What are the benefits that come with HVAC climate control? We have a diverse climate here in NZ, and as far as climate control goes, you won’t find a better system than a Heating, Ventilation and air-conditioning system, or HVAC as it is generally known. Never has there been a single climate control system that provides warm or cool air, depending on your needs, there are numerous types of HVAC systems.

Ducted HVAC Climate Control

This is the ultimate in climate control, with a compressor, condenser and a state-of-the-art heat pump that can be reversed. The ducting is concealed behind the walls with small grills that push out warm or cool air until the desired temperature is reached. A whole-home solution is recommended, Although you can have room-by-room climate control, it very much depends on your requirements. This is the future, while many NZ homeowners are realising the benefits that come with HVAC climate control.

Wall-Mounted Systems

These are installed close to ceiling level and are ideal for single rooms or large living spaces; Slimline styling in a range of styles to blend perfectly with your décor; If you would like to explore the potential that wall-mounted HVAC systems offer, start with an online search to locate a leading NZ HVAC supplier. They would be happy to send a technician to your home where you can discuss the many options. Every home is unique and that means a bespoke climate control system gives you optimum use.

Floor/Ceiling Units

These slimline units can be installed on the floor or just below the ceiling, which is precisely where they should be located for optimum performance.

Features include:

  • 10°C Limiter – This feature prevents the temperature from falling below 10°C.
  • Auto restart – Should there be a power outage, the system automatically starts in the same operating mode.
  • Auto close louvres – When the system is powered down, the louvres automatically close.
  • All DC current – All DC current saves electricity.

Of course, a full installation is included in the price, plus you enjoy a long warranty when you order from NZ’s leading HVAC supplier.

Compact Cassette

This is an uncluttered way to cool down your home, with slimline units that sit just below the ceiling; your friends will wonder where your climate control system is! If you would like to explore the potential that compact cassette climate control units offer, start with a Google search to find the best HVAC company in NZ and ask them to send an engineer to your home to discuss options and prices. There are so many options, with whole house and single room systems to suit every living environment; energy efficient and silent, your new HVAC system ticks all the boxes. Click here for essential HVAC maintenance tips.

One Stop Solution

When you approach the right HVAC company, they offer a comprehensive service that would include removal of existing systems and supply and installation of the top brands with all components. If you are planning a new build, ducted solutions conceal the system; the ducting is factored into the build, which is ideal.  Whatever your climate control needs, the HVAC supplier has all the solutions and with rising energy prices, now is the right time to remove your old a/c that guzzles electricity and replace it with HVAC.

Clean & renewable Energy

Solar panels can generate enough energy to power your home, including your climate control and you would see a return on your investment in 5-7 years and be independent, with no need to hook up to the national grid. The system is designed around your home, and you can have full or partial solar power; some people prefer to install a system that provides 50% of their energy needs, which can be upgraded to 100% at any time in the future. The NZ government offers grants to businesses and homeowners when they make the switch to solar energy.

How Does HVAC Work?

Air-conditioning involves drawing in warm air from the outside and with a powerful fan, forces this air over condenser coils, which draws the heat from the air, which is then channeled into the home. It is actually a simple process and while early generations of a/c were noisy and not very efficient, today’s HVAC systems are close to perfection. A small remote unit is all that’s required to set temperature control, while there are features that prevent excessive temperatures, with memory settings after a power outage.

Heat Exchange

The heat pump is the key component, while the system works like a/c, only it is reversed and sends warm air into the living space. Many NZ homeowners have made the switch from an ancient heating system to HVAC, which keeps the interior at the perfect temperature in winter and summer while using less energy. It is worth paying a little extra for the best heat pump on the market and this essential piece of kit would have a long warranty.

Eco-Friendly Climate Control

Installing a state-of-the-art HVAC ducting system gives you a low-energy and high output and if you are using solar energy, so much the better. Energy prices never go down and regular hikes are the norm, which is a good reason to become energy-independent. The cost of solar panels is lower than ever before, plus efficiency is up, you can charge even on a cloudy day. We should all explore solar energy and see how it can improve the environment by ceasing to pollute the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels.

HVAC systems are here to stay and with such a diverse climate in NZ, we need to be able to heat our homes in the winter and cool things down in the summer. Start by browsing a few websites of contractors and make an appointment for a rep to visit you at home; the technician can show you the different systems and their features. The compressor would be located outside, while the condenser usually sits in the attic and the ducting is concealed.

Hope now you are realising the benefits that come with HVAC climate control.

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