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Are you looking for Garrett’s beginner and a professional metal detector? Then the Garrett AT Pro would be the best choice for you, and that’s why we’re here to present you the Garrett AT Pro reviews.

We have an exciting show all over the internet and all the metal detecting forums everybody is talking about this revolutionary new detector of the AT pro.

Well, there’s not a lot of information out there right now, so we wanted to be able to show anything and everything about this machine.

It’s a fantastic detector, unlike anything that’s ever been made before. This is the Garrett AT Pro metal detector an all-terrain device designed for a wide variety of detecting environments.

The AT pro’s advanced features are designed for the expert treasure hunter but its standard modes can be easily operated by the beginner.

This detector can be used as a hobby for hunting treasures from the home’s back yard, in security divisions in entrance buildings and by the government’s countermine or ERW divisions.

From all these uses, the Garrett at Pro has proven its sustainability as well as its strength in the fields. Its accurate and effective usage has made many customers go back to buy them time and again albeit after a long period because they do not spoil any time soon.

Before we start the Garrett AT Pro reviews, let’s know about Garrett and a simple preview of the AT Pro.

Garrett AT Pro reviews

Metal detection and general treasure hunting as a hobby have never before been taken to these heights through the Garrett at Pro website. A metal detector is a gadget or device that gives off an alarm to metal that is not readily seen. The composition of a basic metal detector includes an oscillator which produces an alternate current that goes through a coil which produces an alternate magnetic field.

The way a metal detector works is that when a metal that conducts electricity gets close to the oscillator coil, eddies of currents are induced within the metal making it produce its own alternate magnetic field.

Preview of the Garrett AT Pro

The reason the Pro is on there is that the pro is for the professional hunter. Now the AT Pro is also a machine for a beginner, but it’s also a machine for the professional.

Because you can switch between your standard modes which operate somewhat like an H 250 and then you can move into the pro mode and then you have a whole new set of sounds that you can determine then the differences between different metallic objects.

So we recommend that anybody start in standard mode and then after that they move into the pro mode. So the AT Pro is being released in November of 2010.

Metal detectors are electronic devices that are becoming used for many different applications. The Garrett AT Pro is one of them. It has a central control box that carries the electronics and batteries. It also has a set of headphones to your alarm you with an audio signal when something is found.

Searching for buried treasures is a hobby many people are involved in. They hunt areas and look for coins, relics, jewelry and gold nuggets for fun and profit. Garret AT Pro is an ideal for such purpose.

With its low weight of only 3.03 lbs, you can hunt for a long time without feeling any fatigue. There are also accessories that come with Garret pro you can buy depending on the purpose you use the device.

Powered by 4 AA-size dry cells, it has a DD search-coil that is 11 “long and 8.5” wide. The housing includes electronics that is sealed to allow you to use even under water up to 10 feet, taking your treasure hunting under water. Also, you can use it in the beach or on the rain.

When you buy online in some cases the Garrett AT Pro you can get one of its accessories completely free. You also get a significant discount when you buy in a store well, but most likely you will enjoy totally free delivery.

Once you have your Garrett AT Pro metal detector, you are ready to begin your search for treasure. Get ready and have fun. In case you find any problems with the product that you could get in touch with Garrett customer services they will help you immediately.

According to Charles Garret Executive Director of the Company, they are generally trying to provide the best to their customers, and Garrett’s AT Pro is proof of that as they are created to meet the needs of their customers. As a result, you could buy this quality Garret metal detector with the confidence that the organization will look after any complaint you might have. Happy Hunting.

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Various Metal Detecting Finds Across the World – Hobbies

There are lots of hobbies and earlier-instances that men and women enjoy and searching for intriguing, notable and unique metallic sensing locates one of them.

Even though the gear might be fairly expensive, it may provide a fantastic go back to people that are serious about obtaining ancient artifacts, coins along with other lost items.

The things which can be observed vary immensely and could be anything from old loose change to unusual parts that hobbyists or museums and galleries would want to consider purchasing.

It’s well worth nothing and understanding that, looking upon this pastime as a way to generate money by marketing all that you will find will make you deflated and discouraged.

Not all tries will find out something or any real worth, and even those that make this happen may go days, a few months or perhaps decades among substantial detects.

If, however, you possess an authentic interest in historical cultures as well as the archaeology of Gortyn then this may be a powerful way to devote your extra time.

Material sensing detects from us contain things in the city battle these bits put together by way of a gentleman in The state of Garrett at pro-Virginia using a Nautilus DMC IIBa material alarm.

He uncovered a municipal battle saber full of its sheath plus a chef’s knife as well as energy connect plus a 3 penny coin going back in 1854.

In amidst his finds, there is additionally a huge collection of Mini baseballs. Shorelines are an excellent destination to lookup as folks often Garrett at pro-drop components of diamond jewelry here and do not understand until finally, they Garrett at pro have come back residence.

One person who has researched various beaches along the N.-Far eastern Atlantic shoreline has found many items for example band rings, expensive stone jewelry, last longer than, precious metal wristbands, designer watches as well Garrett at pro as other jewelry.

In Italy goods like Bronze Age combat, hatchets have been discovered, bronze strip studs, arrow brain, antique items dating back your fifth and 5th generations along with different necklaces.

At the same time in Germany discovers such as Bavarian Six pounder Reliable Brother Baseballs and fragmented phrases of Napoleonic Grenades (Howitzers) have been found. In Britain items including 1421 1Groat have been located and the go back on the Guideline of Holly the 6th.

And a 1327 money dating back Master Edward the 3rd tip has been found. Saxon sterling silver necklaces, precious metal plated brooches with frequently and rubies and gold roman jewelry have also been identified.

And finally in Finland items like a Viking necklace that dates back towards the 9th millennium which is of Scandinavian Borre Style has been found, Bronze and past due Middle Ages jewelry are found in addition to smaller goods and armed service links.

Whether some of the detects are from an essential monetary value is dependent positioned on the part, its background and how uncommon it can be. Though the enjoyment and pleasure of this pastime ought to originate from discovering a thing that hasn’t start to see the light of day in ages and was caressed by our ancestors and forefathers rather than the consideration of merely how much it can be well worth if you decide to flip it.

Garrett AT Pro Finds

This detector works all of its great functions some that have never been made on any detectors before and puts through its paces it’s going to be in two parts.

The first part is going to be showing standard modes and taking all the controlled interface of the AT Pro was bond Garrett the son of Charles Garrett and vice president of a manufacturing company in Garland.

The second part is going to be with the lead engineer, and one that did design the AT pro-Brent Weaver and We’ll show you all the professional parts, things this detector can do and all the control and how everything works on this great detector.

Well folks, the Garrett AT Pro continues to kick some butt in the Relic and Jewelry department. I have heard many reports by peoples finding deep Relics in the South from previously hunted to death sites.

The fact that the AT Pro is a high-frequency detector and is pre-ground balanced at the factory PLUS having a fast track ground balance PLUS having this new 11×8.5″ DD coil is adding to its uniqueness in finding hard to get artifacts.

The pre-ground balance is a discriminate mode with a ground balance system. And the new DD coil design with the blunted tip and tail make it as deep as a 12-13″ concentric coil. Luckily the AT Pro is waterproof and is finding itself quite a following at the beach for hitting gold jewelry in water and out.

Below are some pictures collected off the Garrett AT Pro forums from their users from the last few months. You will see the month listed on the pic of its month it showed up on the forums. I will just let the pictures do the talking now… Enjoy!

A New User of the Garrett AT Pro reviews

We usually swing one of our Fisher detectors, the 1266 and CZ5 but decided to buy the AT Pro because we could not afford the cost of the CZ21 for water detecting. It was a good choice, and we can tell that it will be one of our favorites!

The tones in pro mode are nice to any hunter’s ear, a lightweight, deep machine in my dirt and all around a great metal detector. This detector offers the best of all worlds in our opinion and here is what we mean; we use the 1266 in the woods to hunt for relics from the Civil War Campaign of Andrew Jackson in the creeks here in Alabama. We got 12 musket balls today and a cuff button using the AT Pro!

One of the best features is the blunt tip and tail ends of the DD coil. We went out the last few days and found a few nice items at depth of 6-8″ in the hard ground and 3 more musket balls and another cuff button, but when We metal detected only next to large tree bases the AT Pro performed outstandingly, the extended detection range beyond the end of the blunted coil tip provided a 1841 half time at 2″ and 9 more musket ball bullets!

In conclusion, our Fisher’s might be gathering a bit of dust in the closet while we will be grabbing my Garrett AT Pro as my main metal detector from now on!

Test to a depth of…

At-Pro running at 15 kHz and the expected depth should not be prohibitive. It also showed the test in air. If we compare the Pro mode and standard mode about, then depth-wins standard mode.

This can be explained by the fact that in the Pro mode with increasing depth of sound gradually decays and deep targets can be heard only through headphones already. I also noticed a feature that a small target, in the Pro mode gives a crackling, no clear signal. Test the air is always somewhat arbitrary.

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Garrett AT Pro reviews: Features

Keep aside the fierce good appearance of the Garrett at Pro metal detector, and you will discover the amazing technological feature of this machine.

Garrett has come up with the edge technology plus the comprehensive features of previous lines and packaged them into one top selling model.

This article will acquaint you with the basic features of the Garrett AT pro and offer instructions on how to use this detector with success in the field.

Search Coil

Purchasing the 4.5-inch sniper coil as opposed to getting the 9 x 12 coil gives more and better benefits to the user. This is because the sniper coil has more versatile abilities that the 9 x 12 while it at the same time, makes it much easier to identify what exactly lays underneath the detector.

It is also much recommended to get the extra lower and upper pole set of assembly and bolt. This allows the user to switch between coils with high speed and with less effort.

For optimal effect, you would be well advised to purchase a set of coil covers and headphones.

It is equipped with a large eight and a half inch by 11 inch DD configuration search coil.

This coil provides excellent detection depth, a wide coverage area and it has been engineered for optimum performance in more challenging mineralized grounds. There’s also a full array of accessory search coils available for the AT pro.

Operating Frequency

Operating at 15 kilohertz the AT Pro is ideal for hunting coins, relics, caches, jewelry and even gold nuggets. This detector features high-resolution iron discrimination. You have settings from zero to 40 to allow you to set your iron discrimination at just the right level to help separate good targets from bad.

Target ID

Treasure targets are identified by the AT pro both with a target ID cursor on the LCDs upper scale and also by the digital target ID below. This digital target ID provides an even more specific value to identify targets more precisely.

Depth indicator

The depth indicator displays the depth of a coin size target and increments of 2 inches. The AT Pro also produces distinct audible tones based on a targets metal type and conductivity. The AT Pro is fully waterproof to 10 feet or 3 meters. It can be used to hunt in both saltwater and freshwater environments making this detector truly an all-terrain and all treasure machine.

Ground Balance

The AT Pro includes both manual and automatic ground balance features. This gives you the ability to achieve stable detecting performance in challenging environments such as highly mineralized ground or salt water. The AT Pro can be easily adjusted for different heights, and it has cam locks on the shaft for added stability.

Lightweight and Headphones

This detector is lightweight and includes a set of headphones which can be used in almost all hunting environments including wading into bodies of water. The equipment is not heavy in such a way that an older boy will not be able to carry it around the yard comfortably. If you’re going to submerge the headset completely there are optional headphones available from Garrett which are completely waterproof.

Fully Submersible

The AT is an all-weather machine which means you can treasure hunt in almost any environment including underwater. So it is fully submersible. Now that’s submersible to ten feet, and that is suitable for most applications for Beach hunting, shallow surf, in freshwater lakes.

If you get caught in a rainstorm any of those applications or you’re there on the beach, and a wave comes in and hits the detector, and you know, gets it all wet don’t worry at all. It is designed for all weather application.


In the design of the housing, there are three separate compartments. One compartment is completely isolated, and that’s the electronics and the second compartment is the battery compartment, and the third isolated compartment is the speaker which is underneath so for example.

If the speaker compartment gets wet don’t worry it’s isolated from electronics and if the batteries were to come out and water to get up and the battery compartment don’t worry about it because the electronics are in their separate compartment.

What you will like

  • Also, Garrett’s exclusive iron audio feature allows you to hear the discriminated iron targets which would normally be silent.
  • Iron audio helps you avoid digging an undesirable target.
  • ​The Pro Mode audio feature allows users to hear subtle changes in targets response.
  • ​The digital target ID scale offers increased ability to distinguish one targets conductivity from another.
  • ​It is fully submersible to ten feet, and that is suitable for most applications for any conditions.
  • ​It has six total search modes and Pro Mode plus electronic pinpointing select from custom coins or zero to get the best discrimination patterns of your hidden treasure.

What you may not like

  • The waterproof headphones of AT Pro are sold separately.
  • It doesn’t have any back-lit display.

Product Specifications

Dimensions22 x 11 x 5 inches
TechnologyVLF Single Frequency
Coil Size8.5″ x 11″ PRO performance DD submersible search coil
Search Modes6 total (3 pros, 3 standards)
Search Mode TypesAll Metal, Coins, Custom / + 3 Pro Modes
Ground BalanceBoth Auto & Manual
Operating frequency15 kHz
Batteries4 AA batteries required
Display TypeLCD
Adjustable SensitivityYes
Target Strength MeterYes
Adjustable DiscriminationYes
HeadphonesGarrett MS-2 headphones
Made InUSA
Warranty2 Years

How to Assemble the AT Pro?

Assemble of your new AT Pro is very simple.

1. First, select the upper and lower stem assembly. Then holding it in front of you and select the lower cam lock. The one closest to the stem assembly twist the lower cam lock clockwise to loosen it.

2. Then loosen the upper cam lock by twisting it counterclockwise. After that depress the spring clips to extend the shaft. Next press the two mounting washers firmly into place in the openings at the base of the lower stem.

3. Slide the search coil onto the stem and insert the threaded bolt through the holes on the lower stem and search coil. Then hand tighten the search coil assembly with the wing nut, loosen and remove the upper cam lock collar.

4. Slide it over the s stems spring clips. Next, depress the spring clip in the S stem and insert the control housing s stem through the upper cam lock into the upper stem.

5. Then hand-tighten the cam lock collar being careful not to over tighten. It is important to engage the spring clip into the first stem opening in order to maintain battery compartment access.

6. Depress the spring clip in the lower stem and adjust to the most comfortable operating length. Then hand-tighten the lower stem cam lock collar. Wrap the cable snugly around the stem with the first turn of the cable going over the stem.

7. Insert the search coil connector into the four pin connector on the left side of the control housing. Notice the pin orientation of the connector before attempting to insert it. It’s important to insert the connector fully to ensure proper connecting and sealing.

8. Then thread the collar into place until it is hand tight. If the o-ring is properly seated, the connectors collar can be easily tightened if this color is difficult to turn the o-ring has not seated properly.

9. The AT pros headphones connect on the right side of the control housing. Notice that this is a two pin connector which also must be aligned properly. Again push the connector fully into place before tightening the collar. Secure the headphone cable under the arm cuff by pressing it into the headphone cable clip you.

Features Settings and Uses


You’re AT Pro has eight settings for sensitivity. Use higher sensitivity settings for very small or very deep targets and use lower sensitivity levels in locations where the detector is behaving erratically.

Several factors can cause your detector to appear to behave erratically outside electrical interference, highly mineralized soil, excessive metallic trash or the presence of other metal detectors often these interferences can be resolved with proper ground balance discrimination or by changing frequencies without having to reduce sensitivity.

Different Frequencies

The AT Pro is capable of operating it for slightly different frequencies in order to minimize the interference from electrical sources such as power lines or from any other metal detectors.

To adjust frequencies hold down the pinpoint button and press the plus or minus sensitivity push buttons to change the frequency to find one with the least amount of interference. The frequency setting from f1 to f4 will be indicated on the LCD.

After that release the pinpoint button when finished. These frequency adjustments are small and will not affect target detection capabilities.

Ground Balanced

Another important feature of the AT Pro is its ability to be ground balanced either manually or automatically. Detector performance can be negatively affected by ground mineralization.

It is important to achieve proper ground balance to cancel unwanted ground signals. This allows the detector to obtain maximum stability giving you more performance better detection depth and more precise pinpointing.

For automatic ground balance press and hold the ground balance button as you bounce or pump the search coil from 1 to 8 inches above the ground. When there is a minimal audio response from the ground release the push button and begin hunting the ground balance value will have been indicated in the center of the LCD.

Low ground balance values indicate conductive and soil high ground balance values indicate ferrous soil.

One important thing to note about ground balancing when you ground balance the detector and highly mineralized soil.

It’s crucial that you maintain ground balance at the search height you will be sweeping the coil above the ground. Bob the coil is close to the ground as possible because that’s where you’ll be sweeping the coil right above or right on the ground.

A neutral ground there’s not much penalty in fact, some ground is so neutral that the detectors current ground ballot setting will not change when you attempt the ground balance the detector.

You may want to use the manual ground balance function to ground balance slightly positive to enhance the detection of small targets or balance slightly negative to reduce detection of hot rocks and terracotta.

Press and release the ground balance push button and continually bounce or pump the search coil above the ground. If low tones are produced increase the ground balance setting using the plus notch discrimination if high tones are produced decrease the setting using the minus notch disk push button.

Press and release the plus or minus notch disk push-buttons to make single step adjustments or press and hold to make large adjustments. Continue bouncing the coil and making adjustments until the minimum audio response is obtained indicating the detector is ground balanced.

The ground balance setting will be indicated on the LCD. Press and release the ground balanced push button again to exit manual ground balance mode. The ground balance setting will be retained when the detector is switched off.

Detection Modes

The AT Pro includes six detection modes. Three standard modes and three Pro modes. Simply tap the mode button to scroll through the six options custom, coins and zero in the standard mode, and custom, coins and zero and the pro mode.

Let’s start by first discussing the difference between operating in standard mode and operating in pro mode. In its standard mode the AT probe provides full strength audio response, regardless of the target size or distance from the search coil. This consistent target response is called binary audio, in other words, it is either on or off and it either beeps, or it doesn’t.

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The Garrett AT pro has made a pure performance machine we call the AT pro and what we want to talk about is this machine is explicitly called the AT the all-terrain name.

This machine is very user-friendly but by no means a toy or entry level detector but surely a machine you can grow into. The ATs stands for all-terrain and can be used anywhere on land or in water.

It can be immersed in water to a maximum depth of 10 feet to search in and along shorelines, rivers, piers, docks or swimming holes as well as all land sites from mountains to deserts.

The AT Pro comes with key features such as the all-terrain, versatility, weatherproof, housing designed for dusty, humid or wet environments.

The AT pro’s superior audio characteristics provide fast recovery speed, which is important for separating adjacent targets and in areas where good targets may be scattered amongst iron trash.

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