The debate between corded vs cordless circular saw is not a new issue and both kinds of saws have outperformed each other on different parameters and working environment. As a woodworker or DIY hobbyist, having the right cutter for the right task will accelerate your rhythm of the performance.

That’s why; you need to get a circular saw that fulfills your demands. Otherwise, you may purchase the best circular saw of the world but it could fail to serve your purpose.

Therefore, you need to understand the basic difference, advantage, disadvantage, and other features of a corded & cordless saw.

The good news is that this article will help you to choose the most suitable option.

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Corded vs Cordless Circular Saw – A Complete Study

Whether you are crafting out closets, remodeling your house, or cut big plywood, you need a powerful circular saw to get the optimal result. However, in the battle of corded vs cordless circular saw, you can’t get a winner straight away. Instead, check the below-mentioned factors and decide the most appropriate one for you.

Basic difference

A corded saw is big, wide, and heavy. It has a long cord and you need to attach the cord with electricity to power the saw. On the other side of the coin, as the name suggest, a cordless saw has no cord and it runs on rechargeable battery power. Moreover, they are not so heavy and smaller then corded ones.


Size matters! Yes, a large circular saw is ideal for ripping gigantic wood pieces. On the other hand, small-sized circular saws are perfect for tiny or thin objects like bamboo, PVC sheets, etc. As you can see, corded circular saws are wider and lager then cordless saws. So, understand your requirements regarding the size of the cutter. The space of your garage should be considered too.


Price is an important factor and most of your decisions are influenced by the price of the device. I acknowledge that high-priced things offer stunning features but we can’t cross out budget most of the time. In case of a circular saw, you can purchase a corded one at a cheap price. However, because of the detachable battery, cordless cutters are a bit pricy. Also, you might need to buy an extra battery for continuous long time operation.


Corded saws are big and heavy. Also, a long cord is attached to it. As a result, you can’t carry it to your workplace with ease. Moreover, you can’t move freely with it while performing your intended task. On the other hand, cordless saws are lightweight and compact-sized devices which can be operated using a battery. Apparently, no wire or cord is attached to it. So, you can carry it to any job site and move freely without any issue.


Professional craftsman or woodworkers always prefer a high performing option. The main reason behind this is that a dominating cutter will save your time while ensuring optimal precision. A corded saw is way ahead of a cordless saw in performance measure. That’s why; corded saw is applied in big projects where you need to buy hundred of workpieces in a day.


Because of relatively compact size and lightweight nature, a cordless circular saw becomes extremely convenient to use. You can carry it anywhere, cut at any angle, and use it in a remote place where you may face an electricity-related issue. Additionally, in a big field or inside any forest, you can only rely on a cordless ripper.

However, the big base plate and comfortable handle grip of a corded saw also give them a fair advantage in the race of most convenient saw.


Actually, the accuracy or preciseness of a cutter depends on the person who is operating the saw. That means, the more you become a professional cutter, the more you will achieve precision. Because of bigger a baseplate and more weight, beginners can use a corded circular ripper for getting accurate cut. But, professional workers can cut precisely with both types of cutters.


Corded and cordless both types of circular saws are very robust and can withstand years of use. But, if you consider the battery-changing issue, then I will recommend a corded saw because it doesn’t need any battery. Another important thing I want to mention is that if you properly use them with care, then both saws will offer long-lasting service. So, handle them with the utmost care.


Because of being corded, it is obvious that a corded saw will generate more power. However, by upgrading to more powerful battery, you can get more spinning power and of course, quick output.


A cordless circular saw runs with battery power and you won’t need to worry about entangling with cord and harm yourself. However, both saw blades are well-covered and you won’t harm yourself while protruding with the saw.

Bevel cut

The corded saw can be beveled up to 45-degree to do a bevel cut. But, you can bevel the cordless saw 60-degree to get a more angled cut. Also, the cordless cutter can be utilized proficiently in narrow places.


A lightweight cordless circular saw may help you to boost up its productivity as it can be operated with ease but because of a wide baseplate and weight, the corded circular saw remains super stable at the time of operation.

Which saw is better?

It is a wise thing to consider your intended job, workplace, task’s deadline, task’s intensity, and your capabilities before buying any type of circular saw.

I would suggest you think for a few hours or even a day before purchasing one (if you have enough time) so that you don’t make any wrong decision in hurry.

And, use this corded vs cordless circular saw guide to understand the pros and cons of each and make a worthy decision.

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