Top 10 Must Have Survival Gadgets To Include In Your Bug-Out Bag

A bug-out bag or survival kit is a bag full of essential things that allows a person to evacuate fast when disaster strikes. A bug-out bag or a go-bag is a necessity for each household. It is a must that every person in a home should have a bug-out bag to ensure that every family member is prepared for whatever disaster that may arise.

A bug-out bag should contain all the necessary things that you will be needing and your family to survive. This article will help you identify the top 10 must-have gadgets to include in your bug-out bag.

Must Have Survival Gadgets in Your Bug-Out Bag

The following must have survival gadgets are necessary for every bug-out bag to be prepared anytime, especially when an unexpected event happens:

Map and Compass

It is always easy to find the right direction if you have a GPS; however, it is necessary not to depend too much on GPS on smartphones or other devices. They will need electricity and/or batteries to work efficiently. A map and compass will help you find the right path; you must learn to use them properly. If you are not yet used to using a map and compass, you need to have a guide on how to use them.

First-Aid Kit

Be sure to have medicines that will help you and your family in time of need. Ensure that you also have gauze, bandages for compression, and other medical tools that will be useful when somebody is injured or accidentally cut.

Signal Mirror

A signal mirror will help you provide a signal if you need help or want somebody to find you if you are lost. Some signal mirrors can reach up to fifteen miles. By using a signal mirror, you can effectively get the attention of responders.

Fire Starter

A fire starter is a valuable tool. You can use this to start a fire whenever needed to keep you warm on a cold day or night. It will also be beneficial if you need to create a campfire to cook simple meals on the go.

It is advisable to bring a few types of fire starter tools in a waterproof bag because you will never know when you need one.

Water Purification System

Bringing water in your bug-out bag is also a must, but you can only carry so much as it can occupy too much space. Also, water can be very heavy if you will bring too much.

People can survive without food longer, but they might not last for a week without water, so it is important to bring a water purification system. A water purification system is necessary anywhere and anytime you run out of water. You might also want to bring a water purification tablet for backup purposes.


A knife will always come in handy as it is versatile. A knife will always come in handy to cut sticks, cut bandages, and prepare food for cooking, among others. 

Ensure to bring a sharp and lightweight knife. You can consider the best Bushcraft Knife in this case.


Cordage will be very helpful in various situations. You may use the cordage to climb a steep place, hang something, and trap animals, among others.

Fishing Line and Hooks

The fishing line and hooks will be very useful when catching fish and other seafood. Some survivalists also use it to tie parts together for shelter. They can also be used a snare or a form of fabric repair.

Flashlight or Headlamp

A flashlight will be very helpful, especially at night when there is no electricity to help you see or find things. 

It is highly encouraged to choose a flashlight or headlamp that uses solar energy to function. If your flashlight or headlamp is battery-operated, you need to have extra batteries with you.

Solar Blanket

To avoid hypothermia, you need to have a solar blanket to keep your body temperature properly regulated. It is especially useful during cold nights or whenever the temperature drops.


The above gadgets will help you feel secure for some time but another gadget that you can bring is a whistle. A whistle will be your savior if you want someone to know where you are. 

Its sound is more audible than your voice and you won’t need to strain yourself to notify people of your whereabouts.


A bug-out bag is very important to have. It should be placed in an accessible area so you can grab it quickly when the need arises. You should always check your must have survival gadgets or kits to know if the things in the bag are still working properly. Refresh your supply by purchasing new products to ensure that your tools function well and your food doesn’t expire in storage.

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