM impact rating could have been certainly better as it leaves the user wanting more.

Finally, this Rotary hammer drill has a soft grip which makes the handling process quite comfortable. The vibration reduction system ensures less arm fatigue.

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Other ALTOCRAFT Power Tools

As a professional tools company, since 2005, ALTOCRAFT has focused on creating and selling good quality tools for their customers.

Besides the 5 kinds of tools mentioned above, ALTOCRAFT pro tools also offer the best accessories and related services. If you are looking for good tools for a better life, ALTOCRAFT Pro. Tools will be one of the best choices for you.

These are the most useful power tools for DYI people from ALTOCRAFT. Hope you enjoyed reading the article and got it useful.

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