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How To Secure Flood Tight Floor Hatch Using A Torque Wrench

Do you know, how to secure flood tight floor hatch using a torque wrench? Commercial flood protection is an essential undertaking that every business owner must address and implement. Like other structures, floods can cause severe and expensive damage to commercial facilities, especially those operating in a flood-prone location.

The level of devastation that ravaging floodwaters possess has significantly increased over the years. One reason behind the increase is the growing effects of climate change leading to rising sea levels. Commercial construction is one of the industries suffering the most from flooding — particularly the real estate industry.

Experts project that the structural damage from flooding would cost around $ 13.5 billion this year. Approximately 730,000 retail, office, and multi-unit residential properties face a yearly threat from flooding in the United States alone. If your line of business is within any of these industries, these staggering numbers are enough to make you understand the importance of flood protection.

The best way to achieve an effective flood protection plan is by adopting specific preventive measures with the help of flood control products and devices. To mitigate the devastation caused by floods, consider surrounding your property with a reliable flood barrier system.


If your business resides in a high-risk flood location or a coastal zone, implementing a reliable commercial flood protection plan is necessary to protect your property from flooding. The monumental impact of flooding on businesses primarily leads to financial damages, including business interruption, supply and product damages, and for some, business failure.

1. Business Continuity Plan

Every business needs to always prepare for the worst. Having a business continuity plan allows you to develop specific strategies to help your business prepare, prevent, and recover from the disastrous impact of floods. Here are some critical elements to consider when building a business continuity plan.

  • Identify potential flood risks
  • Assess critical business components
  • Identify the resources that support vital building components
  • Locate where to house backup systems and maintain essential equipment
  • Emergency response team
  • Creating building checklists
  • Conduct dry runs to test the effectiveness of the plan

Business continuity and flood disaster recovery programs go hand in hand and may also be applied to other weather-related incidents. Informing all your employees through proper training can make or break the effectiveness of the project. This preventative process may seem demanding, but it can ultimately help floodproof your property.

2. Flood Insurance

Based on the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) findings, 90% of all-natural disasters in the U.S. involve flooding — including flash floods, inland flooding, and seasonal flooding. Aside from a flood protection plan, flood insurance is one of the most valuable investments you can undertake for your business.

As part of FEMA’s flood protection initiatives, the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) delivers reliable risk assessment and insurance through a public network of more than 50 agencies. The agency emphasizes that just an inch of floodwater can cause up to $25,000 in damages. They provide a separate flood policy that covers the contents of the building and the building itself.

3. Design and Construction

When it comes to new building construction, taking pre-emptive measures against flooding incidents is extremely helpful, mainly if your business is situated along the coast or in a high-risk flood area. Identifying future risks and building the design around them can help by elevating the structure and installing storm shutters throughout the facility.

Having a proper flood risk strategy not only saves businesses but can also save lives. Since commercial properties are subject to costly weather-related damages, being prepared and taking appropriate action can help floodproof your valuable investments.


Another reliable way of floodproofing your business is through flood barriers. Surrounding the facility with these barriers is the most effective way of safeguarding your property against surging floodwater. Flood barriers offer substantial benefits for the business, including:

  • Long Term Coverage – Despite their physical appearance, flood barriers are remarkably versatile. Users can repeatedly install and remove commercial barriers whenever a massive flood occurs. Flood water barriers also serve as a wise long-term investment since the obstacles are reusable.
  • Eco Friendly – Most flood barriers are reusable, making them environmentally responsible. As it effectively deals with polluted water, the unit has no damaging impacts on the environment, reducing product waste.
  • Easy Installation – Compared to the labor required in laying out sandbags, you can easily unroll and place inflated flood barriers in a matter of hours. In addition, you won’t need special equipment or a professional team when installing the flood railings.


Aside from flood barriers, another effective product used in flood prevention are floodtight floor hatches. Expert manufacturers designed these panels with a specific purpose — to act as a barrier system for interior and exterior applications where flood water may rise above the surface.

Many contractors rely on these panels due to their specialized flood protection features such as door reinforcement, angle frame construction, and, most importantly, gasket compression. Since the door is primarily responsible for preventing floodwater from penetrating the building, most flood-tight products have diamond-plated panels capable of holding up to 10 feet head of water.

However, improper installation can reduce its efficiency and performance. While these panels are built to withstand extreme weather, it is still critical to have a professional install these panels for you. A surprising way of adequately securing these panels is by using torque wrenches.

Torque wrenches are mainly used in the automotive industry but can also be used in other applications such as repairs and maintenance. These tools are significantly helpful in applications where the nuts and bolts need to be exceptionally tight — which is a critical requirement in flood-tight panel installation.

They are also essential for implementing a specific torque level to a bolt or screw. Utilizing the right tools during installation can significantly affect the panel’s performance. Hence, you can rely on torque wrenches to give your flood-tight access panel a snug fit.


Ensuring your valuable assets against extreme weather conditions should always be part of your priority list as a business owner. Planning specific preventive measures is essential, and disregarding the devastating effects of flooding not only puts your business at risk, but the neglect can endanger your employees as well.

Having a proper flood protection plan and equipment is necessary to keep your business afloat. By investing your time and money in both, you can positively guard your property and employees against the catastrophic impact of floods, water damage, and even soil erosion. Hopefully, how to secure flood tight floor hatch using a torque wrench.

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