Are you looking for the best performance fisher metal detector at your budget? Well, then we present you the ultimate performance detector Fisher F75 review.

Choosing a Fisher detector isn’t easy because there are so many quality available detectors at a very decent cost. But here’s we introduced the best Fisher detector, Fisher F75 metal detector is the most advanced detector that will fulfill your detecting experience. And to help illustrate this fact, we’ve created the interactive table which allows you to compare some of the most popular Fisher F75 features and technology against one another based on price, special features and more. We’re going to show you this machine in its entirety top to bottom, describe all the features benefits, how it works the accessory coils that are available and what you can expect when you buy this machine.

Before getting into the Fisher F75 review let’s discuss Fisher Metal detector Company and a little bit about fisher metal detectors.

Before getting into the Fisher F75 review let’s discuss Fisher Metal detector Company and a little bit about fisher metal detectors.

Fisher F75 Metal Detector

Fisher F75 Metal Detector

  • Lightest weight / best ergonomics in the industry – powerful performance trigger-actuated target pinpointing with variable audio pitch – large lcd screen with 0-99 numeric target identification display

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Fisher the Metal Detector Company

Fisher Research Labs or the Fisher metal detector company was founded in 1931 by Dr. Gerhard R. Fisher, the world-renowned inventor, an engineer who was the first to receive a patent for the metal detector. From its ordinary beginnings in Fisher’s garage, Fisher Research Labs or the metal detector company is a made-in-America success story. The world’s oldest metal detector business, Fisher Labs uses advanced technology to construct the most trusted machine in the industry.

For more than 85 years, Fisher has been a leader in the field of metal detecting. The company continues on cutting-edge when it comes to great features and advanced technology. When you buy a Fisher machine that means you’re buying into a long legacy of knowledge and quality. Choosing a Fisher metal detector isn’t easy and ranging from inexpensive entry-level machines to pricier high-end models. There’s a Fisher for every budget.

Fisher Metal Detectors

Fisher metal detectors are a good preference for you whose hobby is treasure hunting. They have earned a good reputation for 85 years for their quality and performance. Many types of product are available based on your needs. Either it is coins, gold, or relics; you can find it easily using Fisher metal detectors.

Fisher metal detectors firstly produced in the 1930s and began to captivate the entire US. It continued to be developed, and they were continuing to keep the quality. Therefore, Fisher metal detectors are agreed to be one of the best products available in the market. They even provide their products by a lifetime warranty.

Fisher metal detectors have a lot of models for many different purposes. If you want to know further, this review might help you to choose which one suit you well.

Target ID Metal Detectors

Usually, target ID metal detectors have LCD to display the types of detected metal. Fisher metal detectors have many different types for you who want to have it. You could simply choose which product you prefer to have. Fisher F75 Metal Detector and Fisher F-4 Metal Detector are the examples of the products.

Fisher F75 Metal Detector is one of Fisher metal detectors product that having a large LCD screen with target ID display and always visible menu. It is a multi-purpose metal detector for relic hunting, coin-shooting, and even gold prospecting. This particular product of Fisher metal detectors has 4 pounds of weight only. You need 4 AA batteries to operate this machine.

Meanwhile, Fisher F-4 Metal Detector features are including 11-Segment digital target identification, 3-digit numeric target value, one-touch notch to eliminate unwanted targets, Fisher metal detectors deep-seeking auto tune mode, and also has a headphone jack with ¼ inches plug that can be used with most kinds of headphones.

Relic and Coin Metal Detectors

For relic and coin metal detector, Fisher metal detectors offer Fisher F75 Metal Detector as one of its superior product. Its sensitivity to relics has been improved lately to be better than ever. It is completed with a toolbox of easy to use features. Therefore, this type of Fisher metal detectors will match in every treasure hunting situation.

Gold Nugget Metal Detector

For Gold Nugget Metal detector, Fisher metal detectors offer Gold Bug-2 Nugget detector. It has a high range of sensitivity and ultra-high 71 kHz operating frequency. It also has iron discrimination, dust and moisture resistance, audio boost and the ability to operate in highly mineralized soil. Having three different mineralization settings (high mineral, normal mineral, and low mineral setting), this metal detector is very popular in Alaska.

Besides, this particular type of Fisher metal detectors uses low-noise, precision-matched, temperature-compensated components to make sure you get a satisfying product. Supported with only 2.9 pounds of weight with foam grip and cushioned armrest, you can hunt as much as gold nuggets you want in comfort.

For more information about Fisher metal detectors, please explore links on this site and get the best deals on it!

Important Metal Detector Terms

Before starting Fisher F75 review lets discuss a little bit on Metal Detecting Terms. Because it is important to know about features definition or how the features work. It will help you to know more about your detector and compare to any other detector.

Metal detector Coin Depth Indicator: A visual indicator used in conjunction with calibrated circuitry to indicate the depth of buried coins in inches or millimeters.

Convertible/Combination: A metal detector configuration allowing versatility in operator handling, i.e., handheld to body mount.

DISC: See Discrimination.

Discrimination: Adjustable circuitry which rejects the audio responses from the specific conductivity and the search range allowing all positive responses to be heard from metals large in conductivity above the discriminate setting. It is designed basically to avoid audio response from trash metals. See also Motion Discriminator.

Elliptical Coil: A search-coil with an ellipse shape.

Ground Balance: A state of actions using specialized circuitry to avoid the masking effect that iron (Fe) Ground minerals have over targets.

Electronic Pinpointing: An automatize detuning feature which decreases signal response for the purpose of pinpointing.

Mineralized Ground: Any kind of soil hold conductive or nonconductive components.

Double Blip: A signal characteristic common to elongated ferrous targets such as nails or coins lying close to the surface detected in the All Metal no-motion mode.

Double D or 2 D: See Wide Scan.

Alkaline: A type of battery which is capable of sustain extended periods of the current drain with great storage life when the approaching to the standard carbon-zinc type.

All Metal: Any operating mode or control setting which enables total acceptance of any kind of metal-targets.

Audio ID: See Tone ID.

Audio Response: See Target Response.

Back Reading: Any false signal, when handling in the discriminate mode, caused by a rejected target coming within one-inch of or contacting the search-coil bottom.

Cache: Any type of purposefully buried or the secret hoard of valuables.

Carbon-Zinc: The most familiar dry cell battery type.

Coil: See Search-coil.

Fisher F75 Metal Detector

Fisher F75 Metal Detector

  • Lightest weight / best ergonomics in the industry – powerful performance trigger-actuated target pinpointing with variable audio pitch – large lcd screen with 0-99 numeric target identification display

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Fisher Metal Detectors Review Comparison Table

Fisher F75 Metal Detector

Fisher F22 Weatherproof Metal Detector with Submersible Search Coil

Fisher F44 Metal Detector

Black and Gold



4.7 pounds

3 pounds

3.59 pounds

11″ bi-axial coil



7.5 x 11.5 x 52 in

22 x 8 x 5 in

22 x 8 x 5 in




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Product Overview: Fisher F75 Review

Leading Edge Technology

The new Fisher F75 can be said of from new leading-edge technology. It is one of the best fisher metal detectors. It has access to DST (Digital Shielding Technology) mode. It also contains a Fast access process which helps to improve target separation. The most user-friendly tech is the 3-level audio tone signal system. Low, Medium and high signals are included here. The device also contains discrimination along with adjustable audio pitch settings.

Depth and Performance

Also, we have a digital numerical readout for our target identification as well as our categories across the top which wall so idea targets, we have an on-the-fly depth reading a confidence meter, and we have an iron mineralization readout and the all-important battery gauge.

Fisher F75 is one of the most amazing devices created by this company with lots of lovely features and user-friendly interface. It has good fame in hunting coins as well as gold nuggets.

Large and Easy to View Display

The Fisher F 75 has all the features you need right here at your fingertips without any hidden menu items. Everything is easy to see right on the control screen. F75 features a multi-mode FASTGRAB™ which allows you to choose between manual ground balance and instant cancellation. You can adjust it by scrolling through your menus with the red button. It shows us our sensitivity level, our discrimination level, our notch option, our adjustable numbers of tones. We can go from one tone all the way up to 99 and our process numbers different process numbers would work better in different environments. If we want to go to the right side of our screen, we go again to the top and turn our setting adjustment on the screen to the all-metal mode which we have a stationary emotion, threshold adjustment, audio pitch sensitivity in the all-metal or manual ground balance. It also comes with a double D 11 inch fully waterproof coil. It comes with an industry leading five-year warranty.

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Features of Fisher F75

  • Fisher F75 is a total of lightweight. This light weighted device provides very strong technical performance indeed. Its trigger activated system makes it easier and more versatile also. This is just not only time savior features but also very user-friendly so that peoples of all ages can use it very comfortably.
  • The variable audio pitch system also helps to identify materials quite faster. The large screen also user-friendly technology for beginners especially. The 0 to 99 numeric target system also helps the identification of the exact position of the materials.
  • ​With Fisher F75 it becomes very easy to hunt also in rushes. Its new double filter discrimination mode helps very much to hunt in trash also eliminate unwanted objects.
  • ​The new tech added to this device is magnetic mineralization bar graph illustration and fast grab ground balance. This helps to reduce the labor of hunting and make the hunting more enjoyable.
  • ​The hunting is also very comfortable even it is in low light. Because the non-volatile memory settings for the backlight is very effective in low light situations.
  • ​The device also a very low power consumption rate. It only uses 4 AA size batteries for 40+ hours of service. The battery case is in the rear under your arm which adds to the ergonomics balances the machine out better. It also comes standard for outline batteries. It’s phenomenal life minimum of 30 hours and probably look at you closer to 40 hours before you have to change your batteries. So, hunting also efficient in this device.
  • The question may be raised that if Fisher f75 can serve in severe conditions like heavy rain. The answer is yes it can. The double D waterproof technology of search coil and the rained cover housing system enables the device to serve in humid conditions also. The f75 comes with an 11-inch open frame elliptical double D coil which ensures you to gets super ground coverage, very good depth and super separation on targets. It has come with a fully adjustable armrest, and it also has two coils available with it. It has a standard nine-inch concentric elliptical, and it also has a little 6-inch concentric elliptical coil. Two essential coils for this machine makes it well-rounded, adaptable and take into virtually any environment you want to take it into.
  • ​The preset modes of hunting help to go for rush and hunt. So that it will consume less time. This feature also helps fully for kids and beginners so that they can hunt easily with this advanced technically updated device.
  • ​The stock coil of this device 11″DD which means it is a quite powerful device for hunting. Not a single target will miss from this device.
  • The notch mode of the device also helps to increase the efficiency of this device. So this features added a new dimension to the device.
  • The operating frequency of this device is around 5.9 to 13 KHz. So it means it will emit a contractive signal to get the trace of hidden materials.
  • ​The audio system of this device enables the headphone system by this it is easy to hunt also in noisy conditions.
  • ​It has a standard three-piece rod which breaks down and goes in your luggage easily. It is great for traveling.
  • ​The device does not support the FE tone control which not affect the performance of the device.

Features of Fisher F75

Fisher F75 Metal Detector

Fisher F75 Metal Detector

  • Lightest weight / best ergonomics in the industry – powerful performance trigger-actuated target pinpointing with variable audio pitch – large lcd screen with 0-99 numeric target identification display

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What you will like

  • Best ergonomics in the industry period.
  • Phenomenal target separation and “see through.”
  • ​F75 Metal Detector Fisher Labs 75 Years Special Edition
  • ​Large LCD Screen with Target ID modes for searching in trashy areas
  • ​Ground Cancellation Trigger-Actuated FASTGRAB
  • ​Magnetic Mineralization Bar Graph Read Out
  • ​Trigger-actuated target pinpointing with variable audio pitch
  • Non-volatile memory saves settings
  • ​Superior Electrical Interference Rejection
  • ​Backlight
  • More than 30 hours backup with 4AA Batteries
  • Five years of warranty

What you may not like

  • A little bit noisy compared to other detectors

Product Specifications

ColorBlack and Gold
Item Dimensions52 x 11.5 x 7.5 inches
Product Dimensions7.5 x 11.5 x 52 inches
Ground BalanceManual or Auto Ground Balance
Operating Frequency13 kHz
Operating ModeAll Metal and Discriminate
Circuitry TypeVLF
Pinpoint ModeYes
Sensitivity AdjustmentYes
Search Coil TypeDouble D
Search coil ShapeElliptical
Search Coil Size11 inches
Visual IdentificationLCD screen
Vibrating AlertNo
Battery IndicatorYes
Battery Requirements4 – AA
Manufacturer Part NumberF75
Model NumberF75
Material TypePlastic
Shipping Weight6.55 pounds
Item Weight3.5 pounds
Water ResistanceWaterproof Coil
Warranty5 years
BrandFisher Labs Hobby
ManufacturerFirst Texas
DepartmentalPatio, Lawn, and Garden

Features Settings and uses

Okay, we’re all set up there on the table right now and what we’d like to do is go through the screens go through all the settings, one at a time and explain to you what they do. We’ll turn the machine on we might wave a couple of targets in front of the coil. Let you get the responses and give you an idea of how this machine works or actually how truly easy it is to use an F 75. We go ahead and turn it on.

You will see when it starts up it’s a segment test is what it is you see it up on the screen and both the segments on either side. Your fe3o4 meter and your confidence meter will go all the way to the top.

If you look on the screen, you’ll notice that one of the sections or descriptions is illuminated. If you push the red button which is the menu button you’ll notice that, it Scrolls down through the manual.

When you get to a certain point if you flick it over you can go down through the right-hand side of the menu which is essentially all-metal modes and let’s go back to the discriminant side.

Sensitivity settings

Your first adjustment is sensitivity. Probably out of the box for the first couple we should use this machine. You’re probably going to want to leave it at this stock sensitivity or if you’re hunting in mineralized soil or extremely heavy trash things of that nature. Again push the button. That’ll high up in you want to change the setting. All you do is roll the knob up or down, and you can see the sensitivity setting going up there. Once you become familiar with the machine, more confident with you can actually run quite high sensitivity settings from the maximum depth and certain sensitivity.

Fisher F75 Metal Detector

Fisher F75 Metal Detector

  • Lightest weight / best ergonomics in the industry – powerful performance trigger-actuated target pinpointing with variable audio pitch – large lcd screen with 0-99 numeric target identification display

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Discrimination level Settings

Our next setting is the discrimination level. You’ll see when you push the menu button the discrimination indicator highlighted, and when you turn your knob up you’ll see slashes and black bars advancing as you turn it up. So you can tell the glance looking at your screen what this setting even has a scarred back to the hunt mode, and you don’t see any specific number in the screen anymore.

The notch setting works in conjunction with the discrimination setting. It’s completely opposite of one another. If you dial in like tabs and if you have your discrimination setting maxed at 65 then you go to notch, and you just accepted nickels then you’re rejecting everything at 65. But if you go back and turn your discrimination level back to zero and notch then now you’re rejecting nickels. It’s just exactly the opposite view discrimination Center.

Tones Settings

Our next settings the tones. It’s got quite a wide variety of tone options. The default is 3 we get on to 1. 1 is just the same simple monotone. There’s no modulation that whatsoever everything pretty much sounds the same. If you go up to 1F then you’ll get a modulated response, and you still get one tone but it’ll change in pitch and frequency. Frequency depending on the size of the target, your sweep speed over the target and how far away you are from the target. It will give you a little bit stronger audio clues as to what the target might be and again but a few hours in the field. You’ll become really confident that nature and you’ll be able to tell a lot more what’s under your coil with that particular mode.

The next one’s my personal favorites 2F. It essentially gives you a high tone for non-ferrous metals and a low tone for ferrous metals such as iron, nails, square nails, rusty items things of that nature. This is probably the preferred mode of relic hunters because you don’t have to look at the screen in this mode. You just essentially dig the high tones to ignore everything else. A lot fewer eyes on the screen and a lot more goodies in your pouch.

Next tone is 3H. It is essentially a three-tone audio mode but the nickels were true produce a high tone in this mode. So you’ll dig nickels right along with all your other higher conductive coins.

4H is essentially the same as 3h but it adds another mid-high tone, and nickels will again still produce a high tone in this mode just like they do in 3h. 4 is just standard four tones allow a low medium, medium-high and a high tone.

Then we have Delta pitch which is a true tone ID assigns a different tone to every target you dig. It depends on its conductivity. So you have a really versatile audio menu to choose from the tailor to your liking. Versus some machines that just go beep over the target because it gives it a lot more clues when you’re digging.

Processes Settings

Now we’ve come to the interesting stuff the processes they’ve included four different processes on this machine. The first one is the default mode.

That will give you the best all-around performance under given hunting sight that’s the one you’ll probably most likely choose 99% of the time. The next one is JE. JE is extremely sensitive to low conductors and it actually makes the f75 quite a capable nugget shooter.

Next, we have a bottle cap mode (BC) and what this does is, it tries to enhance the sounds. There is actually the opposite of them enhance it tries to give bottle caps a more broke and unique tone. So you’re less apt to dig more of them when you’re out in the field.

Loud field mode (PF), what this does? It essentially mimics a to filter machine, or you can say some of the best to filter machines on the market. As a matter of fact and it helps the Machine cope with uneven terrain. So your responses are smoother and more even when you’re out in areas like plowed fields with extremely uneven ground terrain.

Now lava field mode and bottle cap mode will have the performance enhancements or characteristics that JE will have but those two modes give you a more well-rounded machine. It will allow you to tail your machine the different sites are going to hunt it. So it makes it really versatile and it makes an extremely easy the machine to use in a variety of different circumstances.

Let’s jump into the all-metal portion.

All-Metal Modes

You have two all-metal modes. One is motion mode, and another is stat mode.

The motion mode is just what it no. It is a nice Auto-Tune, nice smooth all-metal motion mode but you might want to use if you’re out in highly mineralized soil for maximum depth and sensitivity. The nice thing about the all-metal motion mode on this particular machine is it gives you an ID just like it does in discriminate mode. So you will encounter circumstances in the field where you require that mode for the ultimate performance. It’s an extremely handy mode.

The stat mode is an on motion all metal mode is used primarily for cash hunting, large deep objects etc. Now when you’re in stat mode you’ll find it if you move them from Sun to shade, if you know the temperature on the coil changes, the ground change, going to want to retune then all you have to do is squeeze the trigger and it reaches the threshold to keep the Machine stable. In that mode, it’s an extremely good mode for large deep objects.


The next setting we have is the threshold which is the best way to describe that it’s just simply another sensitivity and adjustment. All you have to do is just adjust the threshold where the target responses can break through. It is an essential setting. You can hear that as you turn the threshold up and you’ll notice it gets a lot louder and that will enhance deep faint targets. The downside is if you’re an extremely trashy area it will probably almost make the Machine unusable because it’ll enhance a lot of small cheap targets as well. Another benefit of having threshold control setting is you can actually turn on the threshold negative, and you can actually get rid of some of those little tiny pieces of foil as well as tiny unwanted targets that you might not want to hear or driving me nuts. Again it’s extremely handy to have full threshold control.

Audio pitch

Some of us don’t have the best hearing in the world, and everybody’s hearing isn’t the same that changes that’s a standard 58 caliber mine ball right. Well, that allows you to do it’s fighting out your headphones what you use, whether or not you have excellence at all. It’ll allow you to tailor the machine to an audio level that’s more to your liking. It makes it much more comfortable.

Sensitivity setting

The next setting in all metal mode is sensitivity setting. In the all metal mode by default, it’s at 60 and it goes all the way up to 99. Now, this thing is extremely sensitive. So you’re probably going to want to keep it down around 60 maybe up 65 or 70. If you get the site where the targets are sparse and they’re extremely deep, you might want to crank it all the way.

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Fisher F75 Metal Detector

Fisher F75 Metal Detector

  • Lightest weight / best ergonomics in the industry – powerful performance trigger-actuated target pinpointing with variable audio pitch – large lcd screen with 0-99 numeric target identification display

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Can Fisher f75 survive the water?

A: Okay in this can it can be technically said yes. Fisher F75 can survive the water. It is water sealed to the control box point. But the fact is the control box is not waterproof. So, you must be very careful about this and obviously not pour the control box under the water.

Q: Can it be used for beach hunting?

A: Fisher F75 has a ground balance which can be controlled manually. So, it does not possess enough features for hunting on the beach. So this is not the best product for hunting on the beach.

Q: Can Fisher F75 detect ancient materials

A: The answer is obvious. Fisher F75 is a great ancient object detector. It works amazingly on the ancient coin for example. So, it is strongly clear that Fisher F75 is great for meteorites.

Q: Is it a light weighted device or not?

A: Yes, it is a very light weighted device with ultra-light weighted technology. It is only of 3.5lbs. Very easy and comfortable to handle and user-friendly also.

Q: What is the magnitude of its range of searching?

A: The magnitude of the range of searching means actually how deep it can detect metals. The technology fisher F75 has got is 11-inch DD style coil. This type of coil has the power to search deep inside around 12 inches. This magnitude also depends on the ground condition. It generally varies from a plane surface to the surface which is not quite uniform yet.

Q: What is the basic difference between The Fisher F75 & Fisher F75 Limited Edition?

A: Both devices are quite the same, but the limited edition has some special features such as boost mode to detect larger materials and also which is deep inside the ground. This is because the limited edition comes with a small secondary search coil.

Q: How is the display?

A: Display plays a very important role in hunting. If you cannot select the modes properly or detect the metals at the right time, it will become difficult to figure it out later. It can be said the display is straightly large than average clear and also it is very easy to operate. The multifunctional Fisher F75 has a different mode to operate that’s why this large display is helpful for fast shifting modes.

Q: What is included with F75 Metal detector from the factory?

A: You will get 5 years of warranty, a user manual instruction book with each and every detail and a subscription to the lost treasure magazine.


The Fisher F75 is easy enough to use for the beginner but has the most advanced features for the discerning treasure hunter. The Fisher F75 is the best multi-purpose detector on the market. It has features that are easy enough for the beginner to use and the advanced features are the ones desired by the most professional of treasure hunters. At the end of this Fisher F75 review, we are sure that you can easily compare this product form many other. We ensure you that it is one of the best detector Fisher has ever produced.

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