There is nothing like the joy that a detectorist feels when he/she hears the sound of the metal detector setting off upon finding unpredictable treasures.

It is a genuine form of pleasure that allows your inner historian or adventurer set free. There are many levels of metal detecting.

Whether it’s you and your attempt to make a boring walk around the park a little more exciting with a metal detector in your hand, or the commitment of the serious metal detecting with a professional mindset, there’s no denying to the importance of the knowledge about the places to metal detect.

So this article will answer questions like what are the best places to metal detect. As well as the general information about the legal terms and best places to metal detect for gold and other interesting things.

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What are the best places to metal detect & Where to Start?

When you have just bought yourself a metal detector, the next step is to start looking for places to metal detect. My advice is to take it easy when you first start.

It is always a good idea to start with your own house. You will be surprised to find so many unexpected things that will drive you back to the memory lane or even hold a great monetary or historical value.

Especially if yours is an old house, you will definitely find some good old goods. The best places to metal detect around the old houses are the attics, of course, the fireplaces, the loose bricks in the walls, the fake steps in the staircases, the chimneys, master bedrooms, gardens, back yards, etc.

These places are the best places to metal detect for jewelry. Try to do a little digging in the garden and the back yard, under the old trees to be more precise because these are the best places to metal detect for old coins too.

Places That Won’t Take You to the Jury

Once you have done searching yours and your friends and family’s houses, it’s now time to broaden your area.

But before you jump into some random places with your metal-detector, do your research first. Not all the places are suitable, even legally available for metal detecting.

Nowadays, people start googling with keywords like, “Where can I metal detect near me?” or “Public places to metal detect near me”.

That’s because of the lack of information people have regarding this matter. Well, even though Google knows almost everything, but it still a good idea to pay a visit to your nearest archaeological office or archives.

They have a list of places where you can go and metal detect and also some very helpful employees to walk you through the rules and regulations.

Try to go for a place that has a good long history and has been used by people for a long period of time. School, public parks, beaches, forests, roads and footpaths, religious places like church and shrines are some good sites for you to go treasure hunting.

Try to collect an old map from the archive, it will help you get an idea about what to expect and where to expect. Hills and trails, riversides are also great places to metal detect. Just bring a metal detector next time you go hiking there.

Why it’s a Good Idea to Take Permission

I know it’s not always easy to ask permission, especially if you are an introvert. The idea of asking strangers for their permission to let you use their premises to metal detect is intimidating to its core.

But that doesn’t mean it is not important. You can avoid encounters with a stranger by limiting your arena from your house to your neighborhoods, but if you want to be serious in this field, you have to broaden your horizon.

Joining a detectorists’ club may help you with that a little. You can also take help from Social Medias to find yourself some awesome metal detecting sites.

Many people would love to get their houses and properties searched by you if advertise correctly. I know it can be hard, but remember filling out papers in the police stations or getting restraining orders are much harder! So it is best for all to adhere to the rules.


The quality and the quantity of the found items can greatly vary depending on the places. So a good metal detecting site is a significant factor in your success in this treasure hunting. Do your research and take all the necessary steps and enjoy a very happy metal detecting.

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