Do earrings set off metal detectors? It’s a concerning fact for many travelers when boarding an airplane. And this may ruin your vacation mood!

But don’t worry anymore!

You can safely pass through airport security carrying your jewelry in the carry-on. Go through this article, and you’ll find all your answers regarding the jewelry issue. 

Do Earrings Set Off Metal Detectors? What Are The Types Of Earrings That Can Set Off Metal Detectors?

Not all, but two types of earrings can set off the metal detector.

  1. Earrings made of metal
  2. Earrings with metal components

The magnetic field originating from the metal detector catches the metal elements in the earrings and sets off the alarm. And you’re more likely to set it off if you wear cheap costume jewelry that has magnetic metals as the main component.

Some earrings are entirely made of metals, like- gold, silver, copper, brass, and even steel. These are prone to set off any metal detectors when an adequate amount of metal is found in them. 

Pure Gold, silver, and platinum are non-metallic, so these won’t trigger the security alarm. Therefore, fine gold, silver, and platinum jewelry are okay.

The other type of earrings with metal components may also set off the alarm. These earrings have hooks, clasps, or other small metal components that can set the alarm off. This can happen even if the main part is made of non-metallic elements like- wood or plastic.

In most cases, small earrings or studs don’t trigger the metal detector. But when the earring size is quite large, it can cause the metal detector to go off. And that also varies on the sensitivity of the metal detector.

Metal-plated earrings can be another concerning issue for you whether it also cause the security alarm to go off. It mainly depends on the type and amount of metal used, not to mention the metal detector’s sensitivity that affects the trigger. 

You may need to remove your jewelry to pass through the metal-detecting sensor. So, it’s better to be prepared for any mishap that may occur at the checkpoint.

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The Factors That Can Trigger Metal Detectors

Some factors can easily trigger the metal detector. Earrings that are made entirely of metal and those that contain metal components can trigger the beep sound. But that depends on the following variables-

1. Size and shape of earrings

2. Type of metal used

3. Sensitivity of the metal detector

Generally, zippers, buttons, snaps, and small metallic parts won’t cause the beep to sound even though they have metal in them. However, if you are wearing a bulky necklace or huge wristwatch, that can set the alarm off combined with other elements. 

Earrings And Travel: Metal Detectors In Airports & Security Protocols

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection website clearly states that you have to fill out a FinCEN Form 105 for any kind of monetary instrument- gold or currency over $10,000 at the time of entry. 

The regulations for gold carrying in international flights per traveler is up to 1 kg in any form at max. And you may have to pay customs duty taxes where applicable. 

However, there is no boundary for carrying gold on a domestic flight. U.S. citizens can carry as much gold as they want as long as it’s a domestic flight.

But the only concerning matter is the specific baggage weight limited by the airlines. It shouldn’t exceed the limit unless you want to pay for additional weight.

Obviously, there are some factors that trigger the metal detector more often than usual. Also, the display of the walk-through passage is relatively sensitive. It always notes and shows the amount of metal carried along with you though it doesn’t beep unless an excess amount is detected. 

However, the standard amount of metal is adjustable and may vary from checkpoint to checkpoint based on the threat level for a certain event. 

How Do You Travel With Expensive Jewelry?

When traveling with expensive jewelry, you have to be extra cautious. And you have to ensure its safety and security if you’re traveling to an unknown place. 

Here are some tips for traveling with expensive jewelry to ensure its safety-

  • Carry your extra and expensive jewelry items in the carry-on bag instead of your pocket or baggage.
  • Ask the TSA security member to screen you privately if you’re carrying a lot of items to ensure their safety.
  • Make an insurance plan for it as a protection for your investment. 
  • Take clear pictures of the jewelry you’re bringing with you and keep them as evidence in case it gets lost, and write down the price for each piece. 
  • You can use a travel jewelry case to keep it secure in the hotel safety lock when not wearing it. 

But it’s best to avoid expensive jewelry when traveling, especially in a new place. Otherwise, you may become a target for pickpocketing. 

Do You Need To Remove Jewelry Through Airport Security?

You don’t need to take off your jewelry while going through airport security if you have small fine jewelry items. But you may trigger the security alarm if you’re carrying a bag full of jewelry. 

Metal jewelry can trigger the beep, be it a bulky bracelet, heavy earrings, extravagant rings, hefty bangles, a big necklace, or a lavish wristwatch. 

So, you may have to remove bulky pieces to pass through the screening. You can carry them in your handbag and wear them after passing the checkpoint. 

Don’t put them in the bin to pass them through the checkpoint. It may fall off accidentally when passing through the security belt. And you may forget counting later. Or passers-by can pick it up mistakenly.

Final Words

Hopefully, you got your answer to ‘Do earrings set off metal detectors?’. This may have cleared all your doubts that may come up when traveling with expensive jewelry, either national or international.

It’s best to carry any large item in the carry-on bag. You can wear small items. They shouldn’t get caught in the security points.

Did you have any personal experience regarding metal detector alarms from earrings? Share with us.

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