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How long does a kitchen renovation take?

Kitchen renovation is just like the ordeal to finish it for some homeowners! Finishing a renovation can be quite challenging for somebody. Because it matters the price of labor and obviously materials cost is constantly rising up. It really affects the renovation costs. There are different types of renovation as standard kitchen renovation, professional renovation, average renovation, small kitchen renovation, and cheap kitchen renovation. Today we will discuss how long a kitchen renovation does take?

When you do some research on how long does a kitchen renovation takes, you will find information that there are various factors that determine the duration of the renovation.

What are the factors that determine the kitchen duration period?

There are some kitchen renovation factors/ items that add the most time to the renovation. Basically Kitchen renovations factors depend on the installation of cabinets, countertops, flooring, lighting, and plumbing fixtures etc. Beyond these, the following steps are required for a standard kitchen remodeling timeline.

Designing the kitchen space, Listing the fixture fittings and appliances, Ordering all fixture fittings and appliances, Measuring up with the cabinet maker, Demolishing the old kitchen, Laying the new floor, Installation of new fixture fittings and appliances and finally connecting services. Each step requires individual time and budget. So understanding timelines of any type of kitchen renovation, you must know how much time, energy and money is required to complete each step.

This will guide you to get a clear scenery of the kitchen renovation timeline you are planning for. The total length of your kitchen remodeling will vary depending on your chosen requirements such as floor, furniture, cabinet, countertop, fixture-fittings, lighting etc.

Let’s dig deeper to understand the timeline of a kitchen renovation for different types of kitchens.

How long does a kitchen renovation take?

How long does it take to complete a kitchen renovation? If you want to know the timeline of renovating a standard kitchen, you have to know about the structure of your kitchen that you own or want to renovate. According to functionality, material and quality of each furniture and appliance will take the required time for renovation. The timeline of a standard kitchen is approximately a month, but sometimes it takes more than a month (i.e. eight-week time) or more depending on your kitchen structure and requirements. For living in reading you can consider this guide on kitchen renovation in reading. Obviously, this new plan will extend the renovation duration.

To set the appropriate project period you have to make a balance with the renovation plan according to the budget. If you are in hurry, you can reduce the estimating time by utilizing more manpower and technologies. For this type of crucial project, you can have a consultation with a reliable contractor.

How long does the average kitchen renovation take?

An average kitchen renovation can take a good time to get done, especially if you renovate it by yourself, but a professional renovation contractor can finish it much quicker than you. For a 1500sqft home, the average kitchen is supposed to be 100sqft; and for a 4000sqft home, the average kitchen size could be 240sqft. For this type of larger space average renovation, it can take totally from six weeks to fifteen or eighteen weeks; depending on the facilities you require for your kitchen.

How long does a small kitchen renovation take?

This is already proven that a small kitchen size does not matter when the available circumstance is limited. Basically 70sqft or below 70sqft size kitchens counts as a small kitchen. The renovation time for a small kitchen is also less than a medium kitchen whereas approximately a month. The reason is that there are no major modifications needed here. Mostly it requires some minor changes as painting walls, changing the floor plans including lighting fixtures. Somebody could add more changes as cabinets, appliances or pantry, countertops or remodeling counters, replacing windows, installing pendant lights, or changing the interior design. Generally speaking, the higher-end requirements can increase the renovation duration as well as your budget.

How long does a professional kitchen renovation take?

According to a survey on 700 commercial kitchens in the US, the average commercial kitchen or professional kitchen size found 1051sqft. The renovation weeks depend on the area or size of the it in most cases. A professional kitchen renovation can take from 6 weeks to 24 weeks on average. A professional kitchen has many serious requirements which can not be denied at all. Some works related to electricity, gas, water etc. So it can take more time. Before the installation starts, you have to have a well-planned workflow for an uninterrupted renovation.

How long does it take to do a cheap kitchen renovation?

Well, how can we define a cheap kitchen? We cannot consider a low-cost kitchen as a cheap kitchen. A kitchen which has very mandatory facilities with affordable accommodation and which is cost-effective is called a cheap kitchen. Basically, most of the general family own a cheap kitchen. So the question is how long does it take to do a cheap renovation? A cheap kitchen renovation can take approximately the same time as simple kitchen renovations. As we have mentioned earlier, the renovation duration will depend on some factors always.

Prevent Kitchen Renovation Delays

How can we prevent kitchen renovation delays? By following the below factors it is possible to prevent kitchen renovation delays:

  • Have a specific schedule for Demolishing the old kitchen
  • Have a specific schedule to renovate it (divide the whole renovation into parts as per work type and require renovators to complete it part by part)
  • Consider the best season for renovation, because the weather is a big factor in this case
  • Hire the perfect contractor or renovator for your project in a short time.
  • Make the error-free estimating and costing for renovation
  • Make the plan without DIY error
  • Warn your contractor to finish the renovation without any error, also require renovators to report weekly
  • Have some extra time in hand if needed to get the renovation completed
  • Inspect the remodeling projects regularly.
  • Be prepared to make quick decisions if needed.

Finally, your serious concern on the project can reduce the renovation delays.

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