Every device or tool need a regular basis maintenance. Definitely, if someone is conscious of his device or tool to work smoothly. Obviously you are having a great Rifle with an awesome Rifle Scope and you want to keep clean your favorite Rifle and its Scope. Because you are reading our guide “how to clean a rifle scope perfectly”. So, let’s dive into the cleaning process of the rifle scope. Among various kinds of rifle scope you can read rifle scope recommendation by IBC7.org.

At the beginning, I would like to share some notes on what you should not to do when you need to clean the rifle scope, because it will spoil your lenses.

Firstly, never you’re your shirt tails to wipe your rifle scope lenses, nor your snotty handkerchief.

Secondly, do not try to wipe condensation with your sleeve.

Thirdly, never try to clean rifle scope by spraying cleaners directly to the lenses. It can damage the seals on the scope.

These are not all, but definitely they can save you from damaging your rifle scope.

Important: Be habituated using the cap when you will not use the scope. Also you should use cap when storing the rifle & cleaning the gun also.

It is highly recommended that whenever you are having finger prints, water drops spots, mud splatters on the scope or it lens; that’s the time you need to clean the scope lens. In this situation you can simply blow or brush dust off perfectly. Do not do anything more with the optics at this stage. Just leave it alone.

What type of rifle scope cleaning kit and supplies need for cleaning?

Let’s discuss the cleaning items and supplies are essential for cleaning a rifle scope lens.

1/ Blower bulb

2/ Camel hair brushes

3/ Quality lens tissue

4/ Optic cleaning fluid

How to Clean A Rifle Scope?

1/ Remove Dusts: Firstly, blow gently on the lens. Then start using the brush from left to right or right to left gently and clean dust completely. If it cleans the lens, just stop the cleaning here, if not, go to the next step.

2/ Fingerprint or water spot cleaning: If there are fingerprint spots, water drop spots or mud splatters visible on the lens let’s do following:

Don’t Spray or pour alcohol or any cleaning liquid directly on the lens.

Get a lens paper with alcohol and gently brush the alcohol/ liquid on the lens from one side to another side with the polite press on the lens. You can use even microfiber cloth instead. After finishing one-time cleaning, change the lens paper, now get a new lens paper and repeat the process until the spots are get removed completely. That means, use single lens paper for each pass across the lens.

Must Considerable points for maintenance of a rifle scope

1/ Must not forget that always prevention is better than the cure.

2/ For cleaning, Only do what you need to, not less not more.

3/ Make a maintenance schedule and follow that regularly.

4/ Breakage can be the serious damage, so remain careful of it.

5/ Never delay to clean the lens from water or dirt spots.

6/ Maintain the quality of lens paper, cleaning supplies or liquid and cleaning brushes.

7/ Can use nitrogen for filling. Because nitrogen save a rifle scope from damaging with moisture.

8/ Never use oil for rust safety, it can damage the interior of the scope if oil enter in it.

9/ Use a Q-Tip for cleaning ridges and tough points.

10/ A lenspen can be a good answer to clean your lenses.

How to clean outer casing of a rifle scope?

For advanced scopes, you can remove the outer casing which is not allowed for cheaper scopes. To clean the outer casing is not an easy task. Mainly dust harms the outer casing. You can clean the dust just by using a damp cloth.

Re-Zero a rifle scope

After completing the maintenance task we always suggest you that your scope must need to be zeroed. Because it will help you to ensure the accuracy. And then go for a local shooting range to check that the scope is really zeroed.

Wrap up

Remember, every important tools or devices requires care and importance. The more you pay attention to your lovable instrument, the more you receive the performance from it. Performing maintenance of a rifle scope is not very difficult, but you have to be careful and alert. Also you must have an eye on the accuracy. We must advice you to follow all the above mentioned tips and tricks and we assure you the best rifle scope maintenance. Hopefully, now you have the answer to how to clean a rifle scope. Thanks for reading the article, and obviously, if you have any findings or addition, you can share your points in the comment box.

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