A portable compressor for car, is a simple air pump that can be used for inflating different items such as sports balls and car tires. Nowadays, it is one of the items that every car owner must have to deal with deflated tires. Since the compressor is portable, you can easily and quickly keep it inside the boot of your car and bring it out whenever and wherever you need it. Otherwise, you can store your portable compressor inside your shed or garage. Therefore, this device is multifunctional, time-saving, efficient, and requires low maintenance.

Despite the importance of a portable compressor for car, choosing the right one for your car can be sometimes difficult. This is because tons of options are available; hence, you may have a hard time when selecting the one that can serve you well. Don’t get worked up over this issue as this article will show you how to pick the right portable compressor for your car.

The crucial factors for choosing the right portable compressor are:

The maximum air pressure

Measured in PSI (pounds per square inch), the maximum air pressure is an essential factor for determining the type of tires that your portable compressor can inflate. If your chosen portable air compressor can’t produce enough pressure for your tires, it will not be useful.

So, you are advised to go for a compressor that has a high PSI rating. While the tires of most SUVs, sedans, RVs, and other large vehicles need about 70 to 90 PSI, 30 – 40 PSI is good for tires smaller vehicles. Therefore, consider the air pressure requirements of your car and choose a portable compressor for your favorite car accordingly.

Power capacity

Power capacity is important for measuring the efficiency of a compressor. If you get a compressor that lacks enough power capacity, you can be certain that it will not function properly. It is usually measured in horsepower (HP). For inflating car tires, you should go for a 2HP rating or higher.

Air Flow​

Here, air flow refers to the speed of air that a portable air compressor sends into a tire or another object. Cubic feet per minute (CFM) is used for measuring airflow. Check the air flow requirements of your tires and choose a compressor that can offer 1.5 times more CFM than your tires need. With this, the air compressor will work perfectly for your car.

Power Draw​

Some portable compressors rely on vehicle batteries for their operation. Such compressors need excellent power draw to function optimally. You should note that the higher the power drawn of a compressor, the better its ability to inflate the tires quickly. Unfortunately, a higher power draw can have a negative impact on your car batteries. Therefore, you are advised to choose a portable compressor with a power draw of 120 watts or less.

Lights and display​

The majority of portable air compressors come with lights and displays. These features will make it easier for you to use the compressor at night or in places with poor lighting conditions. Besides, they can show the details of the air compression such as PSI, BAR, etc. Additionally, the display can come in handy when you want to know the tire pressure. So, you should not choose a product that doesn’t have these vital features.

Design and material

Before selecting any portable compressor for your vehicle, you should take a look at its casing and material. When using the compressor, it will be exposed to some heat. If a low-quality compressor overheats regularly, it will be damaged. Therefore, if you want your portable compressor to be durable, choose one made with high-quality steel or cast iron.


To enjoy the use of your portable air compressor, it should come with some accessories. Apart from making the use more comfortable and convenient, these accessories can also save you some money that could have been spent on getting the items later. A few of the best accessories for a portable compressor include hose extensions, fuses, and alligator clips.


As expected, there are lots of companies producing portable compressors. However, you must note that some don’t offer the high-quality products that you need. Therefore, when choosing the right portable air compressor for your car, you must be careful with the brand you want to opt for. So, it is recommended that you go to a well-known and trusted brand that can provide you with top-notch products. In this regard, VIAIR portable compressors are some of the best products you can get in the market today.


Last but not least, you must think about the warranty of a portable compressor before choosing one. The warranty determines whether you can rely on the product or not. Most portable compressors come with a warranty of around 1 to 3 years. Some trusted brands may even offer a longer warranty.

With the factors explained above, you should not have any problem with choosing the right portable compressor for car you are having.

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