Nowadays Ductless split system has become so much popular. You can see those installed almost everywhere. But what is the catch here? Why are people choosing this type of air conditioning systems? I know these questions are arriving in your mind. Research has said that the use of the ductless split system will get multiplied by a lot in future days. Let’s find out together why people love this system.

What is a Ductless Split System?

A ductless split air conditioner or heater is a great and efficient system to keep constant room temperature of a house or office. The basic structure of the system is very minimal, but it provides excellent performance by keeping your room warm or cool constantly at the same temperature.

That is why this system is very popular nowadays, and you will see these types of systems installed in almost every house or office.

It contains a condenser which is generally referred to as the outdoor unit and an evaporator which is commonly known as the indoor unit. The outdoor unit is placed outside of the room; maybe mounted over the wall or on the ground.

Then there is the indoor unit which is mounted inside the room. The indoor unit can be controlled with a remote. These systems are considered the best systems in the air conditioning industry and lest find out why.

How does a Ductless Split System Work?

The working principle of ductless split systems is very simple. At the very beginning of the process, the air inside the room is taken out by the air handling unit. The unit you see inside your room does that.

This air is then transported into the condenser which is mounted outside of your room. You may call it the outdoor unit. This transportation is done by a pipe that may be visible outside the room.

The outdoor unit aka the condenser contains some coils which have coolant inside it. When the hot air comes in touch with the liquid coolant, it dissipates its heat turning the coolant into gas.

This gas is now transferred into a compressor where the recycling process happens, and the gas again turns into fresh liquid. This compressor unit is installed inside the condenser unit.

When the newly cooled air generates, the air is passed through the room with the air handling unit. This is a continuous process through which the room is cooled down. This process is more effective than traditional air-cooling systems.

There is no hassle of cutting your property. Only a small hole is enough to connect the pipe with the indoor unit and the outdoor unit which every modern house leaves open while building the house.

Also, a ductless split system is capable of running up to 8 indoor units with just one outdoor unit.

Why are People Choosing Ductless Split Systems?

Many house or offices don’t have the duct system installed in their house. No one wants to cut their houses to install those traditional air conditioning systems.

This problem gets solved when ductless split systems came into the market. Not only that, these split systems are cost-efficient, but you don’t have to trade any performance because of that cost.

In fact, these air conditioning systems are more efficient than traditional HVAC systems. Let’s find out what is the advantage of using these split systems.

1. The main reason behind choosing a ductless split system is there is no harm to the property. On other traditional air-cooling systems, you had to cut holes through your property which is not desirable to many house owners. The ductless system has changed this image for a while now. Instead of cutting a lot, you just need a tiny hole just to connect the pipe with indoor and outdoor units, which brings out the second advantage of this topic.

2. A ductless split system only requires a tiny little hole inside the house wall. Most of the houses have the hole made intentionally. That’s why there is no need for cutting the walls again. Also, a tiny hole is easy to maintain. Changes of leakage are very low due to the tiny hole as well. If any leakage happens. The maintenance cost is very low due to the leakage amount being very low.

3. This air conditioning system can be controlled with a single remote controller. In the past, there were knobs installed over the air conditioning unit. We had to move those knobs manually and needed to get closer to it. Remote controlling ductless systems made those things easier now. Also, some units can be controlled via smartphone apps nowadays, so that is something really cool about those systems.

4. These systems are very easy to install—no hassle from both sides. The mechanic needs to set the indoor and outdoor unit, and you are ready to go. Some drilling is all you need. Also, an outdoor unit can be used to control up to 8 indoor units which is another cool feature of ductless split systems.

5. The most important advantage of split systems is they come with the latest technology build. That’s why they are energy efficient and smart. It comes with sensors that can read the room temperature and able to provide feedback. It knows when to pump air and when not. Also, it can be controlled via smartphones, so that is also a good feature.

6. The air quality of the split system is much better than traditional systems. The old HVAC systems were unable to prevent polluted air coming from outside. In the split system, designers have focused on the air quality, and users have found that the air is much better than the old HAVC systems.


Not all upgrades are effective. In the air conditioning system, the ductless split type system beats it. It is not only a generation jump but also it is a jump over performance, efficiency, cost-effectiveness and so on. If you are still hanging with the old types of air conditioning system, it is time to replace it with the split system.

If you are still confused about why the electricity bills are so much high, I guess you know now, and you know what to do, right?

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