If your budget is 200$ or less and you are facing difficulties in finding out the best metal detector under 200$ then you are in the right place.

Find the best metal detector in your range. We have listed a high-rated Best Metal Detector under 200$. These are all reliable metal detector form the best brands with a high rating and with a good review.

So, now the question is what the best option for you is. This entirely depends on what are you planning for and how much experience you have, for example, if you are a beginner and you don’t have any experience, then probably you don’t need a device which has too many features and don’t have to read for hours according to the manual.

After doing in-depth research on more than 100 products, we have shortlisted the ten best metal detectors within your range. Before purchasing any products, you need to check the circuit design, and the circuit design determine how the metal detector will work. Besides these detectors, durability also plays a vital role. But don’t worry about any of these, because we are going to discuss every single part you need to know. So let’s start.

Besides these detectors, durability also plays a vital role. But don’t worry about any of these, because we are going to discuss every single part you need to know. So let’s start.

Where is the Metal Detector used?

It isn’t just used to find the coin. You can see it in walk-through scanners at airports (to stop people from carrying guns and knives onto airplanes or into other secure places such as hospitals and jails etc.) and different kinds of scientific research. It can be a dream for that person whose hobby is treasure hunting. A metal detector can be a useful instrument in historical research.

How does the metal detector work?

In this season we are going to explain you all the facts step by step.

1. A battery that stands in the higher part of the metal detector activates the transmitter circuit (red) that passes electricity down by a cable in the handle to the transmitter coil (red) at the down of the detector body.

2. When the electricity flows through the transmitter coil, it creates a magnetic area around it.

3. Whenever you sweep the detector above a metal object (such as this old grey spanner), the magnetic area penetrates right through it.

4. The magnetic field or the magnetic area acquires an electric current flow inside the metal object.

5. The flowing electric current creates another magnetic field around the metal object we are searching for. The magnetic area cuts through the receiver coil (blue) by moving above it. The magnetic area creates electricity flow around the receiver coil up into the receiver circuit at the top, making a loudspeaker buzz so that it can alert you when you’ve found something valuable.

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A few tips to keep in brain when you should go out into the field with your new best metal detector under 200$

1. Location of treasure hunting is just as important as the brand or model of the treasure metal detector. Always research your local history before you do any hunting. Due diligence in this area will pay dividends. With proper research, you can always find great sites that have yet to be discovered.

2. Detecting in shallow water is usually the most successful beach treasure hunting. The reason behind it is that the water will shrink the fingers, and rings can be lost easily on the beach.

Also, many tourists are not mindful of their valuable jewelry, coins, and other valuables while playing in the shallow waters on vacation.

Want to be able to submerge the entire machine? Or perhaps you are planning some wreck diving? Our most popular underwater submersible metal detector, the Aquavision by Treasure Hunter, is on sale for the Christmas season.

3. A massive number of people like to purchase their treasure metal detector from a dealer close to home. This may sound like a good idea for convenience, but it is hard to beat the variety and price available at Metal Detector Town with your local dealer.

Top 3 Picks Metal Detector Under 200 Review Comparison

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC PRO Series Metal Detector – Ultimate Treasure Hunter with Pinpointer

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC PRO Series Metal Detector - Ultimate Treasure Hunter with Pinpointer, Large Waterproof 10" Coil - Lightweight and Collapsible for Easy Travel (Amazon Exclusive)

Color: Black

Technology: VLF

Weight: 2.3lbs

For: Beginners metal detector

Warranty: 2 year

Garrett Ace 200 Metal Detector

Garrett Ace 200 Metal Detector

Color: Black

Technology: VLF Single Frequency

Weight: 2.75lbs

For: Graphic target identification

Warranty: 2 year

Bounty Hunter SS2 Sharpshooter II Metal Detector

Bounty Hunter SS2 Sharpshooter II Metal Detector

Color: Black

Technology: Target ID Technology

Weight: 4lbs

For: Balances with soil conditions

Warranty: 5 Year

10 Best Metal Detector under 200

1. Garrett ACE 200

If you like to buy easy to operated detector that can help without making a huge investment, then you should pick Garrett ACE 200. The ACE 200 has all the essential features that you would love to see in a detector when you are starting to quest for treasure.

ACE 200 is one of the best products in jewelry or monument hunting you can begin detecting in the front yard or anywhere you want. Its length is 42″-51″, its frequency level is up to 6.5 kHz, and it is water-resistant. This product is highly recommended for hunting, dry beach, and freshwater hunting, and for jewelry hunting, relic, and competition events. The best thing about it is that it is not more than 200$.


  • Digital target identification on a scale of 0 to 99 will help you to have a clear indication.
  • It’s under 3 pounds and lightweight and creates a significant impact if you are going to hunt all day.
  • ACE 200 has three types of search modes that will help you hone in on coins and jewelry. Zero-discrimination mode will let you hunt all kinds of metals.
  • Four sensitivity adjustment gives a clear idea if you’re hunting in an area with a lot of ground mineralization.
  • ​Pulse-width modulation audio gives a clear notification sound which helps you to distinguish your targets. It has three audio tones (High, Medium, and Low) for which kind of metal you have likely found
  • It comes with a 6.5-by-9-inch coil, and that is the right size for relic hunting. Coil size is not that small to lose depth when you are looking for your targets. Another great thing about this coil is it is waterproof.

What you will like

  • It has a Digital Target ID on a scale of 0 to 99 to show your metal depth.
  • Lightweight (under 3 pounds) makes it easy to use.
  • ​Three search modes and Cam locks
  • ​4 sensitivity adjustments and High responsive audio tones
  • ​4 AA Batteries, indicators of low batteries, and coin depth

What you may not like

  • It doesn’t have adjustable ground blanching or built-in electronic pinpointing. Ground balancing is a great asset when there is massive mineralization in the soil. But this feature cannot be fit in a metal detector for less than $200.
  • Mono coil and a little bit of weak frequency for coins and jewelry.

Probably ACE 200 is the best metal detector under 200 USD. It has all the facilities that generally you want in a great detector. I’m pretty sure that this detector can entirely fulfill your needs.

Garrett Ace 200 Metal Detector

2. National Geographic PRO Series

National Geographic PRO series metal detector is one of the coolest professional metal detectors. It is easy to use, and fully adjustable features make it a reliable detector under 200$. Its weight is only 2.3 pounds, and that’s why it is easy to operate. It is developed with advanced technology, and powerful search options make it a clear choice for professionals also at a low cost. Because it can collapse easily or expand in a few seconds it is an excellent choice for any type of hunting.


  • It can find buried artifacts like gold, silver bronze, and all other precious materials from quite a good depth.
  • Compact and comes with a large 10″ diameter waterproof search coil. You can now use your metal detector under the water.
  • ​Easy to use and operate. Made for use in rough and difficult situations.
  • ​It has 3 types of detection modes and 4 different types of sensitivity levels. Now the exploring will become smoother for you.
  • ​It can be explored through 12” deep. So, wherever your treasure is lying, it is not going to be out of your catch. For most metal detectors, this depth is more than enough.
  • ​Natural collapsible and expandable feature. It can be easily collapsed or expanded within no time.

What you will like

  • With three detecting modes and four sensitivity levels, it is a powerful device.
  • Its pinpoints mode allows you to operate and detect metal from trash easily.
  • ​The Lightweight makes it easy to handle and carry anywhere you want.
  • ​Up to ten feet water resistant detection coil allows you to detect metal in water quickly.
  • ​LED Display makes a significant impact on understanding the signals frequently.
  • It will give you a learning guide that helps you to know the history of metal detectors and gives you valuable tips with full information.

What you may not like

  • Only the search coil is waterproof but not the whole body.
  • The coils are not rechargeable.

Though it doesn’t have any rechargeable coil, it is excellent mashing to start with. It is a perfect device for beginners. With beautiful features, the lightweight and reliable display makes it a reliable detector in my list.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC PRO Series Metal Detector - Ultimate Treasure Hunter with Pinpointer, Large Waterproof 10" Coil - Lightweight and Collapsible for Easy Travel (Amazon Exclusive)

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3. Teknetics Delta 4000

For good detecting result, this product will be an excellent choice for the buyer. Teknetics Delta 4000comes with lots of attractive features and also with the highest comfort during use at little cost. The Delta device has eight levels of sensitivity ranging from 4 to 12 which enables a new sort of compatibility with the user.

If we talk about the efficiency, This Delta 4000 device has around 82 per cent of efficiency. Huge LCD and its pinpoint technology make the invention great to choose for any conditions.


  • The notch feature of Delta 4000 allows you to choose the target categories. So this feature will help to avoid trashes and do selective hunting.
  • With the real-time, depth bar graph feature the user should get proper knowledge about the under of the ground and also about the depth of the nuggets.
  • ​Delta 4000 also has a precious Depth bar (Numerical Mode) feature in that it shows a target ID no corresponding to the type of metal which is to be found.
  • ​Talking about the monster LCD, this is the most user-friendly feature of the product which leads to fast hunting with maximum comfort.
  • Delta 4000 ensures you to give at least of 24-25 hours back up in a single charge. So move it with longtime hunting.
  • ​Extra comfort provides this Delta 4000 device as it is very light design.

What you will like

  • Pre-setup enables you to determine hunting configurations previously and just to put the right setup on the spot and go for hunting.
  • Depth Bar Graph with real-time dilation and depth bar (Numerical Mode) along with pinpoint mode to unleash your detecting power.
  • ​Monster LCD.
  • ​Day-long battery backup.
  • It is specially designed to be lighter in weight so that you can carry it for a long time.

What you may not like

  • Can scan just nearly a foot under the ground.
  • Not as good as finding silver items.

Comparing comfort efficiency and budget, it’s an excellent choice for any hunter.

Teknetics Delta 4000 Metal Detector

4. Tesoro Compadre Metal Detector

Tesoro Compadre is a handy metal detector. It’s easy to operate and therefore an excellent device for beginners at the price of under 200$. It has a good depth range for coin size object. Another great thing about the detector is, it displays an object brightly and briefly. A small piece of iron or silver paper can be detected easily if you use Tesoro Compadre.

The handle of the Tesoro Compadre is fully adjustable, because of its light weight of only 1 Kilo makes it suitable for ten years of kid also.


  • Tesoro Compadre has three search modes to fulfill your requirements. These are Silent search, all metal, and discriminate modes. These modes are ready to perform in any condition so that you can fill the ultimate detecting power.
  • Because of its ultra-lightweight, it is easy to carry. The weight is only 2.3 lbs which is a massive benefit for detecting.
  • Compadre comes with built-in mineral rejection which is a plus point when you are searching for mineralise water.

What you will like

  • Silent Search, discrimination, and all metal modes allow you to have an impact on your detecting skill.
  • The Compadre has VLF circuitry type and operating frequency of up to 12 kHz. Immensely lightweight will enable you to detect as long as you want.
  • ​5.75-by-8 inch Search Coil which generally you can’t see at this price.

What you may not like

  • Tesoro Compadre is comparatively more expensive than most of the motion detectors equipped with a rotary knob.
  • It doesn’t have a display screen and depth gauge.

Compadre is an excellent choice for beginners. This product has all the qualities that you want in a detector without too much cost.

5. The Fisher F11

The Fisher F11 is impressive. It has a beautiful solid-looking design and a nice touch look. The speaker as the F takes one 9 volts this is solid. The rubber gasket on the detector protects your headphones and five-pin connector, and this is not the flimsy kind looks, it is pretty solid. Fisher F11 has tactile push pads.

This is the on/off which is a great facility. Fisher F11 is a quality product to start with. Definitely, the Fisher F11 is another number of the best metal detectors under 200 USD.


  • The Fisher F11 comes with an ultra-lightweight body which is only 2.3 lbs. Because of its lightweight, it is easy to carry, and you can use it as long as you want.
  • This machine has three search modes jewellery, coin, and relic sensitivity. The three different modes. The coin will eliminate the trash targets. So it automatically notches in each mode. The artifact mode is like all metal. It’s accepting everything. Jewelry mode is erasing your iron.
  • ​There are six levels of adjustable sensitivity and volume. It has the pinpoint option which gives you your depth.
  • ​The detector has four types of tones. The irons are lighting up on that screw when it was a low tone. That’s a quarter the high tone. It’s up in the seven range, the zinc penny down in the mid-range and a mid-tone and nickel down to three and a mid-tone, and also you see in the middle the approximate depth eight inches if it all lines up full.

What you will like

  • At a meager cost, you usually don’t get four tones in a detector. This detector ensures you have four different tones.
  • F11 comes with ultra-lightweight which enables you to carry the detector for a long time.
  • ​The pinpoint option enhances your range to give you your depth.
  • This detector comes with a VLF circuitry type and preset ground balancing option.

What you may not like

  • It doesn’t have any backlight display.
  • Fisher F11 is not a device that can be used on the wet beach.

Fisher F11 can be a great choice to start with. It is a quality product with some coolest features which will definitely fulfill your needs.

Fisher Labs Research Labs F11 All-Purpose Metal Detector with 7 inch Concentric Elliptical Waterproof Searchcoil, 7.69 kHz. Operating Frequency, Red

6. White’s Coinmaster

AS by the name Coinmaster it can be said that it is a master in searching coins. The White’s Coinmaster deals with solid performance, especially for coins and jewelry hunting. This Coinmaster device also has a depth reading feature which will illustrate how deep to dig to find the object. The beginner will find a kind of difficulty along with this customization and target ID feature but in all this device is a treasure for the hunters.


  • Target ID is one of the most exciting features of this device. It illustrates the identity of the target. In an easy word, it shows the target before digging it out and also it gives you sound signals as output to determine the depth.
  • Visual Display Indicator (VDI) is a kind of feature that shows numbers according to the received signals from the things under the ground. This VDI flashes the numbers to identify the object.
  • ​The White Coinmaster consists of a spider coil which is 9 inches long. The most exciting thing is this coil is waterproof which makes it handy and a jackpot for the adventurous bug for the hunters.
  • ​5 Range Discrimination features make the device more useful for all types of hunters. You can choose 5 types of signal range when hunting. This means you can fix your signal transmitting limit so that you can focus on your selective hunting for a particular object. This feature also allows for receiving suspicious signals from the field.
  • Determining the Depth feature enables you to search on a particular depth. Early you can the depth limit of searching then the device will compensate with the instruction given.

What you will like

  • The predictable target can be assumed by the target ID feature
  • More compact and handy
  • ​Better battery backup
  • ​Can be customized according to comfort & use
  • Waterproof tech allows you to hunt in wet spaces.

What you may not like

  • Less sensitive in the thicker medium like clay

So, at last, it can be said that White’s Coinmaster is a kind of device that will give more & more customizing options and also a very well-tuned satisfactory result.

7. Minelab Go-Find 40

If you are enthusiastic about hunting gold, treasure, coins, or any precious material from the ground, you will need a metal detector that should be suitable for you. Now you are thinking which metal detector should I buy? If you are worried about what type of metal detector you need or which one is better for starting, Minelab Go-Find 40 metal detector will be the best tool for you.


  • It is very lightweight so you can easily carry with this all day long.
  • It has green and red LEDs that can detect ground materials.
  • ​It has a new feature coin ID magic that traces coins in your smartphone. It is excellent fun to use.
  • ​It has a great feature of Google Maps. You can point and save your treasure locations on your phone. Next time you can analyse where treasures are located.

What you will like

  • It has a lifetime warranty. So you won’t worry about the maintenance of the detector.
  • The detector has the pinpoint mode that doesn’t require any motion for all metal.
  • ​It has a discrimination level control. You can control its discrimination level.
  • ​It has a wireless audio system.

What you may not like

  • It doesn’t work on water or wetlands. So, you have to work with it in the dry land.
  • In the very depth, it cannot receive the signal from metal. So, intense searching cannot be allowed.

So, you can definitely buy the Minelab Go-Find 40 metal detector and use it efficiently. Because it has extraordinary features and pros that allow you to access your smartphone. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you can use the Minelab Go-Find 40 metal detector.

8. Bounty Hunter SharpShooter 2

Bounty Hunter SharpShooter 2 is a solid metal detector at a meager cost. SharpShooter 2 added some of the most valuable features that will enable your detecting power. It has headphones that have a mono-stereo switch and volume control on each cuff.

You have here a treasure identification quarter-inch headphone jack, low battery indicator, liquid crystal display, discrimination control four modes of operation. It also has the pinpoint option for the exact location of buried objects, an interchangeable search coil, and of course, it has an adjustable stem.


  • There are four search operation modes metal mode, discrimination mode, notch mode, and reject iron mode. Auto notch which presses automatic press and discrimination which automatically notches out many trash Items, such as pull tabs and screw caps.
  • It has an 8-inch waterproof open-face search coil which is completely submersible in water. The search coil can be immersed up to five feet.
  • ​It came with the Bounty Hunter Pro pointer. Or I should say pointer which is pretty solid.

What you will like

  • There is three-tone audio discrimination with the internal speaker.
  • 8” waterproof search coil which can search up to 5 feet in depth is an extra advantage.
  • ​Two modes use different tones for different metals.
  • ​This device is easy to use, and it has five years of warranty.

What you may not like

  • It takes two 9-volt batteries, but you have to purchase it separately.

I can say that after knowing all the features, pros, and cons, you are definitely looking for SharpShooter 2. Don’t wait it is a great machine to discover and develop your hunting skills.

Bounty Hunter SS2 Sharpshooter II Metal Detector

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9. Garrett ACE 150

Introducing the Garrett ace 150 metal detector with excellence proven by countless hours of field testing. The ACE springs to economic treasure hunting, the miracles of microprocessor controls, target ID technology with electronic circuitry, plus mode selection and discrimination. I will acquaint you with the essential features of the detector and offer instructions for successful treasure hunting.

The Ace 150 features two indicator scales. The dark rectangles on the lower scale indicate what targets your detector will sound on and when it sounds a single person will appear on this upper scale to show what you found.


  • The detector comes with three hunting modes. All metal, jewelry, and coins are installed to perform for you in several conditions.
  • The target ID will help you to identify your target.
  • It comes with VLF circuitry type and 65 kHz operating frequency which is very impactful when you are hunting for coins and jewelry.
  • ACE 150 has a semi-elliptical shaped 6.5 by 9” size waterproof search coil which is a great asset to have in any metal detector under 200.
  • Interchangeable coil, visual depth, and target indicator systems open your options for detecting in a comfortable way.

What you will like

  • The large LCD display makes it perfect for beginners.
  • It has a great battery life, and a clear tone speaker which notifies you clearly, and battery life allows you to detect for a long time.
  • ​Three search modes are advantageous when you want to identify a particular metal you want.
  • ​The semi-elliptical waterproof search coil ensures your detector’s safety when you are in the water.

What you may not like

  • It doesn’t have the backlight on the LCD screen
  • This device is loud without headphones.

ACE 150 has all those facilities that you generally find in a detector under 200$. It is not a bad choice for beginners, or I can say if you are a beginner it would be a perfect machine for you.

10. URCERI GC-1069

Not only soil, but it also has an 8.7” waterproof search coil which lets you detect objects under the water. The highly sensitive search coil will detect any metal in no time. Beautiful 2 types of search detection mode will give you the option of choosing either all metals or a particular metal, for example, gold.

It is not like other ordinary metal detectors; it comes with a headphone that will give you audible feedback when the target is found. The informative LED display will show you all types of information you need to find your desired metal.


  • Rock solid built for facing any rough situation. The 8.7″ waterproof search coil will let you search the targeted object even under the water. It comes with two types of operation modes. You can surely choose whether you want to search for all kinds of metal or you want to search for a specific one.
  • A big LED screen attached to the metal detector helps you to find the sensitivity, depth, battery level, and other important information. This will help you to find the real-time data of that particular object. There is also a low battery indicator.
  • ​The metal detector comes with an effective headphone with the correct feedback. It has a .125” audio jack so you can adjust any of your headphones into it.
  • Volume can be adjustable. For perfection, you will have 3 options to set the volume according to your needs.

What you will like

  • Very sensitive for detecting gold. Specially designed for detecting gold coins or coin-like objects.
  • It can go down to 0.57 feet or 6”. This range is quite enough for a suitable metal detector.
  • User-friendly and very easy to use. Just read the user’s manual before getting started.

What you may not like

  • Oversensitivity settings can sometimes malfunction when detecting various metals.

I am excited to inform you that this product is really impressive. I mean in this range of price? Man, no kidding, this is the real deal, and you know it.


Okay! Now we are at the last stage of our journey. I have tried to explain to you all those facts that you usually don’t look in a detector under 200$. You can check a list of metal detector under $100 here. All these detectors I have listed are the most demanding and highly rated. Besides that, I try to discuss features, pros, and cons so that you don’t have any irritation with buying these products. All ten detectors will ensure you the premium facilities and services that you are looking for in a detector. So, grab any one of these best metal detector under 200 USD and enjoy the power of ultimate detecting.

Thank you!

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