Cutting woods have been more comfortable with the facilities of a table saw. But if you are not careful about keeping the table saw clean, you will never get sharp cuts!

If you keep the blade dirty, the stiff dirt will soon make your saw unworthy. Also, there can be rust that ruins your table saw! So, after every cut, you must clean the saw to use it for a longer period.

We have come here to tell you how to clean a table saw blade for keeping the blade sharp and perfect. Please look at the step by step guide for cleaning it and thank us later, my friend!


Clean a Table Saw Blade: Step by Step Cleaning Guide


● Gloves

● Detergent

● Soft Bristle Brush

● Firm Wire Bristle

● Aluminum Pan

● Water

Step 1: Cleaning the Exterior

Your first job is to clean the blade manually. For this, you will need a brush. Removing the loose dirt of the blade is easy.

You need to take a soft brush, and all you have to do is brush off the loose dirt. But in some cases, you will find stiff dirt too.

And here, the soft bristles will not work. You have to rely on a firm wire brush. If there is stiff dirt, take the firm wire brush and clean it.

It is important to clean as much dirt as possible before you place your table saw inside the water.

Step 2: Submerging in Water

No matter if you are using a large table saw or a portable table saw, you have to remove the blade from the saw.

Now, you have to go through the aluminum pan. Take it and position the blade in it. Make sure that you have submerged it in the water completely.

After you are done with the aluminum pan and the blade, you have to take some laundry detergent. All you have to do is add it to the water!

Step 3: Stir the Detergent

Now, your work is to stir it properly. If you only put the detergent into the water, it won’t work the way you want. So, for this, you have to use your hands.

Use the hands for stirring the water. Yes, stirring the detergent will make it dissolve into the water. As a result, the detergent will get in contact with all the parts of the blade.

That’s what you need! Stir it properly; give it a good mix until the powder completely dissolves in the water. As the blade is inside, you have to be very careful while stirring.

Be careful and keep your hand safe while stirring. We recommend you to search for the hole at the blade’s center. You need to place your finger there and then move the blade.

Moving the blade in a circular motion will automatically do your work of stirring.

If you do not want to use your hands, you can try the same brush. This can be safer and will keep your hands harm-free.

Step 4: Wait and Wait

Your work is almost done. You have put the blade into the detergent water and dissolved the detergent. Now, you can wait for some time.

The waiting period is about 10 minutes to 15 minutes. If you have a powerful table saw like the Bosch 4100-10 inch table saw, you must wait a little longer. Make the time 20 minutes.

In this period, you don’t need to do anything else. In between the time, the detergent will start working. It will get into every place of the blade, making the dirt come off.

People often think that if the saw blade is not connected to the socket, it won’t harm you. But have you seen those wild, sharp teeth? Those must give you goosebumps!

And if you are scared, make sure you stir the detergent mixed liquid before putting the blade inside. This makes your work a whole lot easier than usual!

Step 5: Start Scrubbing

After 15 minutes or more, your blade is almost ready for you to clean. The stiff dirt on the blade’s body will be loosening as you have kept it inside the water for such a long period.

Now, the blade is ready, and you can remove the dirt manually. In this process, you will need a plastic brush. It is always better to settle for a wire brush in this case.

It makes the cleaning worth your time. With whatever brush you have, you need to start scrubbing. Just like the other cleaning process, all you must do here is scrub off all the dirt that you see on the blade.

If you want a perfect outcome, you can rely on the brass brush. This will take off anything extra from your table saw blade and bring out a blade just like the new one!

The scrubbing portion is for the sticky dirt. Any sticky debris will come off when you scrub your blade with the brush. As a result, you will get a very clean and sharp blade.

But while you scrub it, you have to make sure that you are careful enough to keep your hands safe. It is better that you wear gloves while scrubbing it.

Step 6: Dry it Down

Now that you are done with the scrubbing process, you have to move to make the blade dry. You might think that scrubbing it and cleaning it with water will do it all.

But always remember that you have to make it dry. Your blade is made of steel, and if you keep water on it, you might end up damaging the whole table saw blade!

There will be rust, and it won’t be sharp anymore! So, after you do the blade’s scrubbing, you have to wash it with clean water. And then, you have to dry the blade.

Use a soft cotton cloth for drying it. When you are working with water, you have to check the table saw from top to bottom. There can be water in between the crannies and teeth.

So, you have to make them dry too. You can use a blow-dryer for this process. As a result, this will dry the whole blade completely.

Step 7: Install the Blade Again

After your blade is properly cleaned and dried down, you have to move to reinstall the blade again. You have to install it black to the table saw.

When you have a cleaned blade, you will see a smoother cut for sure.

After reinstalling, your blade will be ready for you to work. It is always better you clean the blade after every time you use it in any heavy work.

Wrap Up

The process we have mentioned here will help you clean the table saw quickly. You already know how to clean a table saw blade quickly!

Go through the process we have stated above, and you will never regret it!

However, make sure you keep your hands safe by wearing gloves. Don’t forget to comment below about how you clean your table saw blade! Please share it with us!

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