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Best Cordless Drill Machines and Tool Kit Buying Guide – Shop Like a Pro

There is a dizzying amount of best cordless drills available in the market today. Since it has become the most popular tools of this era, it comes in many different sizes and power output depending on the type of chores you have to perform with it.

These tools are required for holding or fastening a lot of material together and so the drills come really handy at the times of need. As a tool collector, my father is addicted to buying the new versions of tool kits and because of him, I have learned a great deal about it.

But just so you know for a naive person a drills machine is a tool that boreholes in materials like wood, plastic, metal, and of course the concrete. However, it comes with a great package and has been in the stages of improvisation.

The cordless technology is yet another innovative and improved step towards making the best drill machines. Over the last few years, the cordless drills can be overused for a very long period before needing a charge. This is made possible by using battery technologies like Lithium-ion that can charge up the tools for a longer time span.

But, without stopping there is still a buzz going in the market to add some new features in the tool that can be benefitted from. One such example is the addition of L.E.D. work lights, and rapid battery chargers within the toolkit. You can learn about a variety of batteries and chargers of metal detectors here.

So basically, this guide will enable you to discriminate between the different types of drills, some important terms, and other things that you should consider while shopping for your new cordless drill.

Learn The Types

So basically there are 5 types of cordless drills that you can opt from according to the task you want to perform. Before going to the market it is really important that you work out what type drill is used for the purpose, otherwise, it would be like spending on something worthless. You don’t want that right? So just keep reading!!!

Cordless Screwdriver


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The cordless screwdrivers are just great tools to be used indoors for significant household fixations and etc. These are low voltage tools that can install and remove the screws using very less torque. So, if you want to fix your cabinet doors or assemble the furniture, then this is the best option to go for.

Drill Driver

The cordless drill drivers are very much popular in the market. This type of drill can be used to drive fasteners and drill through a range of different materials. The tool-free chuck that comes with it allows you to switch between the bits very quickly.

However, the traditional drill drivers were large in size and were not ideal to be used in tight spaces, but with the cordless ones, you have the ease of use.

Impact Driver

The impact drivers are the ones that have significantly higher torque than the standard drill drivers. It is very much better at installing and removing the nuts, bolts, and fasteners. Also, it is much more compact than the traditional drill and can be used in tighter spaces. The impact drivers can only accept the bits and the accessories with a hex shaft.

Due to its vigilant and aggressive working power, the impact drivers are not ideal for drilling holes but can be used for heavy-duty work, such as for automotive chores or for rough carpentry work.

Hammer Drill

The cordless hammer drills as the name suggests generates the forward thrust along with the rotation. This hammering action will allow you to drill through the masonry materials and drive in the fasteners along with the other tasks.

However, the only problem is the hammer drills weigh a lot more than the other types and also it requires more power than the traditional drill drivers. This type of drill is ideal for the professionals and for those who work with the concrete, wood, and metal on regular basis.

Rotary Hammer

The rotary hammer drills are the larger, high power versions of the hammer drills. These are designed to drill and chisel through the masonry materials. Though, this type of drill is a job-specific tool and is much more effective than the combination of hammer drill/drivers.

The cordless rotary hammer drills deliver great portability versus their electric counterpart but it weighs more than about 10 pounds. This tool is used by the professionals, whose work is to drill and chisel through the masonry surfaces on regular basis.

How to Choose

Knowing the drill type you require, the list of selection cuts down shorter than before. But let us not just stop over here. It is now time to consider the features of the opted drill type. So the very first thing is to select a perfect battery type, then the size of the drill and then some other minor features that I will discuss in this section….so let’s get started…

The Battery Makes the Difference

Before the newer battery technology, the nickel cadmium (NiCd) battery types were commonly used, however after the innovation in batteries a much lighter lithium-ion cells (Li-Ion) were used that also allows for the making of lightweight cordless drills.

The Li-Ion battery models are much more preferable and are top-notch batteries that are now used in the cordless drills. In addition to the reduced weight, the Li-Ions deliver much higher power along with the longer run time.

 Moreover, it is eco-friendly as it does not make use of the cadmium, which is a toxic metal that can leach into the groundwater, if the spent NiCd batteries are thrown into the trash.

However, the NiCd powered batteries are still used in some tools because of its lower cost. You can also find a few nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) batteries out in the market, though it is very rare.

Despite its popularity, the Li-Ion batteries are not just flawless. In some of the tests conducted by the professionals, several batteries cannot be recharged after it is fully discharged. Moreover, the simple replacement of the Li-Ion cells cost about $100 or more.

When you choose a cordless drill for yourself, you should always keep in mind that the voltage claimed by the manufacturers is not similar to the power. Some 14 or 16-volt models are much more powerful than the 18-volt models.

The popular drills available in the market for household tasks costs less than $100 and have 3/8 inches chuck. These models can be used for drilling holes and other mundane tasks at home. For heavy-duty work, you will have to purchase contractor-grade models or the impact drivers that have a lot of torque.

Feel the weight

The weight and size of the tool is also an important factor that you must also consider. By checking the weight and the size you will know whether the machine is easy to maneuver or not. Moreover, you should also check the balance of the drill by lifting it to the wall in a perpendicular position and check if the chuck is pointed upward and downward. A fine drill must have the chuck pointed straight ahead.

Have a Full Proof Kit

The typical cordless tool kit will consist of a drill, a circular saw and a reciprocating saw. The circular saw is very much useful than the reciprocating saw. As the reciprocating saw is very weak and slow and does not meet the tasks needs. A cordless tool kit costs about $300 to $500.

Drill Bits: The Features to Consider

The most capable drills and drivers have long run times, letting you do more work with fewer pauses to charge or change batteries. Recharge times of 30 minutes or less are another advantage. Some manufacturers offer a variety of tools without batteries and chargers so that you can power them with the ones you might already have.

Look Again for the Batteries in a Toolkit

A lot of the cordless drill toolkits come with two batteries, so that if one gets sour or discharged than the other one can be used while it is charging. Brands like Craftsman, DeWalt, and Ryobi are among those that offer you to use the lithium cells with some of the nickel-cadmium tools.

However, there are some of the brands that offer you to buy drills, saws, and other tools without the batteries and the chargers, thus saving your money by letting you share both among the multiple tools as you would with a cordless kit. 

Check the Battery charger

What to do with the batteries, if the charger itself is defected right?? A smart charger offered by several models can recharge a battery in about 15 to 60 minutes, as compared to the three to five hours or more when used a conventional charger.

The smart chargers also extend battery life by adjusting the charge as required. A lot of models offers chargers that can charge two batteries at once, which might come handy if you are working on a huge project.

Several models also have a charge indicator and a meter that indicates the remaining charge. This feature is very helpful with the lithium-ion batteries, as the lithium-ion batteries damages when you let it run down fully before recharging.

The Famous & Best Cordless Drill Brands

The Black & Decker and the Craftsman are one of the top-notch brands that manufacture the best cordless drill machines ever. Other brands like Bosch, DeWalt Coupons, Hitachi, Makita, Milwaukee, and Ridgid are also in this game and offers expensive drills that are designed for professionals.

All of these brands are geared up to deliver the best cordless drill machine in various sizes, weight, and voltages. The Black and Decker cordless drills are also widely available at Amazon coupons and other E-commerce websites.

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