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Metal Detecting in State Parks: Common Metal Detecting Rules for Your Convenience

Metal detecting in State Parks is one of the most common thing detectorists do. These parks are more like beginners’ practice fields.

Now, when it comes to beginners, I always like to start my lessons with the rules and regulations. Because irresponsible metal detecting can cause great harm to our country’s properties and beauty.

In this article, I will go in-depth with the laws and requirements of metal detecting. There is a lot to cover, so without further ado, let’s get into it.

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Legal Issues Concerning Metal Detecting

Metal detecting is holistically legal, exempt some occasional cases. In most countries, metal detecting is legal.

In America, metal detecting is legal, but the restrictions vary from state to state. For example, Texas has an almost non-existent law regarding metal detecting.

There, anyone with a metal detector can go for a treasure hunts almost anywhere where on the other hand, California has practically a different set of rules for every other area.

So, researching beforehand about the place and rules of that place is crucial when you start metal detecting. Metal detecting laws in California are mostly based on ARPA, meaning Archaeological Resources Preserving Association.

In, California, you have to take permission before the metal detecting from its federal office. When metal detecting in beaches, according to metal detecting laws in California, you have to work with a supervisor.

Private properties are generally off-limits, but if you have a permit from the owner, then it’s no problem. Metal detecting in State Parks of California is also permissible, but ARPA ethics tie you too strict no vandalism and no harm to the national treasure commitment.

So in short, there is a scarcity of places to metal detect without permission in California. If the question arises about Pennsylvania, like where to go metal detecting in PA?

The answers will be almost the same. With the addition of the fact that metal detecting in PA state game lands is allowed.

Good Places to Go Metal Detecting near Me

To know about your nearest metal detecting sites, please pay a visit to your local archaeological archive. There you will find a list of the places you should go for metal detecting.

Generally, you will find your public schools, beaches, hiking trails, woodland, religious places like churches and shrines, nearby old towns, alienated roads and whatnot on that list.

Can you metal detect in City Park, or do you need a permit for that as well? Well, you will get answers to the questions like that from the employees of the archive. Almost every state has its archeological office open to the visitors.

With the digitalization of everything, most of the states have their website and detectorists can have access with their internet to these sites.

These sites regarding metal detecting in Washington State, Michigan State, and others have a detailed list of the metal detecting sites.

Michigan’s DNR (Department of Natural Resources) has a very nice website that is helpful to the beginners as well as to the pros.

Metal Detector: Should You Buy or Rent?

The answer to this question depends on the fact that how often you will use yours. The whole decision is up to your convenience. Is it convenient for you to buy one?

Well, if you frequently use yours, then sure, it is. But if your metal detector only sees daylight during the vacations, then why invest hundreds of bucks on something just to keep it in the locker?

But it is also true, that if you buy one, you can give it for rental use also. So try to make your decision wisely. Weigh down your pros and cons.

Ethics of Metal Detecting

Ethical metal detecting is the way to show your responsibility to the nation. Some so many people keep digging around and walking around with their metal detector without concerning about anyone’s privacy, property damage or how their actions affecting the world.

These types of metal detecting are unacceptable. Not only it causes harm to sustainability, but it also set a bad impression on people’s mind about metal detecting. So try to be as thoughtful as possible, leave the site better than before and always follow the rules.


Metal detecting is a very misunderstood hobby. It is high time for us, metal detectorists, to erase the bad name of our favorite pastime. We have to raise awareness about responsible metal detecting, and that way detectorists really will be able to contribute to preserving this world’s history and lore.

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