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10 Best Metal Detector for Gold: A Full Guideline from Choosing to Buying

We know, you think a lot when you are going to buy the best metal detector for gold. Whenever you are going to buy a gold detector, you suffer from choosing or comparing the products. We are here to tell you about the ten best metal detectors for gold. We ensure that after reading this article you will have explicit knowledge of all types of gold detectors and you will not be going to face any difficulties in choosing a pro, mid, or beginner level gold detector.

So basically, what is a metal detector? Is it going to search for hidden treasure for you? Or, Can gold be detected by a metal detector? We guess now you are laughing. But trust me, it can. A metal detector has the features to detect any metals within a second from a vast depth under the soil. If you are too curious about what is buried under the surface of your home, or if you have lost a precious metal in your yard, but you were unable to find that after some tremendous effort that a person could do under the hot sun, then a metal detector is the real savior this time.

Just grab a metal detector to find the valuable metal which you have lost or pick a holiday to explore what is buried inside your yard. But wait! Let’s assume that you have lost your gold wedding ring in your yard. Now you need a gold detector. But tell me do you know which one is the best metal detector for gold? We think you don’t. Then let’s discuss the best metal detectors which are available on the market right now.

Here we will discuss all of the critical features and every Pros and Con which need in the best gold detector. So, before we start, let’s know some basic things which you shouldn’t miss.

What is a Metal Detector?

Metal detectors are commonly known as devices that can sense any metal from an extensive range of depths under the soil or water. It gives you the right and exact metal location with the feedback.

Metal detectors an electronic devices used specifically for the detection of buried metal objects. The use of electromagnetic fields to detect the presence of metallic objects. Metal detectors exist in a variety of walkthrough handheld and vehicle-mounted models and are used to search personnel for hidden metallic objects at entrances of airports, public, schools, courthouses, and other guarded spaces.

It is also used for finding landmines, bombs hidden under the ground, archaeological things, and so on. In the 1930s, metal detectors started to be used widely and developed. Lieutenant Joseph Stanislaw Kosaki was a Polish officer attached to a unit stationed in St. Andrews Fife Scotland. During the early period of the Second World War that refined the design into a practical detector.

A typical metal detector is lightweight and consists of just a few parts like the control box, shaft, and search coil. Metal detectors use one of three technologies very low frequency, pulse induction, and beat frequency oscillation.

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How do the metal detectors work?

Here we learn how a VLF method works. A typical VLF metal detector contains a coil of wire wrapped around the round head at the end of the handle is known as the transmitter coil. There is a battery for supplying electricity to the transmitter coil. A magnetic field will be generated around the coil.

It has another coil in the head of the detector. It is connected to a circuit containing a loudspeaker. The magnetic field will be changed when you move the metal detector over a metal object. The magnetic field creates an electric field inside the object. This electric field creates another magnetic field around the object. The magnetic field will cut through the receiver coil moving up above this.

The magnetic field creates the flow of electricity around the receiver coil and up through the receiver circuit to a loudspeaker that beeps to alert you found something. If you move closer to the metal object, you will hear a loud sound. If the stronger the magnetic field the metal creates in the receiver coil, the more current flows about the speaker and the louder the noise.

Things you need to know before buying a Gold Detector

Finding the best metal detector for gold is very confusing, especially when dealing with the budget. There are several machines in the market, but the fact is how should you choose the best one or the best one that suits your style? The main thing is you must know about the features of a metal detecting machine which will help you a lot to choose the suitable one. The features are described below:

Detector Technology

Mainly two types of metal detectors are available in the market. One is the VLF type & other is the PI type.

VLF means Very Low Frequency. It emits a frequency in the rating of kilohertz starting from 3 kHz to 70 kHz. This type of metal detector is suitable for beginners. It can also detect other stuff like coins, jewelry, and relics. Besides it is considerable in low budget.

Pulse Induction (PI) is mainly used for searching in maximum depth in the ground which is too much mineralized.

The PI detector emits a pulse and measures the pulse per second in return. PI is wise to use when you are a pro in this section. Besides it is specially designed for gold nugget hunting. But the fact is you have to consider a slightly high budget to get a PI.

Operating Frequency

This feature mainly depends on the technology of detection. If the machine uses the VLF technology, then it emits the signal between 3 to 70 kHz as discussed before.

As we are talking about the machine that is about to find the gold nugget, we must know something about this little stuff. All the nuggets are not the same in size. So, to buy a detecting machine, you must study the geographical position so that you can predict the size of the nugget that you will get. Because there stands an inverse relationship between frequency and nugget size as well as the maximum depth of the ground.

VLF and PI machines of low frequency detect the larger nuggets they cannot detect smaller ones accurately. It also struggles to detect gold in higher depth.

Alternatively, machines of higher frequency can find more accurately and more efficiently even in higher depth and also the low size nuggets.

Coil Size

The thing is almost the same in the case of coil size. If the coil size is larger it can get bigger nuggets & the smaller the coil gets, the lower the target. As same as the frequency here also stands an inverse relationship.

If the hunting field is rocky, then it will be wise to use a machine with a smaller coil. It gives more accurate results by finding the small tight gaps. Again, if the ground is highly mineralized, the large coil machine is recommendable. So, considering the geographical position, you must think about the coil size and the frequency to be more efficient.


Choosing the ground for hunting is very important. Detector machines play differently in different types of ground. In case the ground is more mineralized lower frequency VLF and PI will be more efficient than the higher one. If the area is exceptionally mineralised like black sand in a stream bed, then PI will be the best option to choose.


The collective term that can be used for calibration is the ground balance. The ground balance of a machine is also an essential factor for hunting. Some devices have automatic ground balance some have manual ground balance. It is wise to choose a machine which has both options.


As we discussed before the geographical position of hunting is a significant factor. If the ground for finding gold is too loaded with trash, the scenario will be different. It must be mentioned that the term “trash” is used in a broad meaning. Here trash means anything that isn’t gold.

By using VLF detectors, you might get some advantages. This machine can discriminate between gold and trash. So that you can choose to ignore trash signals.

As a result, you can only concentrate on the right gold signals. The fact is PI detectors are not too good at this.


It is essential to visualize the result of searching. For this radar is attached to the machine. It helps to determine the size and position of the nuggets in the ground. However, the buyer has to consider a high price range for this attachment. Besides it will be recommended for pro users.

Pinpoint Mode

This feature is mainly to justify the position of the nuggets. Here it shows the view of the nuggets with respect to the centre of the machine’s coil. This feature will be more helpful for pro users rather than beginners.

These features help you to have enough knowledge of a metal detector. I’m sure that these items will help you before buying a metal detector for gold.

So, before start talking about #10 the best metal detector for gold, I have something to tell you. Don’t worry I am not going to tell you something horrible. In this season I’m going to say to you Professional, Mid, and Beginner all three kinds of the gold detector. So that you can find a detector in your range and be satisfied.

Every type of product has very different quality and quantity. Because you can’t expect all the facilities in a beginner-level gold detector. There are also some probabilities that you invest a lot but can’t get a professional one.

Another big problem is every company says that their product is the best gold detector on the market. So, how are you going to solve this problem? Don’t panic; I’m going to compare the best gold detectors for you.

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Top 3 Picks Metal Detector For Gold Review Comparison

ProductTechnologyWeightApplicationWarrantyAffiliate link
Garrett Ace 400 Metal DetectorVLF2.60kgProspecting, Cache Hunting, Coin Hunting, Jewelry Hunting, Relic Hunting, Competition Events, Dry Beach/Fresh Water Hunting, Ghost town hunting2 YearCheck on Amazon
Garrett AT Pro Metal DetectorVLF1.4kgCoin Hunting, Jewelry Hunting, Relic Hunting, Cache Hunting, Prospecting, Ghost Town Hunting, Competition Events, Beach/Fresh Water Hunting2 Year, Limited Parts/LaborCheck on Amazon
NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC PRO Series Metal DetectorAdvanced1.04kgFinding Gold, Coins, Jewelry, Tools and more2 YearCheck on Amazon

Best Metal Detector for Gold – Top 10 Metal Detectors

1. Minelab GPZ 7000

Minelab’s new GPZ 7000 detector is a professional-level gold detector. This detector was introduced in 2015 and is still in the market with high competition. New technologies for finding deeper gold without sacrificing sensitivity for small gold. GPZ 7000 outperforms the other detectors. With a significant depth improvement over GPZ on small gold nuggets, the results for medium and larger nuggets are also awe-inspiring. The GP said 7000 is a new ZVT (zero voltage transmission) technology developed by Bruce Candy.

This provides a quantum leap in performance beyond traditional continuous wave and pulse induction technologies. So unleash your detecting power with GPZ 7000.


  • It’s powered by a high-capacity lithium-ion battery which has a runtime of over 8 hours allowing you to detect for a whole day on a single charge.
  • The GPZ 7000 coil is fully waterproof and submersible to one meter.
  • ​It has a new super D configuration with the center transmit winding, and two outers receive windings. This has the advantage of significantly reducing interference from magnetic soils.
  • ​There are two essential detector functions for optimising performance gold mode and ground type. Gold mode has three options high yield (this is the susceptible default mode great for small to medium nuggets both near the surface and at depth we recommend you start in this mode to find the most gold Possible), general (for detecting even deeper without losing too much sensitive leads to smaller gold), and Extra deep (taking you to the next level of gold detection). There are also three options for the Ground type. Normal (for non-mineralized ground), Difficult (to use in most goldfields conditions), and (severe for the extremely hot ground where PI detectors struggle)
  • ​The detector has an integrated GPS module full-color LCD keypad and trigger button.
  • ​Quality cost headphones are supplied the 12 wireless module which has a built-in speaker and can also be used with headphones.
  • The pro spring 45 harness includes an extra J strut and a crosspiece for improved detector support, and the g8n guide arm provides additional swing control.

What you will like

  • Because it has a high-capacity lithium-ion battery, this machine allows you to detect as long as you want.
  • You don’t have to worry about the depth of water; it is a fully submersible and waterproof coil up to one meter.
  • ​The detector has two types of modes, and each of them is divided into three categories to get the hundred percent outfeed and easy to access.
  • ​The machine comes with an integrated GPS module and trigger button to locate your target clearly and efficiently.

What you may not like

  • There are not any kind of bad reviews about this detector, but the detector is very expensive for beginners and intermediate-level users.
  • Minelab GPZ 7000 is one of the most potent gold detectors right now. I can give you a guarantee that you will not disappointed after buying this machine. Because GPZ 7000 inputs all those valuable features that a professional-level gold detector needs.

2. Minelab GPX 5000

Minelab GPX 5000 is one of the highest gold detectors the detector industry has products ever had. The high-performance GPX 5000 metal detector can find more gold than ever before. It is easy for the beginners to operate and also the pros. With its automatic switch on and go factory preset search mode. it will be helpful for both. The Minelab Company attached some exclusive technology like Dual Voltage Technology (DVT), and Smart Electronic Timing Alignment (SETA) on GPX 5000 to develop your detecting power. Now let’s move to its features.


  • Minelab GPX 5000 Metal Detector with Commander Series 11″ Round Double D Coil, 15″ x 12″ Monoloop Coil, Coil Covers, Metal Detecting Harness, Lithium Ion Battery, Koss Headphones, Battery Charging System and Minelab Finds and Rubbish Bag.
  • The GPX 5000 is stacked with mine lab’s’ exclusive technologies like multi-period sensing dual voltage technology and smart electronic timing alignment to ensure that you detect the most amount of treasure.
  • ​It also comes with an 11-inch double D coil and an 11-inch mono coil.
  • ​With eight soil timings a fantastic range of features and the legendary ability to see through ground mineralisation.
  • The Minelab GPX 5000 also comes with a new pro swing 45 for Minelab a revolutionary detecting harness that increases time and comfort in the field.
  • ​A weight distribution system that evenly redistributes the weight of the detector and the battery around the body. The battery is lithium-ion rechargeable.
  • It includes industry-leading technology and unique features like motion control, and iron reject.

What you will like

  • You can use it for 12 hours continuously without any suffering.
  • Transflective white backlight and 64 by 128 pixels display can ensure your comfort level.
  • It has six preset search modes which you can’t find in mid or low-level metal detectors.
  • ​GPX 5000 will also alert you to low battery.

What you may not like

  • GPX 5000 is not waterproof.
  • This detector is very expensive.

The GPX 5000 detectors run very well in the most extreme conditions. So, don’t miss out on finding treasure and get yourself a Minelab GPX 5000 today.

3. Garrett AT Gold

Garrett AT Gold is an ideal detector for gold detecting. Though AT Gold was not unexpectedly designed with gold in mind featuring an 18 kHz frequency makes this detector perfect for detecting Gold nuggets. AT Gold is the ultimate device for gold detecting. This detector provides some great features that you won’t find on many other devices. It was designed to detect small gold nuggets in the most challenging environments. With digital target ID, three search modes, advanced ground balance, and electronic pinpoint ensure you all of those things that a professional metal detector requires. The detector is so powerful that you can’t go wrong. If you are looking for the best gold nugget detector, then it is entirely for you.


  • Like most of the Garrett brand detectors, ACE Gold also has a Digital target ID on the LCD screen to find the metal on a scale of 0 to 99. This feature is beneficial in detecting metal objects.
  • There are three search operation modes and the All-metal modes ensure you find even the smallest gold nuggets in depth.
  • ​The advanced Ground Balance feature enables you to avoid unwanted signals, and you can set manual or automatic modes to increase your detecting power.
  • It is submersible up to 3 meters which is good if you don’t want to stop at the edge of the water.
  • ​All-metal Iron audio allows you to define iron objects easily even underwater or on sensitive ground.
  • Electronic Pinpoint and Depth indicator features are therefore to accurately locate your targets and display the depth of coin-sized of your objectives.

What you will like

  • This device is quick and easy to set up.
  • The machine comes with a reliable battery life.
  • ​It can find buried artifacts like gold, silver bronze, and all other precious materials from quite a good depth.
  • ​The impressive ground balance feature provides the ability to adjust auto and manual ground balance.

What you may not like

  • The detector works well only in freshwater, but you cannot use it in saltwater.

Garrett AT Gold is a susceptible and powerful machine. It can easily target gold nuggets and jewelry. If you are searching for a powerful, highly sensitive, and extremely useful gold detecting machine, then you can choose AT Gold without any hesitation.

4. Fisher Gold Bug Pro

Fisher is one of the reputed metal detector brands. Primarily they provide some of the best gold detectors, and Fisher Gold Bug Pro is one of those. Fisher Gold Bug Pro is an upgraded version of Gold Bug. This machine offered more controls in several types of ground conditions and enhanced visual and audio identification. Because of that, you can find the smallest gold nuggets in highly mineralized soils. Up to 19 kHz operating frequency, lightweight, V.C.O audio in all types of metal, and Discrimination mode address this machine great for Gold hunting.

So, if you want a level Gold metal detector and want to use it for a long time, then definitely Gold Bug Pro is for you.


  • The good thing about Gold Bug Pro, it has V.C.O Audio in all metal and Discrimination modes which allows you to go as in-depth as you need.
  • ​Bug pro added V-Break breakpoint tone which is Industry’s first variable breakpoint tone discrimination system.
  • ​Most customers like this device because it is very lightweight and the fisher company also includes a user-friendly interface.
  • ​This detector comes with a 19 kHz operating frequency which will ensure you find even the smallest piece of gold nuggets.
  • You will never face any bad issues when you are detecting high mineral soils.
  • ​Ground condition readouts continuously, Ground Grab, and a real-time computerized ground balancing system give you the chance to detect metal in any type of ground.

What you will like

  • User-friendly interface and lightweight make it easy to use and carry.
  • The fe3O4 visual indicator informs you of the amount of mineralization.
  • ​A real-time ground balancing system instantly gives you a signal more clearly.
  • It has the freedom to control over threshold and gain.

What you may not like

  • It is slightly high-budgeted, and only the coil is waterproof.

​With some cool features, it stands for a high gold detector. The machine will provide you with all the facilities that you want in a gold detector. Trust me; it will be the best asset if you buy this detector.

5. Fisher Gold Bug 2

​​A highly recommended metal detector for both pros and amateurs. It is made for different soil conditions. So, you will get accurate service in any rough situation that you can imagine, and that’s why Fisher Gold Bug 2 can be a dream product for you. Fisher Gold Bug 2 was released 23 years ago but it is still so famous that people love to use this detector for gold. ​Now the question is what makes it unique? The answer would be Fisher Gold Bug 2 has a 71 kHz operating frequency, and it is a great asset to have in a detector. 10″ search coil, Iron-Disc mode, two 9V batteries, and many more features make it a fabulous gold metal detector.


  • Extremely powerful 71 kHz operation frequency is highly sensitive to all kinds of metal even you can find a small gold nugget and small jewellery.
  • Gold Bug Pro is highly sensitive to the smallest gold and jewelry. This machine can also boost audio single when it finds small and depth targets.
  • ​Two 9 Volt batteries allow you to detect up to 25-35 hours in a row so that you can detect for a long time without any suffering.
  • ​It is very lightweight. Less weight allows you to carry the detector as long as you want.
  • ​10” search coil allows searching in depth.

What you will like

  • The detector is extremely useful for small jewelry searches.
  • You can operate up to 25-35 hours with two 9-volt batteries.
  • ​It is highly resistant to moisture and dust.
  • Gold Bug 2 comes with three auto-tune modes to detect any type of condition.

What you may not like

  • It doesn’t have any pinpoint mode and tone adjust settings.
  • The Iron discrimination mode sometimes rejects gold if the ground is highly mineralized.

​Fisher Gold Bug 2 is a great asset to detect. This product is fully reliable, and people love to use it. So, don’t waste your time, rush this detector right now!

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6. Tesoro Lobo SuperTRAQ Metal Detector

​You probably heard many stories about the treasure hunt. Treasure hunting is an adventurous profession. So, you like to hunt gold, coins, or other precious materials. It can be your profession or just kind of a hobby. If you are thinking of being a part of this adventurous work, you have to be concerned about the vital tool you need. You must have a metal detector that allows you to find gold, coins, and other precious things.

​If you are worried about what type of metal detector you need or which one is better for starting, Tesoro will be the best tool. The Tesoro Lobo SuperTRAQ has some magnificent features that allow you to operate very efficiently. It is the best gold nugget metal detector you can use easily.

​It has versatile uses like gold nuggets, coins, and other metals. It has a strong frequency that can scan deep on the ground. The Tesoro Lobo SuperTRAQ Metal detector generates and transmits very low frequency and has a receiver to receive the echo of the frequency from a metal body. Its most significant feature is the ground settings which can be switched to regular, alkali, and black sand.

​The detector is a lightweight which is much comfortable to work all day long with it. It also has mode selection settings that can detect any metal like silver, copper, bronze, iron, etc. Also, it has a sensitivity switch that allows you to control the sensitivity of the detector with the depth of the ground.


  • It has a 17.5 kHz frequency which is enough for searching for any metal in the deep ground.
  • It has a lifetime warranty. So, you won’t worry about the maintenance of the detector.
  • ​The detector has the pinpoint mode that doesn’t require any motion for all metal.
  • It has a discrimination level control.

What you will like

  • Its weight is 3.6 lbs. Or 1.62 kg.
  • It has 350 Hz to 570 Hz audio frequency with a speaker and headphone jack.
  • It has an Eight AA cell battery which backs up 20 to 30 hours so that you can use it all day long.

What you may not like

  • It doesn’t work on water or wetlands.
  • In the very depth, it cannot receive the signal from metal.

​The metal detector can vary from their working principles such as what types of work you operate, which metal you are searching for or where you are searching either ground or water. If the answer is to explore gold nuggets and coins in the ground, you should buy the Tesoro Lobo SuperTRAQ metal detector without any hesitation.

7. Garrett Ace 400 Metal Detector

Garrett brand is one of the most repudiated metal detecting companies right now. The ACE 400 has earned some promising reviews. If you’re looking for a quality-built, professional metal detector, then it is a perfect choice for you. ACE 400 is suitable for all types of hunting, like coins, jewelry, relics, and gold. ACE 400 has iron audio, digital target ID, adjustable frequency fractures, and many more.

​ACE 400 is an upgraded version of the discontinued ACE 350 version. So, it added some coolest features that were missing in ACE 350. ACE 400 Digital target ID and operation modes are more reliable than ACE 350. It is a more powerful and sensitive metal detector. I can assure you that after buying this detector, your detecting experience will be great.


  • ACE 400 comes with five search operation modes: zero-discrimination, Coins, Jewelry, Relics, and custom. So that you can identify mainly which metal you are looking for.
  • ACE 400 generates the Digital target the 0-99 numeric on the LCD screen. The features ensure you which type of metal you have found such as iron, copper, silver, gold, etc.
  • ​It has an 8.5×11″ large DD search Coil providing that you can see greater depth. This detector also gives you Three tones (low, medium, high), Pinpoint mode, and a depth indicator so that you can fill the experience of joy.
  • ​Iron audio is a captivating feature to have in such a cheap detector. This feature is confirmed in a low, grunting tone whenever you will find some iron.
  • ACE 400 has come with a VLF machine broadcasting at 10 kHz frequency which will adjust the frequency according to your requirement.
  • Last but not least Cam Locks feature is a plastic locking mechanism that adds stability to your device.

What you will like

  • Digital target ID on the LCD screen is a plus point to detect any metal easily.
  • Iron audio indicates in a low, grunting tone which confirms you have an iron in the ground.
  • ​ACE 400 operates a single-frequency VLF machine broadcasting at 10 kHz which you can adjust.
  • Three tones (low, medium, high), Pinpoint mode, and depth indicator are some excellent features for looking forward to gold.

What you may not like

  • ​Though this is a useful device but doesn’t have ground balance adjustment.
  • ACE 400 can be a little bit heavy for young kids.

​ACE 400 is an intermediate-level gold detector. With this machine, it could be much easier to practice how to find gold nuggets, but if you can control it or know how to play with it, then you can have a lot of fun.

8. Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector

Garrett AT Pro is a great detector to start. Imagine you are carrying a detector that is fully waterproof with professional-level features and at an affordable price. With 8.5″-by 11″ PRO performance DD search Coil and MS-2 Headphones create a good impact in general mass. It is a versatile and all-terrain metal detector because of its uses. From dry, musty bogs, and dusty deserts to humid and beyond the Garret AT Pro can work everywhere.

​With strong single frequency, auto ground balance system, and fully waterproof protection it is a reliable metal detector. It is a device that suites for both beginners and professionals. You will be satisfied because of its coolest features.


  • Waterproof and fully submersible to 10 feet it is a perfect detector for hunting in lakes, rivers, and even in the ocean.
  • Expert level audio system or Pro Mode audio is an advanced feature that will notify you what metal you abjectly want.
  • ​Its lightweight (3.03 lbs or 1.37 kgs) allows you as long as you want to use and carry anywhere you like to.
  • ​​Iron Audio ensures you hear discriminated iron in a way where you know that there is iron in the ground. It is beneficial for hunting and coin shooters.
  • Its Ground Balancing features allow you to ignore signals from the ground like iron and salt and also will enable you to find targets deeper with an impactful target ID accuracy.
  • Garrett AT Pro comes with a single that operates at 15 kHz frequency which is useful for finding any sizes of targets.

What you will like

  • AT Pro allows hunting in any water resources because of fully submersible to 10 feet.
  • ​Its Pro mode audio emits way more than a single tone when over a target.
  • ​The iron audio feature is handy for coin shooters.
  • ​AT Pro has a Manual as well as an Automatic ground balance system and that is very helpful for beginners.

What you may not like

  • It doesn’t have any back-lit display
  • Garrett sells the headphones separately.

​As a mid-level user point of view, this detector is one of the best metal detectors for gold nuggets and small jewellery. You can enjoy most of the facilities at a low cost. So what are you waiting for?

9. Garrett ACE 200 Metal Detector

​If you like to buy an easy-to-operate detector that can help without making a huge investment, then you should pick the Garrett ACE 200 metal detector. The ACE 200 has all the valuable features that you would love to see in a detector when you are starting to quest for treasure. ACE 200 is one of the best products in jewelry or monument hunting you can begin detecting in the front yard or anywhere you want.

​Its length is 42″-51″, its frequency level is up to 6.5 kHz, and it is water-resistant. This product is highly recommended for hunting, dry beach, and freshwater hunting, and for jewelry hunting, relic, and competition events. The best thing about it is that it is a cheap rated and reliable detector.


  • Digital target identification on a scale of 0 to 99 will help you to have a clear indication.
  • ​It’s under 3 pounds and lightweight and creates a significant impact if you are going to hunt all day.
  • ​ACE 200 has three types of search modes that will help you to hone in on coins and jewelry. Zero-discrimination mode will let you hunt all kinds of metals.
  • ​Four sensitivity adjustment gives a clear idea if you’re hunting in an area with a lot of ground mineralization.
  • ​Pulse-width modulation audio gives a clear notification sound which helps you to distinguish your targets. It has three audio tones (High, Medium, and Low) for which kind of metal you have likely found
  • It comes with a 6.5-by-9-inch coil, and that is the right size for relic hunting. Coil size is not that small to lose depth when you are looking for your targets. Another great thing about this coil is it is waterproof.

What you will like

  • Its Digital Target ID (0-99) is an extra benefit to locating all kinds of signals.
  • ​ACE 200 is a Lightweight (under 3 pounds) detector and easy to carry.
  • ​Three search modes and Cam locks will make it comfortable for detecting metal.
  • ​Four sensitivity adjustments and High responsive audio tones make it an easy-to-operate detector.
  • 4 AA Batteries, indicators of low batteries allow you to work as long as you want.

What you may not like

  • It doesn’t have a waterproof case.
  • Weak inequity and No protection from interference.
  • Mono coil and a little bit of weak frequency for coins and jewelry.

​Though it is not a pro-level gold detector, this device is one of the best metal detectors for beginners. For those who want to start hunting gold nuggets and don’t have enough money, this detector is perfect for them.

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10. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC PRO Series Metal Detector

​Nothing can beat a product like this. National Geographic offers the best quality metal detector for beginner-level treasure hunters. Go wild with this new metal detector. Specially made for detecting gold and other precious materials. It has a 10” large waterproof search coil. So now you don’t have to worry about exploring in the water anymore. You will be able to find the untouched treasure in the water.

​Comes with a Pinpointer. Its extremely lightweight design has made it comfortable for every traveler and treasure hunter. Easy to carry and easy to operate, a high metal detector for both amateurs and professionals. Your satisfaction will reach 100% by its great features.


  • Compact and comes with a large 10″ diameter waterproof search coil. You can now use your metal detector under the water.
  • ​Easy to use and operate. Made for use in rough and difficult situations.
  • ​It has three types of detection modes and four different types of sensitivity levels. Now the exploring will become smoother for you.
  • ​​It can be explored through 12” deep. So, wherever your treasure is lying, it is not going to be out of your catch. For most of the metal detectors, this depth is more than enough.
  • ​​Easy collapsible and expandable feature. It can be easily collapsed or expanded within no time.
  • ​For high precision, a Pinpointer is added to this device.
  • Comes with a years no worrying warranty.

What you will like

  • The waterproof search coil will let you hunt under the water very smoothly.
  • The audio port is suitable for all kinds of headphones.
  • ​​The feedback response is swift. You will get the exact location of the targeted object with the real-time result.
  • Can be expandable or collapsible according to your wish very easily.

What you may not like

  • It does not have any Bluetooth features.

​We all know about the National Geographic product. It is a good value for money. If you don’t trust me, then check it out on your own.

These ten best gold detectors have created an impact on your mind. After reading all ten product reviews, we are sure you are ready to pick a detector right now. We assure you after buying any of these products you will not regret it. We try to fix my top 10 according to all kinds of budgets. So, what are you waiting for? Check these products and purchase the machine you love.

Personal Recommendation

We discussed broadly all the essential features of which a detecting machine consists. According to your geographical position of hunting, i.e. (the ground where you find) is a significant factor in choosing a proper product which will give you the best result.

If you are a hardcore gold finder, then you must select Minelab GPZ 7000. You will get a full-day battery backup from it. Besides its waterproof technology allows working in several situations. If you don’t need a whole day back up, then you should get Minelab GPX 5000. It will also serve you in a significant way.

Its multi-period sensing dual voltage technology & smart electronic timing alignment ensure you detect the most amount of treasure. But the fact is you have to consider a high budget for this product. Sometimes the scenario might be like that your ground is filled with small nuggets. In that case, you should choose Garrett AT Gold.

It is specially designed for finding small nuggets. Besides its LCD screen visualises the metal on a scale of 0 to 99. But the critical factor is this detector works only in fresh water, not in salt water.

If we want to talk a bit about Fisher Gold Bug Pro, it is a top-class detector. It helps you by audio identification besides it works great in the highly mineralised ground. This is a high-budget product. Fisher Gold Bug 2 is also a favorite product.

It is suitable for both pros and amateurs. It also supports different soil conditions. It is also very flexible to use. It emits a very high frequency of 71 KHz. So, it must be said that it is a very sensitive detector.

Products like Tesoro Lobo SuperTRAQ Metal DetectorGarrett Ace 400 Metal DetectorGarrett AT Pro Metal Detector, and Garrett ACE 200 Metal DetectorNATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC PRO Series Metal Detector are also top-rated in the market.

Above in the main article, we discussed the total ten products which all have unique features that would suit your perspective. It is essential to understand your needs and then choose the best one.


Okay! After reading this article, you must develop general knowledge about gold detecting machines and also about the products that are available in the market. Our motive is to minimize your confusion and guide you to the best product according to your type of mining. To choose the best product that suits you, you must focus on the essential features of the machine.

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